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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. Honestly I think Dannii and Nicole are the only real contenders for the judges rate, with Cheryl a comfortable but distant third, Tulisa fourth and beyond that Christ knows.
  2. I assume Dannii will walk away with this, but then again I thought Little Mix would easily win the main rate.
  3. Still low key cackling at Saara coming second in this competition as well
  4. JUDGES!

    The only real surprise this morning is that someone's losing their 11...

    #12. Nick Grimshaw (2.9)


    Ah, Grimmy. Should have been good, was terrible. He did get a lot of unwarranted criticism on here though - I remember people being particularly angry about him sending Seann Miley Moore home, when he didn't have much of a choice because both his acts were in the bottom two and he was forced to take it to deadlock. He was put in a few other situations like that and didn't have the humour or smarts to style them out.

    Highest score: 11 (@Stuart)
    Lowest score: 0 (@HollyDunnSomething, @K94, @Robert, @roborovsky, @GhettoPrincess, @Shockbox, @FrankOnline88)

    @kermit_the_frog - So great on the radio, so shit on this show.

    @sfmartin - Boring af let down. Not a good choice. Brought nothing really to the show. Flop opinions. Flop choices.

    @K94 - The worst judge they've ever had - devoid of taste and the ability to actually judge.

    @GhettoPrincess - He is the worst judge, I mean I barely remember his time on the show at all.

    @diamondliam - As a radio presenter, Grimmy should have offered a unique point of view. He didn’t. He was shit. It’s a shame that he was such a failure because there are industry perspectives that would really offer a lot who won’t get a chance now because the only radio presenter they tried was a pile of shit. (but he did have some good song choices).

    @shadow2009 - WORST JUDGE EVER. Fucking useless, talentless twat.

    @SuperNerd - I think he really struggled with the lack of creative control and the pushing of certain acts at the expense of others. The song choices for his acts (particularly Mason Noise) were occasionally inspired, but too often he seemed uncomfortable being there.

    @Shockbox - 'I thought that was great. Really, really great'. Wow. What fantastic critique. Prick.

    @Filler - Series 12 was a disaster, but you know what, I think it genuinely had one of the best act line-ups ever. 4th Impact, Monica Michael, Seann Miley Moore, Alien Uncovered, Lauren Murray to some extent, even Crazy Face Anton. Anyway, let's have a look at Nick Grimshaw's voting record.
    • Alien Uncovered vs Kiera Weathers: he sent Alien Uncovered home.
    • Seann Miley Moore vs Mason Noise: he sent Seann home (!).
    • Monica Michael vs Anton Stephans: he sent Monica home (!!).
    • Anton Stephans vs Ché Chesterman: he sent Anton home.
    • 4th Impact vs Lauren Murray: he sent 4th Impact home (!!!!!) on account of them not being as viable a commercial prospect as Lauren (!!?!??!????).
    • Lauren Murray vs Ché Chesterman: he sent Lauren home.
    FUCKING hell. The most consistently wrong judge in X Factor history (Ché vs Anton might be contentious but I'd like to think we're all more or less united against him on the others) and probably the only judge who you could legitimately claim has single-handedly ruined an entire series. This man has the blood of Seann and Monica's pop careers on his hands. This man is what stood between 4th Impact and a record deal. This man, who I gather somehow hosts some kind of youth-oriented radio show, brought to The X Factor the kind of conservative middle-aged middle-of-the-road taste that would make Gary Barlow salivate, and expresses it with all the youthful vigour and joie de vivre of a fucking Dementor.

    I can't comment on his radio skills – this one series is everything I have seen or heard from Nick Grimshaw in my life (besides a cameo in the Absolutely Fabulous film, which doesn't help his case) – but based on his brief X Factor stint, I think he might genuinely be the worst TV personality of all time.

    (And no way is he only 32.)
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  5. I'll just give @Stuart a chance to explain haself (has Nick got Scottish ancestry I'm unaware of)??
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  6. I stand by my 0 100%, I thought he was dreadful!
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  7. I think I gave him a 4, he was awful but was often put in situations outside of his control and didn't have the TV experience to make them interesting or funny. As @diamondliam says though, it's probably put paid to our chances of seeing Clara Amfo or Julie Adenuga on the panel, or even Sara Cox ffs.
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  8. It wasn't even that he chose to eliminate the wrong contestants (I was never massively fond of Seann Miley Moore), to me he just severely lacks charisma, and came across as a bit of a smug creep at times.
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  9. Glad to see Nick out. Interesting to see his voting record and just how wrong he was on every occasion (apart from when he was saving his own act).
  10. Stop saying this! That isn't a thing! Nothing in the format prevents a judge from preferring one of their acts to the other. If they think they're somehow obliged to take it to deadlock out of politeness or cowardice, they're a bad judge and must be reprimanded for it by angry people on internet forums.
  11. I'm fully of the opinion that Nick was screwed over by the programme.

    I saw Nick at the auditions and he was the funniest, wittiest judge they'd ever had. His comments were genius, almost like a Gogglebox esque commentary on things happening. He brought a sense of fun to the panel rather than the too serious tone that had been present on the previous series. But then the editors arrived.

    It was clear they were going for a "Simon and Cheryl are back and we're serious" tone of series and that just didn't fit in with Nick's judging style. He was mercilessly edited on TV, almost all life sucked out of his comments and judging style (although the Sound of the Underground lipsync is still legendary). It didn't surprise me that he was over it by the time the live shows arrived. Everything he joined the show to do was rendered obsolete as soon as they decided to take this serious tone.

    I think Nick was truly screwed over by the show. He was made a scapegoat for falling viewing figures (don't tell me 3 million people turned off because of 1 judge), an editorial decision that practically airbrushed him from the show and his career clearly suffered as a result.

    Had Nick been given a fair chance, I truly believe he would've been a brilliant judge. But, and without going all Phi Phi O'Hara in here, the editing and the show massively screwed him over.

    What we did see, I believe, were the glimmers of a fresh and exciting judge who wouldn't stick to the typical X Factor script and would break the mould of what we have come to expect a talent show judge to be. And that is why he got my 11.
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  12. I still can't at people thinking, after all these years, that the judge's have complete and absolute free reign over any part of the show.

    Grimmy was so useless because he was totally miserable and over the whole thing by the time he got the lives and frustrated by the constraints he had to work within. He couldn't work out how to adapt himself and what he wanted to achieve within the very limited confines of what is a Saturday night family entertainment show that is fundamentally about ratings and ad revenue.

    He was slapped down a few times early on by Simon, had the personality and life sucked out of him, and after that just went through the motions.
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  13. No great shock here either, though this judge did receive a few very high scores...

    #11. Gary Barlow (3.805)


    Looks like a bucket of smashed crabs, how was he ever a sex symbol?

    Highest score: 9 (@Stuart) girl bye
    Lowest score: 0 (@sfmartin, @diamondliam, @idratherjack, @Serg., @roborovsky)

    @kermit_the_frog - "Fag ash breath" and telling the public they're thick idiots for not appreciating Misha B both redeem him.

    @sfmartin - Worst judge ever. Arrogant, miserable with terrible choices. I hate him. His acts were awful, he had no sense of fun and his criticisms to me always felt completely unjustified and often plain rude. I think he's a key reason why the show has crashed and burned.

    @K94 - He always thought he was better than the show and tried to make it 'credible' (read: boring). He could also be vicious which wasn't cute.

    @GhettoPrincess - Gary BORElow….. awful.

    @diamondliam - Least successful judge ever. 3 series, no winner. I truly think his influence is what ruined the series. Cunt.

    @shadow2009 - Smug and rude but mostly spoke sense.

    @Filler - Weird fact: when this reprehensible royal-fellating tax fiend signed up to The X Factor, he was still in his 30s. There actually existed a time when this man wasn't middle-aged. He somehow didn't come out of the womb aged 45. Impossible, but true!

    30 is early middle age though??

    @SuperNerd - I don't think he was ever comfortable with the show or what it truly is and that struggle manifested itself in some really shitty behaviour to both contestants and fellow judges.
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  14. Who the fuck thinks Nick Grimshaw is a good radio DJ?! He's a dick.
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  15. Barlow was mostly a twat but I get the feeling he was only playing it for the show. There were fleeting moments, like sticking up for Misha, where I really liked him.
  16. I didn't mind him by the end. I get what he was trying to do, it just wasn't right for the show and he always gave it out but couldn't take it.
  17. The problem with Gary was that he wouldn't/couldn't understand that when you're cast as the Mr Nasty judge (a la Simon Cowell, Craig Revel Horwood) you're playing a pantomime villain.

    You're not actually meant to be outright nasty and you're supposed to occasionally show your redeeming side.

    Gary just came across as a miserable sod.
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  18. The issue for me is that he was nasty at really weird times. I would have liked to see him read certain contestants for filth - there's no way he actually thought Jahmene was good, for example - but he just went in two-footed on people who either didn't deserve it or who didn't need detailed performance criticism because they were the joke act anyway. Sam Callahan and Rylan spring to mind.
  19. Yes at these two going.
  20. I genuinely believe Gary Barlow is evil.
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