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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. I can't believe Mel B is still in this rate....
  2. The thing with Mel B is she is a judge of two halves. Brilliant at the auditions. Middle of the road at judges houses. Awful on the live shows.
  3. You have asked and you shall receive...

    #8. Mel B (5.522)


    Amazing on XF Australia, never seemed arsed on ours. Still love her for being MEL FUCKING B though.

    Highest score: 11 (@GRMusic)
    Lowest score: 0 (@idratherjack)

    @kermit_the_frog gives Mel 6 'for refusing to allow Andrea to be kicked out before the final and plainly irritating Cowell at times - will always get an extra point for that time she ruined an "emotional" VT and performance by saying "I were bored" at the end'.

    @sfmartin - I like Mel B. She can be irritating but she's honest and loud which appeals to me.

    @diamondliam - The best thing about Mel was the disdain many of her acts had for her throughout her season: Jack Walton comes to mind as an especially angry contestant.

    @shadow2009 - Horrible attitude as expected.

    @Filler - Imagine if you somehow encountered Mel B without having heard of the Spice Girls. Watching "Lip Sync Battle UK" and thinking "this person has been chosen as a presenter, apparently on account of her natural charisma". It would be utterly inexplicable, wouldn't it?

    @SuperNerd - I thought she'd be great following her guest stint the previous year, but she was neither great nor terrible, just...not invested.

    @K94 - Just rather cold and miserable throughout and didn't really say much of substance.

    @GhettoPrincess - I always feel like she’s there for the paycheck more than any of the others but she still has that charismatic personality.

    @Shockbox - Queen of chopped liver. She was a bit shit at times but I just love Mel B.
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  4. I don't even know why I gave her my 11, it was a close race. But she is just so sympathic in my eyes and I thought she was always pretty entertaining (not always in a good way.) But as she was a cute judge overall, she deserved that 11 from me.
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  5. Final one for today as I'm away on training again this afternoon

    #7. Mrs. O (6.472)


    A ridiculous woman, but has given us so many moments over the years.

    Highest score: 10 (@GhettoPrincess)
    Lowest score: 1 (@shadow2009)

    @pmas - Given us some iconic moments but if you can't remember your own act's name or be arsed to go to their homecoming gig, I ain't giving you lots of points.

    @sfmartin - A zany character but entertaining nonetheless.

    @diamondliam - Messy. So messy. But she brings a lot of fun to the show with her incoherence.

    @shadow2009 - Aside from throwing water over Louis 100 times and saying "fabulous", what else did she do? Oh, forget her own act's name, be vile to Dannii, pretend to fall off her chair laughing and sit around pissed.


    ... didn't know Sharon had also wanked off a pig but fair play.

    @SuperNerd - I don't know why, but Sharon's contempt and lack of fucks given about the show is somehow hilarious where with other judges it's just annoying.

    @K94 - She does too much sometimes but was hilarious last series so I won't give a bad mark.

    @kermit_the_frog gave her 9 'for that 1st series alone and her wrath towards Brookstein - nowadays she's a bit of a Louis clone, sticking to "good TV on ITV and SyCo's terms" rather than blowing the fucking lid off everything and the show is worse for it)'.

    High-scorer @GhettoPrincess 'loved Sharon back in the day. I remember her threatening to quit the show live once and it was amazing. Nowadays? It feels a bit meh but she deserves a 10 for her glory days'.
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  6. Key Mel moment #1: after Louis had just made a complete hash of the six chair challenge, bringing about five eliminated groups back, and thinking that Overload Generation saying "we want to fight for this" necessitated a complete rethink of his decision - Mel kicks out the first boy she sees, and the following exhange takes place:

    Boy: "I really want to fight for this."
    Mel: "No. Get off."


    Key Mel moment #2: an emotional Jake Quickenden tells us about his brother dying, and Mel's immediate reaction is:

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  7. Not Mrs. O already.

    She had so many iconic moments last season... Saara from Finland, forgetting her Name, being a Honey G fangirl.
    And then her reaction when Sam Bailey won, she is amazing.
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  8. I don't remember much about Rita's time on the show. I do remember Simon saying, "That was an incredible moment. Up there with Alexandra and Beyonce" after her duet with Louisa. Do you actually think he believes any of this shit he comes out with?
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  9. My favourite Sharon moments are her walking into a door and her attempted take-down of Steve Brookstein.
  10. That's three halves.
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  11. Like most of what the judges say on X Factor it doesn't need to make sence.
  12. I met Sharon at a red carpet event once and she would only take selfies with people she deemed "good looking divas". A poor girl cried when she went "oh no dear" at her.

    I got one though, yasss.
  13. My jaw actually hit the floor - I was SO DESPERATE for Grimshaw to mock her (like he does every time she's a guest on his radio show) but he blandly smiled. Failure.
  14. Despite her seeming like an absolute nightmare, in real-life I only ever hear glowing reports about Mrs O -

    1) It seems that whenever she goes out for dinner in the UK, she insists on paying the bill for the ENTIRE RESTAURANT

    2) On more than one occasion she has visited an independent shop and bought one of almost everything they have, despite clearly not actually needing any of it
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  15. Regarding whether or not the mentors actually pick the song choices or not, I'm surprised people have forgotten the time Dannii burst into tears live on TV because Louis accused her of stealing JLS's song choice. Dannii cleared it up afterwards saying that the mentors get a list of songs to choose from and it works on a rota basis as to who can pick which songs first. Dannii just happened to be first in this particular week and picked Rule The World for Rachel, which apparently was what JLS were wanting to sing and thus Louis' bitchy comments.

    And also regarding Sharon's real life personality, unfortunately I can't ever accept any positive story I hear about her after she admitted to shitting in a box and sending it to someone. Oh and the bullying she did towards Dannii on the show.
  16. Sharon has had some funny moments, but her treatment of Dannii was absolutely despicable and I'll never forgive her for it.
  17. Honestly I think these judges results are going perfectly so far.
    I am however sadly expecting Tulisa to do far worse than she deserves, hoping to be proven wrong.
  18. 6. Kelly
    5. Simon
    4. Cheryl
    3. Tulisa
    2. Nicole
    1. Dannii
  19. A legend has to go...

    #6. Kelly Rowland (6.946)


    *phones in sick from my rented villa*

    Highest score: 11 (@2014, @pmas)
    Lowest score: 1 (@LukePreston)

    @sfmartin - 8 points for just being Kelly Rowland. Didn't leave much of an impression on the show though.

    @diamondliam - She should have been a great judge, and she was in the last season of X Factor US, but she didn’t seem to connect with any of her UK based acts.

    @shadow2009 - Loved her until the live shows. Clearly was in the wrong environment with Tulisa and Louis. Maybe would have fared better amongst different judges.

    @Filler - I don't really remember much about her other than her phoning-in-sick voice. My mum said the same thing recently. "Kelly Rowland always makes me laugh", she said, because "I think of her X Factor phoning-in-sick voice whenever I see her." Pause. "That's not often though."

    @SuperNerd - A decent judge, but her stint will only ever be remembered for the iconic sickie.

    @K94 - Queen! Well I loved her and her quips anyway and the time she called in sick is forever iconic.

    @kermit_the_frog - *cough* I'm sick *cough* - still the most qualified judge they ever had and I low-key loved her and Gary bullying Tulisa and Louis because they were inferior people.

    @GhettoPrincess - Queen of phoning in sick.

    High-scorer @pmas - She gets the 11 purely for the sick voice.
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