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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

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    I think Mel B would depend on whether Stepping Out is coming back, and to be honest, she didn't really set that panel a light.

    The thing is with Cheryl, is that if she comes back, it will feel like it's because the show really want her, unlike most judges who feel like people they are lumbered with.

    Conversely, ever since Sharon first left X Factor, there has been the "I've chosen to leave" spin on every single departure. Even Tulisa (!). What's refreshing about Cheryl is that when she got sacked from X Factor USA she said "yeah, I've been sacked" and then got paid anyway. She weathered going from Nation's Sweetheart to Public Enemy Number 1 in a matter of years remarkably well, mainly by keeping a low profile. I suspect that when she comes back she'll be a lot less bothered about upsetting people with harsh critique because she knows she can ride any storm.
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    Doesn't harsh critique kind of conflict with a parallel career as a popstar, though? I don't doubt what you're saying, but I can't think of a single 'judge' on a singing reality show who gave harsh critique and was managing a career as a semi-successful popstar at the same time?

    The closest would probably be Jessie J on The Voice, I suppose?
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    My point was that in her series 1 Cheryl was finding her feet, series 2 she felt very comfortable to critique, and then either through illness or intensified scrutiny she held back in series 3. I think that to a degree, she'll feel like she's survived the worst and come through stronger - so is more likely to be her series 2 persona. She now knows that any backlash is as shortlived as overnight adoration.
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    The idea of Mel B on the panel doesn't excite me at all to be honest. She wasn't very good on Stepping Out, and was the worst at overmarking. Then again that show was terrible, so who can blame her for not giving a fuck.
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    Re: The X Factor 2014

    The thing about Cheryl is that she's not the best singer so she was in no position to comment on people's voices.
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    Basically. It's ok for her say something against the joke acts like Wagner etc, but considering she barely has a voice herself, she can't comment on anyone's lack of vocal talent. It's the same with people like Paula on Idol, they can't be too harsh because they can't get away with it.

    And I know Simon and Louis can't sing either, but that's not the reason they're there.
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    That makes sense - yes, if Series 2 Cheryl came back, she'd be great... the Series 3 version was like she'd zoned out completely and couldn't be arsed (whatever her mind was on, it wasn't on being entertaining)...

    I still really want someone anti-Simon on the panel - even with a show like Britain's Got Talent where they now have their best-ever panel and are all "friends" without malice, Simon's opinion is (as opposed to before) undermined and questioned on that show all the time, which is what makes it watchable, in my opinion... my biggest annoyance with him by the end of UK X-Factor was that he saw himself as a demi-god of the music business and wasn't questioned by the others (aside from Dannii, slyly, now and again). One judge who would call him out on being a hack (not persecute him, just mock his ridiculous notions) would be welcomed, though how ITV could slip that past his veto, I don't know... I don't think that Alesha Dixon would be a bad choice at all, though would she be seen as high-profile enough for the big relaunch?
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    Absolutely, though Dannii frequently picked up on people who were out of tune and was never attacked for it... though I suppose this comes full circle - as Dannii didn't have a pop career for most of her time on the show, by the end she was just as 'industry' to the viewers as Louis or Simon?
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    Well, arguably Dannii has the strongest voice of the Minogues. To be fair both are underrated.

    I think someone like Sophie Ellis Bextor would be a really interesting left of field choice. People seem to like her. I feel like she and Simon would have nice chemistry.
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    Good point - though I'm thinking specifically of Cheryl performing on the show (mimegate/pre-recorded vocals etc)... Dannii never performed and to be brutal, as great a popstar as she was/is, she would never perform vocally like Nicole Scherzinger aka the show's chosen idea of 'good singer'... so the public reaction would arguably be similar... I remember Kelly Rowland being mocked because she dared to sing and dance live and had the audacity to be out of breath or miss a note...
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    A panel with an authoritative figure like Liam Gallagher or Lily Allen would have been more interesting instead of this attempt at recapturing past glory.
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    Sophie would slayyyyy.
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    The feeling about Dannii (outside pop forum circles) is always going to be influenced by the fact that she's not remembered for having a particularly big pop career, and once she got talent show gigs she just gave up trying all together. Yet, she's not a writer/producer or exec - so she was still a "performer" judge without actually ever performing. She's a bit like the UKs Paula Abdul in that sense, where Cheryl is much more like thr UKs J.Lo - a pop star who is a household name, not just amongst younger viewers, but who also can knock out a number 1 hit every now and then.

    I think Mel B is even further down that "professional talent show judge" route than Dannii, Nicole or Paula - in that judging people seems to be all she exist for. It doesn't feel 'special' or 'a coup' to have her appear on anything.

    I'm a bit OCD and a bit of a feminist - so I'd like the balance between "performer and exec" to be split 50/50 between the male and female roles. So if Simon and Cheryl are dead certs, I'd like the other male judge to be a performer (I'd love it to be Robbie) and the female judge to be an "older industry expert". This sounds a lot like Sharon, and I would be interested in the dynamic between her, Simon and Cheryl as we've never seen that combination, but my other feeling is that with big hitters like Simon and Cheryl coming back - they could afford to take a risk with a unknown female exec.
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    2010-Cheryl is one of the most intriguing popstars of all time. #nolies

    I want 2008-Cheryl back but she is long gone.* So 2009-Cheryl will suffice.

    *Cheryl-2006 is the overall fave though, obvs.
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    And she won! She defeated Simon Cowell/Fox in public. She came out on top.
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    Both of which were massively exaggerated anyway.

    While I find both Liam and his brother tiresome, that would at least bring some unpredictability to the mix rather than bringing back one of the old judges - or God forbid any of the dull-as-ditchwater guests who filled in for Dannii/Nicole.
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    I dread to think Rita Ora might be a judge.... Rita and Cheryl would be a horrific combination. It is unlikely we will get The Female Boss, Dannii or Kelly Rowland back. I have also heard rumour Olly Murs might be a new judge but I hope not I think they need a woman.
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    As much I occasionally enjoy Olly musically, he's yet to have presented an interesting or original opinion on anything in nearly 5 years in the public eye. He'd be a terrible choice. A young male performer is the way to go though, Will Young being the ideal (obviously Louis is staying, but I'll dream for now). An older female exec would complete the dream panel for me.
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor would be so hilarious, she's mental (in the posh way).
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    If we can't get Dannii then I'm very happy for Sophie to join.

    I think they should personally do the auditions with Simon, Cheryl and Louis, and then have Dannii come in to save the day joining them at bootcamp.
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