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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

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  2. Re: Cowell Returns

    I'm glad he's back!
    I wish Cheryl was coming back too.
  3. KAG


    Re: Cowell Returns

    I'm actually glad to have Simon back. The show never felt the same without him.

    I hope the room auditions are back and that we get better song choices this year. Last year could have been so much better had the contestants done more modern songs.

    MrJames, you might as well change the thread title to 'X Factor 2014'.
  4. Re: Cowell Returns

    I'll be annoyed if its Simon, Cheryl, Louis and some random like Rita Ora. Something close to the dream team but not quite it. I think they should go with Simon and only one of Louis and Cheryl (basically just Cheryl). That way they have the 'return to the glory years' angle, as well as introducing two fresh new judges. Its been a long time since we've had an exciting new male judge.

    Room auditions are the way to go, as long as thats all their is and we don't have the horrible 'double auditions'. It really made the last season feel unnecessarily bloated. especially when it was a weak year talent wise.
  5. Re: Cowell Returns

    Hopefully Simon brings Kelly Rowland from the US panel to the UK show. She's amazing.

    Louis needs to be fired from the show. He's insufferable and has been irrelevant as a judge for far too long.
  6. Re: Cowell Returns

    A "step in the right direction" for Simon Cowell would be into the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seen again.
  7. Re: Cowell Returns

    Gary Barlow was so hideously dull, anything is better (well apart from Louis but he's part of the furniture now...). He sucked the life out of it at times.
  8. Re: Cowell Returns

    Louis can always be relied on for the bitter shady comments, and calling out people on their shit.
  9. Re: Cowell Returns

    I thought Louis was already confirmed as leaving?

    Anyway, I think as 'event television' the X Factor is pretty much finished, regardless of who they draft in. Or maybe I'm just getting old (but not old enough)
  10. Re: Cowell Returns

    I'd be happy for Kelly to rejoin the UK panel, but I can't see it happening. The British public didn't warm to her and Louis was quite public about the fact they didn't get on.
  11. Re: Cowell Returns

    Dear United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

    It's been fun over the years but seriously, you can have him back now.

    You're welcome!

    United States of America
  12. Re: Cowell Returns

    I can't say I'm overjoyed at Simon coming back, but if it's a choice between him and Gary I'd take Simon any day.

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling this means Cheryl will be coming back too. If she does, I don't think I'll watch, I can't stand that woman. Especially because I imagine if she was back, she'd make sure Nicole was axed.
  13. Re: Cowell Returns

    Louis said he would stay if Simon came back.
  14. SBK


    Re: Cowell Returns

    His return has nothing to do with the American version being axed does it....... Ha

    You'd think he'd take time off screen to look after his newborn that'll be arriving soon.
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: Cowell Returns

    Maybe he could find a nanny. I suggest Sinitta. Or Janosz from Ghostbusters 2.

    I don't want Cheryl back. Who cares about her anymore? She was only good in her first year as a judge anyway.
  16. Re: Cowell Returns

    I want Cheryl back and to be honest I think the majority of people would be delighted to see Simon and Cheryl back, it could potentially revive the show (at least for a year).
  17. Re: Cowell Returns

    If Cheryl were to return to take the Kelly/Nicole seat, she has big boots to fill again. Especially after the slew of praise that Nicole received after her (perhaps questionably timed?) talent demonstration ie the duet with Sam. She'd better get those prerecorded live vocal studio sessions booked now if she's gonna consider!
  18. Re: Cowell Returns

    I have a feeling this will finally be the dreaded year of the Ora.
  19. Re: Cowell Returns

    I had a dream last night that both Cheryl and Sunitta auditioned and got through to the Judge's Houses, with Simon as their mentor.

    Simon said no to them both, then "surprised" Cherly by bringing her back as a judge.

    It was disturbingly realistic.
  20. Re: Cowell Returns

    I thought that this would be the lowest point for the show yet, then remembered that for all we know Cowell is still trying to help make Demi Lovato "happen"... PLEASE GOD NO!

    For sheer entertainment and inevitable meltdown, I'd like Jessie Jesus to be signed... that second album won't sell itself, Jessica (not with the songs currently on it, anyway)...

    In the (almost) wishful thinking category - will Lily Allen's album have a chance to underperform before contracts are signed? She'd be quite amazing, though this could only happen if response to the record is lukewarm and she desperately needs the promotion/exposure...
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