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The X Factor 2021

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Yawn.

  2. I guess they need something to fill the void in their Autumn schedule.

    I assume this is to be in a virtual audience?
  3. Same as the last 5 years then.
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  4. "the true daddy"? A gay intern at work again?
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  5. That page has been up for ages. I don't think there is going to be a series this year. Dermot said in December "'It definitely won't be next year, so it will probably be back in 2022.'"
  6. I know everyone says that nothing can save The X Factor and 99% of me would agree. It was embarrassing how unwatchable it became.

    However I do think they’re missing a trick by not tapping into the Nostalgia-Factor. It’s the only that can save a nearly-dead show.

    It is now over a decade (how did that happen?) since The X Factor’s glory days, which is enough time to serve something of a nostalgia package. Remind people why it was so huge and such a national talking point at one time. Do a ‘Best ever performances/contestants/judges’ countdown show. Do a documentary about the most successful contestants and what made them so successful. Do an All Stars series with Queens Diana Vickers and Cher Lloyd and Ruth Lorenzo! Bring back Cheryl & Dannii.

    I don’t know. It just feels like they’re missing out on the most obvious thing.
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  7. The only thing I'd be interested in now is an All Stars series, The celeb one was shite and I didn't bother with that rushed group one so can't comment but the regular format is stale, Throw money at some of the big past contestants and flesh it out with Kelly Peakman, Ablisa and Debbie Stevens.
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  8. And Rachel.
    She was good wasn’t she? Let’s face it. And that is the truth of the matter.

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  9. I believe the reason they scrapped the idea of an Allstars show was that they couldn't find enough of the good contestants who were prepared to do it.

    Whilst I think it'll continue to be difficult for the show to make stars, I'm not convinced the show is dead as a television programme yet. Everyone makes out that nobody watched it anymore, but if you discount the mess that was the Celebrity series, the last regular edition in 2018 was still able to pick up 7 million viewers on a good week - more than The Voice and virtually anything else ITV has to offer on a weekend, and nobody seems to have any issue with the fact that continues on pointlessly every year.

    With the right judging panel, good production values, tweaks to the format and some luck with finding some decent contestants, the show is worth bringing back.
  10. That's what they get for chewing them up and spitting them out.
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  11. The Voice on ITV is one of the cheapest high profiles shows they can produce. 2 Live shows, and the rest can be pre recorded in bulk instalments. X Factor's commitment to 8 (ish) weeks of live shows, an arena final, high profile judges and 'mentoring' makes it a far more costly endeavour to produce.

    In an era when you can become a global superstar through short form social media videos and build your own platform. I don't know what the show can do to adapt or change with the times. I'm not sure how they could change the system, Big Band week just doesn't hit like it used to.
  12. All true, but I was talking more about the perception that TXF was a waste of time because nobody watches it anymore and that there's no point in flogging a dead horse etc.
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  13. I think because The Voice never had amazing ratings since it started and definitely not since it switched to ITV it's not viewed as a flop. It's viewed as light hearted entertainment.

    The X Factor at its peak was the biggest show in the UK and produced multiple stars capable of worldwide hits.

    So getting Voice like ratings just isn't seen as good enough for it.
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