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**The X Factor Rate: JUDGES' WINNER **

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Dec 12, 2016.


Who's going to win?

  1. Alexandra Burke

  2. Ruth Lorenzo

  3. Saara Aalto

  1. Steve Brookstein - "Insufferable twat (bad) while on the show, insufferable twat (good) since. I still need to read that tell-all book..."
  2. I only just got it now due to my laptop crashing. I'll make sure I include it from now on.
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  3. Brill - don't feel obliged to if it's rubbish, obviously...
  4. Not at all, I don't agree with all of it but it's far from rubbish!
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  5. I'd legitimately be happy for all the males in this rate to leave before any females...

    Except you, Sofie Abi Alton

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Steve has the potential to be quite dilfy but his personality stinks
  7. I'm appalled that people are attracted to both Jonjo and Steve, especially given who is coming up next and some of the commentary they received...
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  8. One more to break the afternoon up, one more later tonight. Deal?
    Quite surprised nobody suggested this one as an early out...

    #122. Frankie Cocozza (1.345)


    Highest Score
    : 7 (@Queen Conchita, @SuperNerd)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@K94, @idratherjack , @Shockbox, @pmas, @FrankOnline88, @kermit_the_frog, @GhettoPrincess, @roborovsky, @Robert, @diamondliam)

    Series Placement: 8th
    Rate Placement: 15th

    I gave Frankie a 4. He was obviously awful but I feel like he was screwed over in a way. He did an interview a while back where he claimed that producers forced him to go out drinking and clubbing when he was supposed to be in bed / in rehearsals because it made for better TV, and that he felt pressured into it because he got promised a music career at the end. He gets portrayed as the nadir of the show but I think he was just a bit thick and got swept up in it all. He also gave us an incredible moment at Judges' Houses when Robbie Williams went into full Gregg Wallace mode and kept barking '3 girls' names on his arse! Have YOU got 3 girls' names on your arse, Gary! I haven't got 3 girls' names on my arse! THREE girls! That's good be'aviour that is! Cracking be'aviour!' for about five minutes till Gary had to tell him off.

    Plus, the Boys' category was an absolute write-off that year and none of the Judges' Houses rejects would have got past week 2 anyway. Joe Cox, anyone?

    @Filler - I can't believe we don't get to rate Emily Nakanda.

    Believe me, I wanted to include her and she'd have had a 10 from me.

    @K94 - Vile and always looked unhygienic!

    @kermit_the_frog - What a tool

    @diamondliam DRAGGED HA - Paired with Gary Barlow, Frankie is easily my least favorite ‘Boy’ in the history of the show. It highlighted Gary’s utter hypocrisy as he praised Frankie while slagging off other ‘joke’ acts. A pair of cunts.

    @shadow2009 pulls no punches - Smug little toerag and again, a shockingly bad 'singer'. STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS.

    @Serg. - The only thing I remember from him is Louis telling him "You'll never be a star" n n

    @pmas simply says - ugh.

    There was some more positive feedback for Frankie though - @sfmartin gave him 'points for the dramz and messery'.

    And now the sis @SuperNerd with a confession which has me reaching for the smelling salts - Help me, I always kind of fancied him (I'm sorry). He also livened up the first few weeks of the series quite a lot.


    You have just admitted, on a public forum, that you find some element of Frankie Cocozza's raddled, prematurely wizened being desirable. I might just jack the rate in right here, there's nowhere it can go from this.
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  9. Okay so Jonjo being out first is kinda funny cos I literally can't remember him but the other two are great picks.
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  10. Frankie Cocozza was awful. The way he used to stand in front of judges touching his face with that faux "I'm so vulnerable" look. Ugh!
  11. I didn't remember his face but I remember being terrified that he would make it past Week One and proceed to slay the competition (thank god there was no public vote and they got to dump him without some huge outcry)
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    How did I not give Frankie a 0. Mess of a human.
  13. That single comment for Jonjo is BRUTAL
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  14. #121. F.Y.D. (1.284)


    I'll let this picture speak for itself. The lad on the right is a dead ringer for the Annoying Orange.

    Highest score: 5 (@Queen Conchita) wyd
    Lowest score: 0 (@kermit_the_frog, @FrankOnline88, @Robert, @pmas, @GhettoPrincess, @Shockbox, @2014).

    Series placement: 15th
    Rate placement: 16th

    Surely the most irrelevant group ever? I gave them a couple of points because the one in glasses had a nice voice and looked furious at being voted off. They ended up as backing dancers for One Direction's performance in the final. That's a rapid fall from grace.

    Some users had trouble remembering who they were rating:

    @kermit_the_frog - I don't know her.
    @SuperNerd - Literally forgot they existed until this rate, their one performance was competent I guess?

    @GhettoPrincess - Tragic.

    @pmas - They were utter guff.

    @sfmartin - What did this stand for does anyone know? Probably the most forgettable boy band of the whole competition.

    @Filler - I remember Richard Osman doing an informal Pointless thing asking Twitter, during an ill-advised few weeks where I followed him, to name X Factor live show finalists. Some time after congratulating me for coming up with Addictiv Ladies (this was in 2012, so Fleur hadn't even made them relevant again), F.Y.D. turned out to be the last one anyone was able to come up with. A lethal combination of being too obscure to remember, and not funny or interesting enough to name for the people who do remember them. A perfect storm of irrelevance. Congratulations F.Y.D.

    That's all for tonight. Hope you're all enjoying it so far.
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  15. I don't believe F.Y.D are real. I have never heard of them before this is a joke and they never existed
  16. I literally forgot who they are
  17. Steve Brookstein's book literally costs a pound on the Kindle Store. Go get your lives people (to be honest there's not that much tea in there ddd).
  18. What did F.Y.D stand for?
  19. Follow Your Dreams. They were originally called For Your Entertainment (F.Y.E.), but as with all second-tier X Factor groups, had to change it for copyright reasons.
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  20. Did you know that JLS stood for 'Jack-the-lad swing'?
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