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The X Factor 2021

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. I wonder whether Simon will be on the panel - as he's agreed to judge the Israeli version.
  2. It just... stopped having good ideas.

    The move to auditions with an audience, the time it tried to be Gogglebox, pretending Louis was sacked and then bringing him back, the producer-engineered contestant drama. It all smelled a bit like shit smeared on the wall.

    The Six Chair Challenge is the absolute worst of it though: a really horrible element added to the show for drama, which then couldn’t be removed because the producers have never been willing to tone it down for the sake of a better show.
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  3. Kerry Katona - Kevin Federline - Bradley from S club 7 - Fergie Ferguson

    A perfect panel for this type of show.
  4. The big issue with X Factor was overexposure and media burnout. The show ran for the best part of 4mths from August to December. But prior to that, you had endless media speculation about who judges and hosts were going to be which started almost immediately after the series ended. People weren’t given a chance to breathe and the endless media hype is what eventually killed the series.
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