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The X Factor 2023

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. It’s back.

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  2. Honestly doesn't feel that long and it's had so much speculation I don't think it's enough of a break to come back.
  3. Part of X Factor’s decline was due to overexposure. The show ran from August-December, the media speculation around judges for the next season started in January, you’d have ex-contestants from the previous season on the reality TV circuit and the show would then start filming again in May.

    Announcing that they’re bringing it back just 9 months after it was cancelled risks the same mistake. Speculation around judges will start almost immediately and people will be bored of the show by the time it airs.

    Surely the point in a revival is for the public to want it back? It really needs another 5-years or so for that public demand to build. Bringing it back next year will just seem like a pandemic enforced break as opposed to a revival.
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  4. I used to be such a big fan of the XF, but I stopped watching before it finished its run. We all knew it was scripted / edited / manipulated to an extent, but it just got too much for me in the end. I also didn’t like some of the contestant stories that came out from behind the scenes. I think the production company really exploited the desperation and vulnerability in some people. It felt like it became less and less human with every series, to the point that there was literally nothing left but total manipulation and quick cash grabs by the end.

    I’ve always thought that Simon Cowell seems like a thoroughly unpleasant person to be honest. I don’t mean his pantomime “Mr. Nasty” routine, but rather his insatiable appetite for power and money. Sure, he does some public charity stuff etc, but even that felt rather self-serving and driven by greed and money to me. Whilst he is still the force behind the franchise, I can’t see things ever changing.

    The only way I can see a show like this working again, is if it is stripped right back to the bones. Give all the finalists a fair crack at actually winning, stop trying to rig the public vote, and lay off all the media manipulation too. I know that any tv show will have editing - it’s an inevitability - but there is no need to try to control everything. The public doesn’t like being told what to do… let them have their say.
  5. It’s actually nuts how much I loved this show back in the day. I would always have a take out for the Saturday show, watch the full show and then Xtra Factor. Be so nervous during the Sunday night show.

    Part of me does kinda miss it. But I think we’re past these shows now.
  6. ITV gave Broadcast a carefully worded statement "“There are no current plans for the next series of The X Factor at this stage.”

    It seems like Simon is trying to shop this around. Like when this has come up before, only ITV really have the money for this and it was evident from the later series that The X Factor's budget was being cut back.

    If ITV recommission this the controversies over the past treatment of contestants are going to be under scrutiny.
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  7. I did think there's no way ITV would try to bring back Big Brother & X Factor back to back.
  8. Why? It's like beating a dead horse. I can't imagine there's any real demand for it to return. They will never replicate the impact and pop culture phenomenon it once had at its peak. It's time to just let it go and move on.
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  9. The X Factor 2008-2010 was just magical wasn’t it? I can’t quite describe the energy & excitement & electricity that was in the air across the entire country. If you weren’t talking about it, you were probably thinking about it. Water cooler TV at its finest. The show quite literally had The X Factor.

    I don’t think there’s a way for them to recapture that again but I’d like to see them try.
  10. I can understand why Channel 5 think it's worth a punt - it'll do well for them and bring in younger viewers etc

    But confused as to why Simon would be happy for the show to go out on Channel 5, because it kind of looks bad. And he's not even in the music industry anymore so why does he even need a singing show?

    Still, I expect I will watch and enjoy it.
  11. What exactly are they expecting for the calibre of judges? Jo O’Meara?
  12. ''Conversations with several networks''

    Not if its ended up on Channel Flop.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Denise Van Outen.
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  14. Channel 5….

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  15. Jane McDonald is a musT
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  16. These stories are coming straight from Simon Cowell. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Channel 5 story, and any ‘scoop’ about the show, is just a negotiating tactic.
    Channel 5’s strategy revolves around older viewers, The X Factor does not seem to fit with that.
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  17. Channel 5?

    That must have really hurt his ego. I reckon Alesha Dixon will be a judge, maybe give her a boost as part of her BGT deal.
  18. Well this is...unexpected?

    So Channel 5 dumped Big Brother to focus on other types of programming but they pick up X Factor!?
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