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The X Factor Australia

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by LetsGetToIt, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. This tbh. Louis and Jess & Matt were so talented but this is just a huge mess. Amalia is great though.
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  2. I am still pissed Louise hasn't released anything yet and probably won't release anything. Her voice was outstanding.
  3. There has never been a person done more wrong than Amalia was in the Finale... Set Fire To The Rain was okay but there could have been a better song choice. And then? A duett with Charlie XCX singing Boom Clap and dressing her up in a seriously not appropriate way? Gosh, no.
  4. I really like Adam, he genuinely cares about his acts. I can't say whether he's better or worse than previous judges but I'd happily see him back.
  5. How was she inappropriately dressed? She was dressed in all black with a bright pink fluffy coat.
  6. I'm happy Isaiah won, he was the best singer overall and I fancied him. Good luck to him.
  7. Did you see those boots going with the dress? This isn't what a 14 year old should wear at all.
  8. I've seen worse on the streets of Glasgow. Much worse.

    And maybe that's how she wanted to dress? Who's to say what's appropriate. Wear what you want.
  9. Popbitch is reporting that X Factor Australia has been cancelled.
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  10. It doesn't surprise me, the ratings have been dropping. Last season had bad reviews and 7 seemed to want to kill it.

    I believe Dancing With The Stars AU is also dead.

    It's a shame as X Factor AU was for a long period of time the best one, in terms of talent, judges and format.
  11. I hope it gets cancelled worldwide! It's a karaoke.
  12. It's true and I'm not even slightly surprised. Last seasom's ratings and reviews were bad and Iggy was terrible as a judge.
  13. That's a shame. I didn't watch last season but for a good while, it was the best version going.

    I wonder what they will replace it with.
  14. All singing shows need to be canned for at least 10 years
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  15. Poor See Hear.
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  16. I can’t find the Samantha Jade thread but it looks like we may be getting new music soon.

    I’m seeing a Disco album rumoured. Maybe covers?
  17. Scratch that. New song Roller Skates on her YouTube now and a cover of Best of My Love
  18. I bet she recorded Roller-skates as a potential Eurovision song.

    It's not great. Her recent output gives her absolutely no identity.
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  19. Please no
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