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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Jan 8, 2021.

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    The X Factor isn’t really over until we lose it as a whole sub-forum xx
  2. But we already knew that it was on a break, that ITV have a contract for one more series and that Simon was intending on bringing it back at some point. And The Sun article even suggests it might still be back in 2023. The ITV statement in no way suggests that they have axed it, just that there is no info they can give about any future series.

    I won't be surprised if Simon does realise it's time to knock it on the head, but on the other hand on a good week it was still able to get a solid 6 million viewers and maybe after a few years viewers will want it back.
  3. Quite often when UK shows are axed, the press release will just say there are no current plans for a renewal / more episodes at this time.
  4. Rob


    Imagine wanting to take career advice from Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh in 2021.
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  5. Even worse, from Sharon Osborne.
  6. We don’t need XFactor anymore and Louis saying ‘you look like a little Olivia Rodrigo’
  7. Society has progressed past the need for X Factor.
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  8. They'll either let the contract expire or if there is a minimum amount of series guarantee, then we'll probably get a celebrity or an all stars limited run to see it out.
  9. I know some of the acts are saying that they were mistreated by the show and I totally sympathise with that.

    But I wonder if television will ever be as utterly electrifying as The X Factor was from 2008-2010 ever again?
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  10. The X Factor served some incredibly iconic and enjoyable moments over the years. But the format is tired and no amount of revamping or restructuring at this stage will save it. it's definitely for the best to move on. Regardless, they've cemented their legacy in pop culture so they'll never be entirely forgotten.
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  11. I don't know if someone from here did this, but here's a rabbit hole for you:

    The "ONLY THE YOUNG!!!" clip has ruined me.
  12. Somebody should host a rate of all the best X Factor moments.
  13. Diana Vickers: Call Me

    end of ratings.
  14. "I am so fed up of Mr Humble, Mr 'should I sell my Volkswagen? Should I keep it?'"

    I can't stand the woman, but she called that one absolutely right.
  15. I can't stand her either, but it was interesting that she was able to smell the BS a mile off from any contestant.

  16. Nah, it's still a toxic show which ruined lives.
  17. Yes, on the surface it was about music and talent. In reality, it wasn’t. It was only about money and ratings through exploitation and cruelty.
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  18. X Factor gave us Leona Lewis and Fifth Harmony, it was worth it.
  19. Nothing was worth what went on behind the scenes. We still don't know the half of it.
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  20. I sort of half agree but also... did anybody who applied after the second or third series pay any attention to the show? The music industry is what it is and it's brutal and not for the faint heart.

    There's a whole bunch of level-headed people who were clearly crap and needed a reality check. I don't feel sorry for them. The people who were talented enough to get noticed but just put through the ringer from the production team for the sake of TV I feel sort of bad for... to a point.

    It's the people who had clear and visible issues with their mental health and/or their ability to comprehend the situation who were obviously put through to laugh at I always felt uncomfortable about. I really wish that had been dialled back.
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