The X Factor UK 2014

Cheryl started quite well and picked probably the most interesting people in her category but she lost interest when the show and public clearly valued the dullards over potential stars like Steph. When she's fired up and wants her acts to succeed she is a much better judge.
I actually thought Cheryl was at her best last series. Mel started off well and then veered into a ironically-enjoyable troll figure before ultimately becoming a younger, female Louis, barking stock phrases ("Light and shade!", "On point!") and having zero consistency. If one or the other were to come back, I'd have to opt for Cheryl, though obviously a complete overhaul would be nice.

That said, I don't think any combination of judges is really going to draw people to a massive degree, the format is just too tired at this point. The best they can do is look to find the best possible line-up of contestants, choose more relevant/current songs and tone down the obvious, heavy-handed overproduction, which will at least invigorate the show for the audience that's sticking with it. However, given the fact that they actually seem to be courting an older, more conservative audience, I can't see what incentive the producers would have to ditch the relentless ballads and tired old tropes, unfortunately.
I can't imagine Olly Murs fronting primetime Saturday night ITV, even with Caroline's help. He's always come across as a little bit inarticulate to me.
I think what The X-Factor needs is stop all this 'who's judging this year' nonsense. In the long run, it damages the brand because it's never out of the papers. People are tired of seeing it mentioned every other day in the papers, it feels like the show never truly goes away. When the show finishes in December, that should be it until it starts again the following Summer.

They should just do what Fox do with Idol, get the host and judges for the following season locked in within weeks of the previous season ending.
I don't know if there's a thread about Stereo Kicks, but James Graham is participating in the US show "The Four".

Rebecca Black's performance of Torn was quite good.

In The Four we could also see Christina Castle (previously Parie) from the X Factor Australia.
I think Graham is terrific! I don't know how he was part of the X Factor but wasn't signed as a solo artist. He is really something!

Missy Dynamix were done the moment one of the girls got pregnant. Also I'm sure they all hated each other secretly.
I know SeSe personally and her pregnancy never hindered her chances in the competition. But yes, the other two girls did hate each other. SeSe has been wanting Miss Dynamix to try again but it's impossible without changing out members.