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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. SBK


    Re: Cowell Returns

    ... They dropped the show, Simon has spun it so they it looks like he's come back to save the UK show. Fox didn't want the show with or without Simon.
  2. Re: Cowell Returns

    It was never the massive hit Fox or Simon expected. By the end it was doing dreadfully; the final was comfortably beaten in its timeslot by a repeat of The Big Bang Theory.

    Not that many people in the UK pay attention to US ratings, so it's easier for the media to spin the story in Simon's favour - as they have been doing all along, seizing on every little hint that he 'might' return to the UK show pretty much ever since he left it. However, media coverage doesn't equate to public demand, and I'd be extremely surprised if his return has people flocking back to the show as he so clearly expects.
  3. Re: Cowell Returns

    To be fair Simon has a point. Look at American Idol, which at one time was seen as completely untouchable - now everyone seems to prefer The Voice. At least the last three years and the Dark Barlow Years can start to be rewritten now.

    Also, Simon knew there was another three years of X Factor UK - that certainly wasn't going to be the case for X Factor USA.
  4. Re: Cowell Returns

    Not only that, The Sing-Off beat XF in the ratings.

    Simon doesn't have a point. He has the spin. The Voice and XF started in the same year, yet The Voice succeeded and won the award for best reality show while XF failed. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Mike Darnell the exec who was responsible for reality tv at Fox left last summer and moved to the studio that oversees The Voice.
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  5. Re: Cowell Returns

    I will say this in Simon's favor: very rarely can anyone in American television stay on top for over a decade, let alone a reality star who doesn't have a character and writers to rely on. He fully ingrained himself in common, every day American culture in a way very, very few people have.
  6. Re: Cowell Returns

    Of course it's been spun. Just as Nicole has "chosen to leave the UK show"(!). However, the difference with Simon is that American Idol would have him back in a heart beat if he wanted to do it. In that respect he's half right. Fox want him, they don't want the show.
  7. Re: Cowell Returns

    "Simon vs Nicole - THE REMATCH"

    I was hoping this would be must-see television, though clearly it's not to be... there has to be someone on the panel who hates him, they must realise that his and Dannii's mutual animosity was an integral part of 'the glory years'?
  8. Re: Cowell Returns

    Simon is truly awful and he's beginning to look more and more like David Gest with each passing day. I couldn't bear to see his smugness wrapped in that same unbuttoned white shirt week after week. Add Cheryl Cole's non-presence into the mix, along with Dermot pirouetting around the stage, and you've got far too many people looking pleased with themselves sharing one screen.

    Who sold what now?
  9. KAG


    Re: Cowell Returns

    I will miss having Nicole Scherzinger on the show. She was the best thing about the last two dire series and had the right balance of being entertaining and actually giving the contestants constructive criticism.

    I've got an awful feeling Rita Ora is joining the panel this year. I don't mind the girl, however she's only released one album and she's really in no position to judge people's careers considering she's still very new to the game.
  10. Re: Cowell Returns

    I can't imagine her being in serious talks without the new album becoming a hit first... is it out this Spring/Summer?

    I'm sure that they'll 'fail to find a 4th judge in time' and have guest judges to try and drum up publicity... OH HI GERI!!!!
  11. Re: Cowell Returns

    Rita Ora, despite being popular, is boring and people will soon realise that.

    I think Nicole's cray cray schamazing schtick became a bit contrived and grating towards the end and I think it's the right time for her to leave.

    I hope 'Air Balloon' and the album flop as I think a good lineup would be Simon, Cheryl, Lily and Louis. It'd be a good mix of comedy and drama.
  12. Re: Cowell Returns

    Cheryl and Lily hate each other. It would never work.

    I think Cheryl will be back. Her Instagram post makes me think she is going to come back.
  13. Re: Cowell Returns

    In the same way that Mariah vs Nicky nearly killed American Idol, the same relationship on UK X-Factor would give it a reprieve for a year. The UK public love conflict in this way, the ratings and press coverage would be BIG, so the producers would probably kill for Cheryl vs Lily. In reality, neither would sign if the other was doing it (maybe Lily, just for kicks, but not Cheryl...)
  14. Re: Cowell Returns

    I think is funny how Cheryl decided to post that "tbt" photo of her and Simon in the same day the news that Nicole left is out.

    She pratically confirmed that she is back. Shame. I really wanted both of them on the panel.
  15. Re: Cowell Returns

    I think Nicole would definitely have been back if Cheryl wasn't coming back. She probably said she'd only do it if Nicole wasn't there, as some kind of revenge for what happened on X Factor USA. The other female judge is going to have to be amazing to make me watch though, the thought of Cheryl and Simon is already enough to make me sick.
  16. Re: Cowell Returns

    Yeah, Cheryl's Throwback Thursday is a bit of a giveaway.
  17. Re: Cowell Returns

    Idol actually rebounded without Simon after he left, though? I don't think they're particularly bothered not having him.
  18. Re: Cowell Returns

    Cheryl really is Queen Coy. She should steal the y from Nadine's surname.

    I would cry if by some miracle they got Dannii back. Erase the last three years completely.
  19. Re: Cowell Returns

    I can't imagine Idol are exactly 'desperate' to get him back, but considering the last series didn't do very well, and this new one isn't either, I think they'd definitely have him return. Especially over someone like Keith Urban, who is actually a pretty good judge, he's just bland.
  20. Re: Cowell Returns

    It had a slight rebound with the first J.Lo series. The Mariah/Nicki series and the current series (with J.Lo back) are both below the worst performing Simon series.

    Their dream panel would be Simon, J.Lo, Randy.
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