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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Re: Cowell Returns

    He should get Kelly Rowland back. She was great when she first appeared on the UK version and she was great in the US version AND had chemistry with Simon. I would say Simon, Kelly, Sharon and Louis and keep it moving.
  2. Re: Cowell Returns

    If we must keep Louis, please not Sharon too...
  3. Re: Cowell Returns

    Sharon could barely be arsed last year, doubt she'll be back again.

    Jessie J would be incredible. The public is over this show now anyway, if its gonna go down it may as well go down in flames.
  4. Re: Cowell Returns

    I love that Louis is the X Factor UK equivalent of Randy Jackson in that a lot of people are tired of him but he never leaves, even when he says he's going to.
  5. Re: Cowell Returns

    I love how we're all supposed to be grateful to Simon for deigning to grace the UK with his presence once again, despite the fact that he's only doing it because America is clearly sick of him. A little insulting, no?

    Anyway....I sat out the last series and it seems likely I'll do the same with this one.
  6. Re: Cowell Returns

    The panel should be:

    Simon, Nicole, Dannii and Will Young.
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: Cowell Returns

    I think Will Young would be better as a presenter.
  8. Re: Cowell Returns


    Has everyone forgotten how spectacularly shit Simon Cowell was for his last few seasons on both X Factor and A.I.

    He is 100% not the answer to the shows problems in fact for many years he was one of the biggest problems of all.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2014
  9. Re: Cowell Returns

    Could they get Dannii back? She would be incredible, but she has a good thing going with the Aussie version. Using your suggestions, I'd modify my choices to say Simon, Kelly Rowland, Dannii and Will Young.
  10. Re: Cowell Returns

    Wasn't Kelly Rowland hated by the UK public, though?
  11. Re: Cowell Returns

    Kelly took uselessness to new extremes during her time on the show. She offered no actual opinions and regurgitated the same meaningless nonsense week in, week out. We already have Louis for that.
  12. Re: Cowell Returns

    I honestly believe people just like Kelly on the show because of the 'hilarity' of Beyonce's sidekick snapping her fingers and pounding the table in excitement. The one season I watched with her on the show got progressively worse, and a lot of it had to do with her.
  13. RJF


    Re: Cowell Returns

    I thought there were rumours around the time of Kelly absolutely hating being in the UK long-term for the show, also.
  14. SBK


    Re: Cowell Returns

    This is what bothers me, it's being reported as some sort of favour he's doing us by returning to save the show. When in fact he was dropped by fox, And has burnt his bridges with AI so has no outlet in America.

    The he problem with the show is that the format is tired, no amount of changing the panel will improve it.

    The show needs a few years off, it's become a freak show and more about the sensational stories than the talent.
  15. Re: Cowell Returns

    Remember when they phoned Kelly when she was """sick""".
  16. Re: Cowell Returns

    This is probably a stupid question but couldn't Fox have gone ahead and done the show without Simon if they really wanted to do? I assumed that he had allowed them the rights to the show for x number of years or something.
  17. Re: Cowell Returns

    I wish some of you would voice your opinions about Kelly in the US threads, I feel like I'm constantly getting drowned in there.
  18. Re: Cowell Returns

    I think the Cheryl return is pretty much guaranteed now. She's naturally coy is our Chez. She just needs to enjoy it and relax this time. At least it will be more of a draw.
  19. Re: Cowell Returns

    Thanks -but only if you promise to take back Will I Am in exchange. Not sure who told him he was welcome to adopt our rainy haven, but whatever welcome he once had has well and truly worn out now.
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