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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. I haven't forgiven him for saying that Perrie should be the lead singer of Little Mix. The problem is, Simon and Louis would've made her the lead too.
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  2. One more judge leaving later this afternoon. I'll do 3 a day seeing as there are 12 to get through.
  3. Last one for today

    #10. Louis Walsh (5.477)



    Highest score: 9 (@Robert, @idratherjack)
    Lowest score: 1 (@shadow2009)

    @kermit_the_frog - As much as the show can't do without him, I live for the moments when he can't deliver his pre-scripted comments due to audience noise and so KEEPS SLOWLY REPEATING THEM.

    @sfmartin - Lost points for his constant swipes at Girls Aloud.

    @K94 - Annoying but three points for when he drags someone without chill.

    @pmas - Now that he's just a parody of himself and I don't expect anything more, I actually quite like him.

    @diamondliam - Not important to the show at all, despite the way that he is presented. An awful judge and an even worse mentor. He gets a 2 for his occasionally funny one liners.

    @shadow2009 - Vile. Just vile.

    @Filler - Harmless but useless. Should have gone after series 10. Series 11 was outstaying his welcome, series 12 obviously was a disaster but not because Louis wasn't there (though, to be fair, he could replace any member of that panel and he WOULD have been the best judge), and bringing him back for series 13 was basically a tacit admission that the show has given up for good. Just the same old shit from here on in. Nothing new to see here. It never ends. It never, ever ends. There's no hope. None.

    @SuperNerd - A ridiculous man and ridiculous judge, but X Factor isn't really the same without him.
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  4. But... you are only 16.
  5. Some great and spot on comments about Gary. He does seem like one of the most petty and unlikable people in show business. That period from 98 to 04 when he was cast as some kind of joke/has been didn't seem to humble him in any way. I remember reading a story in Heat Magazine about their comeback tour in 2005/6 when Sugababes were supporting. Amelle had just joined the band and backstage she approached Gary to say hi who was really rude to her for no real reason. She mentioned how a few days later he came over and said something along the lines of, "sorry I was rude the other day, I didn't know who you were". She said in this interview how he shouldn't have been rude to me even if I was just a fan or someone who worked backstage. I know it's just a little thing, but that always stuck with me as he was getting painted as a national treasure.

    As for his time on the show, I thought he was terrible. He was stiff and could not deliver or take a joke. I always think he must really still hate Robbie as he's completely the opposite (buckets of charisma, self depreciating etc). Gary's reactions to the banter with Rylan and Johnny showed his lack of charisma. I know some thought his "fag hash breath" comment was hilarious but I thought it was totally inappropriate and humiliating for Tulisa. I can't remember what they were arguing about now but obviously he just did that as he didn't agree with her point and just wanted to take a dig. He is an actual man-child with a very mean spirit. He said something to Alexandra that was similar when she dared to attack one of his acts, "don't worry mate, she won't be here next week". He contradicted himself almost weekly such as, "It's a weak move when all a judge has to criticise is the song choice" to "The song choice was all wrong for you this week". He made it in to a show about vocals (his main problem with Rylan and Sam Calahan) but then had the nerve to defend Frankie.

    The one thing that makes his time on the show all worthwhile is that he was forced into defending Christopher Maloney for 10 weeks and had to perform with him on the final. I hope he thinks about that a lot.
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  6. Eurgh, what an asshole.
  7. That's foul behaviour, what a tool.
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  8. I remember Amelle's interview too, Sugababes stan that I am. I was very disappointed that he'd treat someone like that.
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  9. Gary should have been a judge on the Voice, his distain for the showmanship and theatricality of the show were visible from week 1.

    I'm indifferent to Louis, but I hate seeing an act with real potential in his category because you know he's going to fuck it up.
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  10. I've always liked Louis, purely for putting up with 13 years of jokes about his sexuality. I'd have laid Cowell flat by now if I was in his position.
  11. I can never decide if I like Louis. He's a terrible mentor and sometimes seems like actually quite a nasty guy, but then he can obviously laugh at himself since the show treats him like a joke and he goes along with it happily. Sometimes he is just useless in a way that is quite funny, too. There's pretty much nothing redeemable about Barlow though.
  12. Other than him in the 'Pray' video...
  13. I always found Gary odd with his song choices for Maloney. Then the next series another act sang a song Maloney did, I believe when Sammi sang Alone. He said it was dated. Did it age a lot in a year?
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  14. If you mean Sami Brookes, she was in it the year before Maloney. Though I can definitely see him saying it was dated and then giving it to his own contestant a year later
  15. I honestly didn't mind Louis that much until the end of the last series where that video of him being rude to interviewers was posted online and I've hated him ever since. He may be able to laugh at himself but there's something nasty about him.
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  16. It's quite difficult judging the judges as we've never really known how much creative licence they have with their acts. For example I don't think it's really fair to attack a judge for their votes in sing offs as I don't for a second believe that they make those decisions, I honestly think they're told to vote a certain way to protect certain commercial prospects/ create controversy.

    It's the same with song choices, I don't believe the judges make every song choice for each of their acts and the mark of a good judge is someone who'll fight the powers that be and resist a Whitney ballad etc in favour of something a bit more relevant. Dannii, Cheryl and Tulisa were always good at that when they cared about the act, and Nick deserved more credit than he got in this rate for the same reason. On the same token, 'Mrs O' and Rita need to be eliminated soon for failing to do this (Saara and Louisa's X Factor journeys could have been so much more exciting with better songs).
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  17. Mel B has said that they pick songs from a prepared list which differs for each act.
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  18. First up in single figures...

    #9. Rita Ora (5.522)


    Rita was neither as bad as her detractors make out, nor as good as her stans (yes, they exist) want to believe. As a result, her score is almost perfectly average.

    Highest score: 8 (@K94, @Queen Conchita, @GhettoPrincess, @GRMusic)
    Lowest score: 0 (@Shockbox)

    @kermit_the_frog - Bland and basic, an extra point for the time she let us all into the knowledge of a secret party in Notting Hill she'd been to "called carnival".

    @sfmartin - I'm not a huge fan. She didn't do anything special on the show really. But the better of the two duds.

    @diamondliam - I liked her coat during judges' houses.

    @shadow2009 - Only cared about using the show to promote herself.

    @Filler - Fucking dire straits that she wasn't even the worst judge of her series. Probably not even the second worst. But she is surely the least credible judge they've ever hired, and that's including the time they got Pixie Lott on as a guest. I mean, you can at least see what they were trying to do with Nick Grimshaw.

    @SuperNerd - Never did anything especially interesting.

    High scorer @K94: 'Probably one of the most entertaining and also wasn't too bad a mentor'.
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  19. I was blanded by her looks. She had an easy job with Louisa.
  20. As someone who lives in the heart of the Notting Hill Carnival I really appreciated her bringing it to the conciousness of the masses..
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