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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Re: Cowell Returns

    Yes, but the current series (which is garnering much better reviews than last year) is coming after a disastrous season. Simon may provide an artificial bump, but I think in large part the American public is bored with his judging style.
  2. Re: Cowell Returns

    I honestly don't get the fuss around Dannii. To me she is very... meh. I rather have Tulisa from season 8 back. SHE WAS ON FIRE.

    In fact, Simon - Cheryl - Old Tulisa - Louis would be awesome.

    Too bad she is now a drug dealer.
  3. Re: Cowell Returns

    They really need a strong female judge on the panel who doesn't care what the public think of her. I know she's not in the music industry, but Naomi Campbell would be amazing. It would never happen though, partly because Simon only seems to like women on his panel that he can patronise or treat as an irritant.
  4. Re: Cowell Returns

    Season 8 Tulisa was good to a point, but she only seems amazing when sat with Louis, Kelly and Gary. Dannii outwins her everytime, from any season she was, even including season 4.

    I don't see Rita Ora joining, especially given her role in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise.
  5. SBK


    Re: Cowell Returns

    Imagine her judging via satellite from Holloway, doubt she'll be allowed.
  6. Re: Cowell Returns

    Certainly not in the pants he's been wearing though.
  7. Re: Cowell Returns

    Once again, the most interesting question is who the missing female judge could be. I think we could get someone a little out of the blue, I can't see Rita doing it, or any of the other previous female judges aside from Cheryl who's now basically a given. They should just give it to Sinnita
  8. Re: Cowell Returns

    Jamelia, Lily, Cyndi, J-Hud or Kelly C could be good. Watch them get Michelle Heaton.
  9. Re: Cowell Returns

    I like the idea of Jamelia, Keisha, Mutya.... won't happen.
  10. Re: Cowell Returns

    Mollie! Imagine.
  11. Re: Cowell Returns

    If Jamelia is hired as a judge I am done. She doesn't even make a good Loose Woman.

    Mollie on the other hand? Omg.
  12. Re: The X Factor 2014

    Jamelia was a fantastic judge on The Voice of Ireland last year, and she became the winning mentor of the series.

  13. Re: The X Factor 2014

    That may be but she is still as annoying as fuck.

    See It In A Boy's Eyes is flaw-free though, granted.
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  14. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I'm thinking with her step-up to America's Got Talent, which leaves her free for end of year filming... We might finally get MEL B as a judge if Nicole doesn't return (though I really want Nicole back). She doesn't give two stuffs what people think of her, is actually hilarious, and wouldn't play sitting duck to The Simon and Cheryl Show.
    They also really need to keep Louis gone, for Christ-sake, he officially announced he was leaving, and give us Will Young.
  15. Re: The X Factor 2014

    Maybe Simon will try to emulate the last series of X Factor USA, and have a panel with 3 female judges.

    Simon, Kelly Rowland, Cheryl Cole and Rita Ora.
  16. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I can't at the responses to that. "Who's nicole?" "Nicole who?"
  17. Re: The X Factor 2014

    A bit snide of Cowell, isn't it? Wait until the day after her agent releases a statement that she's still in talks, then embarrass her...
  18. Re: The X Factor 2014



    *Maybe she is just hangover in Ibiza or something. Anyway, go get her, Simon.
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