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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

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    I see Simon Cowell's on the front page of most of Monday's tabloids with a picture like something from an Athena poster in the 1980s. He still has a huge PR influence.
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    Judges alone won't save the show.

    The contestants must have interesting personalities and showcase potential too. It's all about having a balance. Simon should look back on the older seasons (pre-2011) and take notes on why they became successful.
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    Yes Kylie, she knows whats up. It's honestly the only thing I can see working at this point.
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    I wish Kylie was on X Factor instead of the "be nice to shite singers" show.
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    Yes! I don't give a shit about 'how Kylie/Ricky is doing' when the quality of contestants is so bad... I guess that a lot of good acts must have been dissuaded by rejection in the first 2 series, because this series has dregs compared to 1 and 2... god help them once the live shows start...
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    It's also to do with the general tone of the show. I'm convinced the coaches on The Voice are briefed to be nice no matter what. Which is bizzare, because the same isn't true of versions of The Voice around the world.

    I guess Dannii's connection with The X Factor and that Kylie is unlikely to wanna sit next to Sharon (God damn showing LOYALTY to one siblings, whatever next...) always ruled out Kylie for that panel, which is a huge shame.
  7. KAG


    Re: The X Factor 2014

    I always thought Katy Perry would make a great X Factor judge. She's funny, entertaining and not afraid to speak her mind. She's also a very successful and popular popstar so although her voice isn't that great she still has the credentials to be on the panel.

    If Dannii or Nicole can't come back, I'd be very happy with panel being Simon / Cheryl / Katy / Louis. It's worked in the past.

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    Katy would be a great judge, but she's FAR too successful to even consider doing it for a second.

    She was great on American Idol too. I loved it when Kara wanted to put a crap singer through because 'he has a good backstory' and Katy said 'that's great, but this isn't a lifetime tv movie' or something along those lines.
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    I remember that. It was hilarious.
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    Simon, Cheryl and Dannii returning would be ideal, is Sharon definitely not sticking around?
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    Regardless of what she's said (never going back), if her claims about her pay last year are true, then I can't see the budget accommodating her, Simon AND Cheryl anyway?
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    No way Katy Perry is so fucking irritating!
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    Katy Perry.....judging talent?
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    Surely Kylie saying that would suggest that Danni is open to returning? They're quite close, she wouldn't mention it if she'd said she was never going back. I always assumed that one of the bigger roadblocks to Danni's return was the fact that with her life now in Australia she wouldn't want to do it, but this suggests otherwise.

    This will only make Rita Ora's eventual announcement as judge 4 all the more irritating.
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    Just woke up from a dream where it was Cheryl, Simon, Azealia and Louis. It was amazing.
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    They need to keep Louis as far away from the panel as humanly possible.
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    Why does James Corden have the same odds as Mel B and Demi Lovato???

    Both Rita and Olly would be disastrous, for the same reason. I can't imagine either of them having an interesting opinion, let alone expressing it.
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