The X Factor UK 2015

Thought we had enough information to start a new thread. What we know so far:

Simon. Yes.
Dermot. No.
Cheryl. Probably.
Louis. Possibly not.
Olly. Very likely.
Caroline. Very likely.
Mel. Who knows?
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They just need someone who is naturally a character, but not an arsehole. Scherzy was perfect. Paloma would be great but wouldn't do it. Jessie Ware would be great but wouldn't be asked (and her fans probably wouldn't like it). Keisha would also be great but would likely call the producers back 'soon' if they ever got in touch. Robbie' probably a good fit. How was Ronan on X Factor Aus? I'd imagine he'd do well over here. Maybe Calvin Harris would be good but I could imagine him not having the time to give to it and / or giving a shit.

There must be some more funny and insightful people behind the scenes in the music industry though. Where are all the charismatic managers and label bosses at?
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I'm still living in hope that perhaps they will seriously consider Sara Cox again. I love the idea of somebody from the radio industry offering a viewpoint on the panel and Coxy has always been fun with a real personality you could get behind.

In terms of replacing Louis I think they need to go with a DJ/producer type of some sort, somebody who knows the industry and could really help nurture talent.

Or he could go for maximum tabloid potential and hire Zayn and Perrie and have a dueling couple narrative along with Cheryl and the younger judge to fight with week in, week out in the press. . .
I think they might've hired Louis Tomlinson if he wasn't touring.


Sara Cox? NOOOOO!!!! No Radio 1 DJs please, why would anyone want someone from a snobbish radio station on the show?

Ronan Keating should replace Louis, Nicole should be back to replace Cheryl and someone really out there for the fourth seat.

No Robbie Williams, No Cheryl, No fucking Louis!
I actually kind of like the idea of a Radio 1 DJ coming in and I don't even like Radio 1. It's something a little bit different and it might (I'm going to dare to use the c word) add a little ''''credibility''''. Don't hate me, you know what I mean.
Sara Cox was so amazing when doing live television on The Big Breakfast, she'd be really good.

Ronan Keating was good on XFAUS in terms of having a connection with his acts, but he was known as 'grumpy pants' by Natalie Bassingwaithe. he had a tendency to bring down the mood of the panel, which is not what the UK version needs.
I think considering the almost "confirmed" judges and hosts, the 3rd/4th judge will almost certainly have to be black or asian. If that helps with the tedious guessing game.