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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by LetsGetToIt, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. OK I'm a bit further through now. Thoughts (having not watched it before but being a sucker for all things X Factor):

    - The judges are ... a mixed bag. Guy Sebastian's great. Fresh, funny, insightful and actually has useful things to say, while seeming to really care about his acts. If ITV have any sense they'll wave a lot of money at him ASAP. Adam Lambert's fine (and I fancy him SO MUCH now he's put on a few pounds) and Mel B is fun and has an interesting role as Underdog mentor. Then there's Iggy Azalea. Absolutely shocking and shouldn't be anywhere near a professional judging panel. At first I thought she was deliberately being catty and over it in a humorous way, but she just starts pointless little fights, is clearly a shit mentor, as evidenced by losing all her acts in the first three weeks, and gives terrible feedback. And texting under the desk on live TV ... girl, really?

    - The acts are mostly decent, there was a lot of deadwood but losing four acts in the first show felt odd. It didn't really work for the UK series in 2011 (though we did get Little Mix that year) and though 2 of the 4 who left were rubbish, it still leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. I think Isaiah Firebrace is probably going to win.

    - Faves: Vlado (should win, won't), Amalia (extraordinary), Natalie Ong (should have had a few more weeks, there's a popstar in there somewhere).

    - Staging seems fine to me, though I haven't watched previous seasons yet.

    - The show goes on too long and tends to lag. The presenter's pretty good but doesn't need to narrate everything as if the viewers aren't going to understand the storyline. Just get the acts on and off. Painful banter with the judges as well.

    I like it. There are issues, but it's a lot more accessible than our version. Do acts outside the top 2 or 3 tend to get anywhere? There's some real talent there which I don't want to see go to waste.
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  2. Beatz and Chynna were both amazing in their singoff. Beatz for the win.
  3. I guess Iggy and maybe Adam will both leave after this season?
  4. I like Adam, hope he stays. Were previous judging panels notably better than this one?
  5. Yes
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  6. Nearly all AU acts flop.

    Samantha Jade and Dami Im are 2 of the best winners the X-franchise has ever had and they really struggle to sell.

    One of my favourites was Reigan Derry from a couple of years ago. Watch her performance of Dogs Days Are Over below. It's so good!

    And 3rd Degree were amazing too!

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  7. RAV


    Adam and the blonde thing will leave for sure. The ratings have been disastrous........
  8. Thd blonde thing is one of the reasons it flopped so hard as she's just being terrible over and over again.
  9. RAV


    She doesn't come across as Likable on tv. She lacks what Dannii and Natalie have. This may be it's last year possibly
  10. These are both brilliant, thanks. Watching yesterday's episode back. Some ... interesting feedback.
  11. That was a waste of time, the only two acts with Guaranteed Popstar Potential in the bottom two. Beatz were always going to go this week, but they're brilliant and I hope they make it. Think Amalia's gonna win now, she's getting more confident every week.
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  12. 'That blonde thing' has a name. It's Iggy. If you don't like her, that's fine but you can still show a bit of respect and refer to her by her name.
  13. Isaiah's #oneofus, right?
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  14. She doesn't show respect to the contestants either when she's playing with her phone during the live show.

    Hopefully Amalia is going to win, she is the only one with potential.
  15. That doesn't really call for you to dehumanise her in a misogynistic way though, does it?
  16. No. I just don't get why I should respect a person who obviously doesn't respect other people.
  17. Two wrongs don't make a right etc.
  18. Fuck sake, just had a browse through his twitter and he follows loads of page 3 girls. What a waste.
  19. Amalia is my favourite but this year really is a disaster, my favourite is still Dami's year. It was amazing filled with talent. I still hate how Natalie ruined Bella.
  20. I think this years X factor is the worst out of all seasons. I really can't see any of the remaining contestants having a long career. Last years contestants were so much better.
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