The X Factor UK 2015

Stop being so damn foolish. They are not a novelty act. They'll be able to release current music. They're what The X Factor is about, not ballad singers.

They can't sing, do cheesy performances and are just a mess all round, They make Christopher Maloney look like Justin Timberlake. Far better vocalists have been sent home so I think it's a disgrace and I am entitled to feel that way.
The songs and genres they've covered are just as valid as any others that have been performed on the show over the years, but the guys themselves are totally holiday camp material.

That's what I like about them though.
Tonight's Finale was a bit of a disaster wasn't it.

The glitchy VTs, boring guest performers, boring duets. Just a few years ago we were getting Beyoncé and Rihanna and now we have Rod Stewart and Craig David.

Louisa and Rita came across like a poor attempt at replicating the Sam/Nicole moment and didn't come close.

Ben and Leona were boring and while I enjoyed Little Mix/Fleur, couldn't they have done something new?