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The X Factor UK 2014

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: The X Factor 2014

    Maybe she'll go to Russia, where toilet attendant punches YOU!
  2. Re: The X Factor 2014

    Please no to Dannii.
  3. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I will never understand the Dannii love. She was irrelevant and noone cared about her opinion.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: The X Factor 2014

    Both Dannii and Cheryl started off as great judges, but weren't as good in subsequent years.
  5. Re: The X Factor 2014

    YUCK! That's the show ruined for me. Considering that Dannii has already said she won't do it, I'm going to do a Dragon's Den and declare myself out this year. I can't watch it with her and Cowell on. I hope ratings fall even further!

    It's been all over the press that Rita Ora has turned it down, despite being made a formal offer. Apparently she wants to concentrate on her music career, and also that she saw the reaction Jessie J got on The Voice and the negative effect that it had on her career, so she didn't want to risk it, which is a good enough reason as any to be honest.
  6. Re: The X Factor 2014

    The Voice didn't ruin Jessie J, Jessie J ruined The Voice.
  7. Re: The X Factor 2014

    She was the only one with an opinion.

    Cheryl has apparently gone back for £1.5 million when Sharon reportedly got £2 million? I don't see the math there.
  8. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I'm sure with Cheryl back on X-Factor, this means Nicola and Kimberley will be appearing in the audience, Xtra Factor as well since they are all joined at the hip.

    I think I'll stick to watching X-Factor Australia, the only good version of the show.
  9. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I'm sure it'll be someone ridiculous like Rita Ora, but they need to just go ahead and bring Kelly Rowland back. She was the only good thing to happen to the US X Factor (besides Cheryl IMO) and she worked well with Simon. I also think the style battles with Cheryl would be nice. I thought she did good in her one season of the UK show until Tulisa stirred up all that trouble with Misha being a bully. It would absolutely never happen, but I wouldn't mind one of the Eternal girls either. They have the hits to back it up, but the UK doesn't really seem to respect their past successes. Any of the four would probably be great on the panel.
  10. Re: The X Factor 2014

  11. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I'd like that girl from Girl Thing on the panel.

  12. Re: The X Factor 2014

    With Rita having turned it down, does that make Olly the next most likely choice? Christ.

    Also, hasn't Louis already confirmed by this point usually? Can we dare to dream that he's gone?
  13. Re: The X Factor 2014

    It's not like Louis has another job (even potentially) and the panel needs someone to work for free, so I think we can assume that he's back. The 4th spot should be Kelly (she has previous), but I doubt it - the person needs to be inexpensive and doesn't need to be a name (the return of Simon and Cheryl is enough for press purposes)... did RhythmNative glimpse the future? Will they actually do the unthinkable and pick an industry female? That could be great! NOT NICKY CHAPMAN THOUGH.
  14. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I think it's unlikely. My "future glimpsing" is more like wishful thinking.
  15. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I can't deny it, it IS exciting. I can remember how excited my fourteen year-old-self was when she was announced the first time round.
  16. Re: The X Factor 2014

    Oh, her hair is NOT THAT bad.

    Remember blonde Tulisa? GOSH.
  17. Re: The X Factor 2014

    I love her hair at the moment. Very sleek and minimal. Very trendy.

    And please, let us not compare the hair of a goddess to this:
  18. Re: The X Factor 2014

    The queen of daytime TV. She is so bland, isn't she? I can't quite put my finger on what exactly both Nicky Chapman and Carrie Grant both possess that annoys me so much.
  19. Re: The X Factor 2014

    Oh gosh! I'm literally laughing right now. I forgot that! What the hell was she thinking?
  20. Re: The X Factor 2014


    God, The Female Boss and The Female Toliet Attendant Attacker on one panel. Imagine the GIFs.
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