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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I think Emma Willis would have been better than Olly & Caroline. Not sure i like the idea of 2 presenters on the main show. Lots of cutting to "I'm in the green room here with Contestant number 1, Back to main Stage presenter". Expect lots more fake behind the scenes stuff.
  2. Pat


    Not necessarily in our country The Voice has two presenters and they even have a third presenter doing the backstage stuff. They will just have to take turns on each act.
  3. Simon needs to give Azealia a call. Her Natalia Kills moment is due.
  4. #BringBackKonnieHuq
  5. And that works horrible on The Voice UK. Marvin pops up so irregularly and inconsequentially that you forget he's even there and wonder if he's been pulled out of the audience...the result is a presenting team that don't feel like they represent the 'voice' of the show at all; but humanoid presento-bots. Talking auto-cues.

    Strictly works around the world with 2 hosts because it's an ensemble celebrity cast and you're interested in the group reaction. The two step appraisal process of comments and THEN scores calls for 2 distinct areas, thus a required second host.

    The X Factor has no such delineation. There is arguably even less to do than on The Voice. Peter Dickson introduces the judges and then the judges introduce the acts. There is barely enough for 1 presenter to do, let alone 2. But why take my word for it, when they tried it out and it failed on The X Factor USA and the UK the year before last (with Caroline "backstage", which as biffy points out, is horribly contrived ).

    The only way it could feasibly work is by not sending the acts backstage after they've performed and keep them in zone in which they could be interviewed as a group by the second presenter as the show proceeds. Like how they did (a bit) with Popstars the Rivals and the Andrew Lloyd Webber shows. But bearing in mind that the show runs to 2 hours as it is in the first few live shows, lord knows where they think they'll have the time...

    I think it's right to move on from Dermot. He was completely unengaged with the process. But not sure that 2 is the way to go.
  6. I think Olly and Caroline would be good for the show. I enjoyed them on Xtra Factor, having them host the main show and the Xtra show would be good.

    Failing that, I thought Cat Deeley? She is a good presenter and currently isn't on UK TV.
  7. Here for the return of Kate Thornton
  8. Pat


    X Factor (and Idols) also had two presenters in my country which seemed to work fine. I think there just has to be a sense of chemistry between the two presenters to make it work, which is something Caroline and Olly have. However I do agree with you that that the X Factor presenter doesn't have a lot of input in the show, so splitting that job into two seems like a task. Then again, they are switching up the show, so who knows how this double presenting job will work.
  9. I wrote a big long post about what X-Factor needs this year if you fancy a read:

    But in summary
    - Caroline/Olly or Cat Deeley as presenters.
    - Potential judges include Emma Bunton, Scherzy and Will Young.
    - Back to arena auditions only
    - Equal exposure given to all acts in six chair challenge to make it less obvious
    - No themes
  10. I know Emma Bunton knew fuck all about ice skating, but she was dreadful as a judge on Dancing On Ice. She was constantly tripping over her words, it was hard working just watching her.
  11. And 'Your Face Sounds Familiar'. She's had her go at judging.
  12. Remember the first season of X-Factor USA and they had a Brit hosting? That was hilarious.

    However, I always feel like the best unused host in the business is Ryan Seacrest's radio sidekick, Ellen K.
  13. Ha, yes imagine poor Steve Jones getting wheeled out for this.
  14. Sounds like they are going to randomize the running order on BGT, and presumably XF as well:

    Guess the pimp/death slot lingo finally spread to the general population to the extent that Cowell decided it was less damaging to talk about it and fix it than try to ignore it.

    Edit: if he's willing to sacrifice existing narratives like this, one easy major change I'd like to see is adding a cash prize pool. Surely with how much each of the judges are paid they could find a way to cough up £1-2m in total prizes for the top 3-5 finishers. It would add a lot more drama, rather than now where it's just a matter of trying to guess who impresses Simon/the producers enough to get signed after the show. It would also attract the best talent in an increasingly crowded reality show field, including acts that might not go out for the show otherwise. Plus if a winner flops and gets cut, then down the line they can at least talk about how the money let them quit their terrible job, pay for school, etc.
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  15. I don't know why, I suddenly had a feeling Cowell might sign up Piers Morgan as an XF judge

    I think Mel B will definitely be back though.
  16. I can't see him hiring anyone outside the music industry for The X Factor and people hate Piers now more than ever so I wouldn't bet any money on it.
  17. Pulling names out of a hat can easily be manipulated and staged.
  18. Does that necessarily follow? Britain's Got Talent culls contestants en masse, but The X Factor follows the same acts week after week, only losing 1 or 2 at a time, so most of them get a fair chance in the running order shuffle at some point. I'm not sure randomising it would improve anything.
  19. Yeah I can't see X Factor randomizing the performance order especially when there is such a huge production value to so many of the Numbers, more so than what we'd usually see on BGT. Backing dancers would have to be ready to quick change into whatever insane Brian Freidman costume at a moments notice not to mention the plinths!

    BGT only really needs a man and his dustbin/drumkiitt or a girl with her dancing dog, its black box theater compared to what they do on the X Factor stage.
  20. I think I'm on board with Olly and Caroline. Two presenters might be a bit clumpy but they did work really well together.
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