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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. It probably wasn't as strong as the 2008 and 2010 years but I think 2009 was probably when the show was at it's absolute peak in terms of culture and media coverage. Cheryl, Alexandra and JLS launched their careers in the absolute biggest ways possible. Fight For This Love sold almost 300K in a week didn't it?I'm sure she was getting huge media attention and endless front pages on newspapers around this time, plus if I remember correctly JLS sold an insane amount of albums and beat the comeback of Robbie Williams (who also got a ton of hype and coverage over his big return and performance on XF) while Bad Boys also beat out Bodies as well. It was probably the year that people started to pay attention and realize that Leona Lewis wasn't just a one-off and that the show could produce genuine artists.

    Plus throw in the controversy with Jedward beating Lucie, Jedward becoming the most recognizable cult figures in the country, the whole Dannii "outing" Danyl thing, Rage Against The Machine campaign, the introduction of arena auditions, group performances and the Sunday results show, Danyl's audition being hyped as the greatest audition of all time (I remember newspapers building it up for ages), Whitney Houston mentoring and performing, Black Eyed Peas vs Leona Lewis chart battle and Olly Murs subsequently becoming one of the most successful X-Factor contestants we've had and damn, you realize just how big the show used to be and how much impact it had in the media and the charts.

    2010 was the peak for ratings and 2008 was the peak for actual quality of the contestants but the 2009 show was insane. The show nowadays just seems so trashy and Z-List compared to what it was like in the peak years.
  2. This makes me a bit sad nñ
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  3. I thought about filling my wildcards category with contestants who pulled out pre-lives, but after S5 it was only Gamu and The Brooks anyway, so there was no point. I'd love to include Melanie, Jade Richards, Havva Rebke etc., but there'd be too much debate over who I did / didn't include and why, and I feel it would detract from the rate and make some people dissatisfied.
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  4. I feel like 2010 had the best-quality lineup. 2008 had five great contestants and seven absolutely dire ones, with nothing in between. 2010 had the best of the straight white guy winners, one of the most vocally gifted artists they've ever had (Rebecca Ferguson), the biggest boyband of the last 20 years, arguably the most memorable novelty act (Wagner), Katie Waissel, who was a thrillingly watchable trainwreck and understood reality TV to a tee, and several genuinely intriguing potential popstars like Aiden, Paije and Cher. There was a bit of everything. The first few eliminatees were awful, but that's the case every year.
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  5. Thos were the two seasons I enjoyed watching the most and agree with all of this. 2008 had a few shock eliminations though (Laura White, Ruth deserved to go further) but overall both seasons were insane.
  6. And to go back to 2012: James, Ella and Lucy had so much talent and were all incredible. If it wasn't for the joke and trash acts in this season and with a few better decisions in the judges houses, it would have been a stunning season. I'm still pissed at Jade's and Ella's elimination.
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  7. Watching season 8 back. I'm giving a very unpopular contestant a 10 and you're all gonna deal.

    (Don't worry, it's not Frankie).
  8. Christopher Maloney or Rylan? They are both awful
  9. Neither of them were on season 8. You'll have to wait till the results to find out!
  10. I agree with @K94 and his earlier point regarding how dull 2012 and 2013 were.

    It's an entertainment show. I think there are some of us that will vote based on how entertaining and messy the contestants were, where as others will rate depending on singing ability and recording artist potential.

    That's not to say that I would rate Alexandra a low score. She'll definitely get a 10 given her voice and performance ability. I just personally wouldn't be inclined to give Ella or James a high score based on how direly boring they were. I prefer Ella since she left the show, but I'll be voting based on her time in the competition.
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  11. Yeah that's kind of where I landed, if they were great post show I might have given them an extra point.
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  12. I could never give someone who is entertaining only a 10. Like Hone G, she did entertain me but I'm not talking about singing ability. I went after singing ability and recording artist potential and if I wasn't sure what to give, I looked at the musical output after the show.
  13. I'm going to give Janet Devlin a 10 because I used to pretend to fancy her when I was 16 and shagging 20-year-olds behind the scenes.
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  14. NOT Paije Richardson splitting the vote down the middle...
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  15. Young Lenny Henry?
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  16. Can we include commentary?
  17. Yep, highly encouraged!
  18. OK, someone's given their 11 to arguably one of the most hated contestants ever ... looks like I won't be first to lose mine after all.

    In other news, the lead has CHANGED HANDS for the first time, so there's no better time to gets your votes in and ensure your faves end up in their rightful places!
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  19. ?????

    Considering that Alexandra is 100 times better than ANY OTHER CONTESTANT, I'm not sure that this can be possible.

    Or is this like when Dermot tells us that there's 2% in the vote and we think he might be lying?
  20. Ooh I wanna take part.
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