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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. [​IMG]


    Hi there, welcome to my first rate. This could end badly (and it will for all of you if Leon Jackson makes the top 50).

    We will be rating past contestants and judges from The X Factor. Obviously there are far too many flops and forgotten contestants to rate every season, so we'll be starting from Season 5 - Alexandra year, when the show got massive. I personally can remember and have an opinion on every act from then onwards, and I'm a fairly typical viewer, so I think it's a good starting point without having to wade through too much deadwood nobody cares about. In true X Factor style, I've also included four Wildcards.

    Reveals will be announced in two parts - judges then contestants. As there are quite a lot of acts to rate and Christmas is coming up, meaning you've got better things to do than worry about whether to give Eoghan Quigg a 0 or a 1, I'll give you all four weeks, so that's till January 16th.

    I'm going to keep it simple.
    - As always, we're scoring from 0-10, and you have one 11 for your favourite contestant, and one 11 for your favourite judge.
    - Skull draggings highly encouraged. Decimals fine but obvious Pitchforkery or trolling will be excluded.
    - Remember that, when scoring from 0-10, 5 is average. A 7 isn't average and nor is a 3.
    - Feel free to rate on whatever factors you like, I'll be taking post-show careers into consideration but you don't have to.
    - PM me your scores, tell all your friends, and have fun!


    Series 5

    Alexandra Burke
    Eoghan Quigg
    Diana Vickers
    Ruth Lorenzo
    Rachel Hylton
    Dead Wife Daniel
    Laura White
    Austin Drage
    Scott Bruton
    Bad Lashes

    Series 6
    Joe McElderry
    Olly Murs
    Stacy Solomon
    Danyl Johnson
    Lloyd Daniels
    Jamie Archer
    Lucie Jones
    Rachel Adedeji
    Miss Frank
    Rikki Loney
    Kandy Rain

    Series 7
    Matt Cardle
    Rebecca Ferguson
    One Direction
    Cher Lloyd
    Mary Byrne
    Katie Waissel
    Paije Richardson
    Aiden Grimshaw
    Treyc Cohen
    Belle Amie
    John Adeleye
    Diva Fever
    Storm Lee
    Nicolo Festa

    Series 8
    Little Mix
    Marcus Collins
    Amelia Lily
    Misha B
    Janet Devlin
    Craig Colton
    Kitty Brucknell
    Frankie Cocozza
    Johnny Robinson
    The Risk
    Sophie Habibis
    Sami Brookes
    Nu Vibe
    James Michael
    Jonjo Kerr
    2 Shoes

    Series 9
    James Arthur
    Jahmene Douglas
    Christopher Maloney
    Union J
    Rylan Clark
    Ella Henderson
    Kye Sones
    Lucy Spraggan
    Jade Ellis
    Melanie Masson
    Carolynne Poole

    Series 10
    Sam Bailey
    Nicholas McDonald
    Luke Friend
    Rough Copy
    Tamera Foster
    Hannah Barrett
    Sam Callahan
    Abi Alton
    Kingsland Road
    Miss Dynamix
    Shelley Smith
    Lorna Simpson

    Series 11

    Ben Haenow
    Fleur East
    Andrea Faustini
    Lauren Platt
    Stereo Kicks
    Stevi Ritchie
    Only the Young
    Jay James
    Paul Akister
    Lola Saunders
    Jack Walton
    Jake Quickenden
    Chloe Jasmine
    Stephanie Nala
    Overload Generation
    Blonde Electra

    Series 12
    Louisa Johnson
    Reggie N Bollie
    Che Chesterman
    Lauren Murray
    4th Impact
    Anton Stephans
    Mason Noise
    Monica Michael
    Max Stone
    Seann Miley Moore
    Kiera Weathers
    Alien Uncovered

    Series 13
    Matt Terry
    Saara Aalto
    5 After Midnight
    Emily Middlemas
    Honey G
    Ryan Lawrie
    Sam Lavery
    Four of Diamonds
    Gifty Louise
    Relley C
    Freddy Parker

    ... and your Wildcards
    Leona Lewis
    Leon Jackson
    Shayne Ward
    Steve Brookstein

    Gary Barlow
    Simon Cowell
    Nick Grimshaw
    Mel B

    Dannii Minogue
    Rita Ora
    Sharon Osbourne
    Kelly Rowland
    Nicole Scherzinger
    Louis Walsh

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  2. One quick question on the judges:

    Should we be rating Cheryl Cole and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini separately?
  3. Haha good question. No - Cheryl is Cheryl.
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  4. Sent my votes in.
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  5. Just a reminder that you have two 11s to use - one for the acts and another for the judges.
  6. This is the only rate I have ever needed. Ready for the mess.

    I think Series 5 is a great starting point, much as Rowetta would have been a serious contender for my 11.
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  7. I'm glad you're starting from series 5 (the best year). The only series I didn't watch was when Leona won, so I'm glad that's not in it (but she is). I'll send my scores in at some point!
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  9. Voted. A lot of 10's but also a lot of not so average points.
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  10. I haven't got your PM, would you mind sending it again please? Thanks for taking part!
  11. OK, someone just gave Abi Alton a very high score ...
  12. Obvious trolls should be disqualified.
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  13. I'll just read them for filth in the reveal.
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  14. I will be up for this. I thought my 11 was never in doubt until Saara came along...
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  15. Mine was never in doubt although I gave my 11 to a contestant of a season that had two more 10's and was by far the best season.
  16. I'm going to need to think this thing through.

    Please don't judge me when I give Girlband a 10.
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  17. I'm in!

    My 11 is obvious but il have fun with the rest !
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  18. Don't judge me when I stan for Union J.

    Luckily I am over that now!
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  19. Will be doing this soon, obvious 11 but others should be fun to rate. I haven't watched first weeks of S5 so I should catch up on that.
  20. I always had a thing for Sam Callahan but don't tell anyone.
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