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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dannii was one of the rare cases where she was so much better in the lives than in the auditions, she always seemed so vacant and lacked loads of personality in those early stages. I feel like the fact she didn't really have a lot of bad acts to mentor probably makes people think a lot more fondly of her.
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  2. Dannii was brilliant but so awkward sometimes. Her jokes always fell flat and her relationship with Cheryl was bizarre at times. They never once acknowledged eachother in the three years they worked together.
  3. Dannii is best an X Factor memory, especially if her recent performances on the Australian version are anything to go by.
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  4. The Cheryl/ Dannii dynamic always interested me, I get that they didn't have to be best friends and could just be work colleagues, but I found it so odd that neither of them seemed aware the other one was there.
  5. To be honest @AmbivalentToBritney I'm going to speak to you like an adult because I think you're old enough to take what I have to say and grow from it. I didn't like this rate.

    I loved it. Well done. Xx
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  6. Am I going through to Bootcamp?
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I find it strange that people don't generally question Simon Cowell's input into his own record label. Let's be frank - a Managing Director of a firm wouldn't usually spend their entire year (BGT, AGT, X-Factor) working as "talent" on a show that they're supposed to be masterminding the direction of.

    He's the 'face' of SyCo and little more (in my opinion).

    His music taste is so limited (he is almost solely responsible for declaring that Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's vocal styles are the only two worth emulating, unless you're male in which case Michael Buble becomes a third option) and even within that "genre" he has appalling taste. Guys, he worships Happy by Leona and detests Battlefield by Jordin. What kind of fool?

    The successes of Leona Lewis, One Direction and Susan Boyle are like the successes of so many other superstar campaigns - do people think there's a "formula" to Adele's rise? Of course not, sometimes people and songs and albums just connect with the public.

    So why do so many sane people (who agree with the above) still credit Cowell's claims that he "masterminded" the success of those three acts?
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  10. I do not believe for a SECOND that Dannii and Simon were ever "having it off"...
  11. Are we all forgetting when Dannii had her meltdown (after Louis and Simon started tag-teaming her for "stealing songs") and Cheryl held her hand!!!???

    I high-key lived for that moment...
  12. Or the solidarity when neither stood up for Jameriquai after he slated them in the press, when they shared a little whisper when Connie Huq majorly fucked up every few weeks, or the iconic moment Cheryl spoke about how Dannii had a baby on tit during the adverts and how much she respected her for it.

    The two were so strange together that anytiny moment of interaction felt special or maybe that was just me being a hunty and only looking out for the drama. . .
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  13. I can't remember that. When was that?

    I do remember Cheryl hugging her after Dannii eliminated someone at bootcamp (a returning contestant) in 2009, but that's pretty much it. It was always hilarious when Dannii was giving feedback to contestants at the live shows and Cheryl just stared in front of her with a smile on her face and never once acknowledged Dannii or her comments. When the whole Danyl thing happened and Dannii was being harassed by a nervous Simon, Cheryl just sat in between them staring at Danyl with a grin on her face, completely oblivious to Dannii even existing next to her and causing huge controversy and awkwardness to everyone else in the room.
  14. DDD so I tried to provide receipts for this but I've just googled it and all I found were results from an unauthorised Cowell biography and I'm not sure I even believe it myself any more.
  15. Oh, I know that it was really widely reported but it is clearly leaked from Cowell's end of the spectrum (and Dannii is kind of damned if she denies it, so seems to have just kept quiet on the subject).

    I never saw Dannii as Cowell's "type" (cough cough)
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  16. The week that Rachel did Rule The World and Louis called her a song-thief and Cowell joined in. She started crying (which was a bit unexpected) and Cheryl's arm moved over to her (her hand was under the desk).

    Obviously she might have been pinching her really hard to be mean (but I suspect she was actually comforting her)...
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  17. God help me for still remembering this but there was also the night that RACHEL ADEDEJI sang Proud Mary and Cheryl had nice things to say and Dannii put her hand on Cheryl's back and then ripped it away like "Oops, didn't do that..." (at around 5:40)

  18. Heavy editing played a part in looking like Dannii and Cheryl didn't like each other . It was a cheap marketing ploy, and it worked ratings wise as most people spoke about it and papers wrote about it . The girls , while not best friends, had a civil friendship esp towards the later seasons as they got closer .

    Dannii even admitted that there was a lot of 'Channii' moments taken out .
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