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The X Factor UK 2015

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. K94


    Oh she did it more than once - I was referring to the Tina Turner one I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.
  2. There's also a Whitney Houston one as well. I thought that changing her mediterranean skin to suit Florence's pale complexion was a bit suspect, but wow.

    Not sure how Spain thinks that's acceptable in 2015? Baffling.
  3. There's (presumably) not the cultural context of blackface in Spain as there is here or in America.
  4. Grown adults should still be able to think it through and realise it's racist, though.
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  5. All cultures are different. What is unacceptable for one may be acceptable to another.

    I had no idea that this happened and I hope Ruth has been educated on this issue.
  6. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    Context is key.

    It's a show called 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' and the point of it is that a cast of celebrities hit a randomiser which selects an iconic pop star for them to impersonate. There are usually about 20 icons loaded into the randomiser, so obviously that is going to include some black singers. Black celebrities have also impersonated white singers on the show.The show is mainly popular in non-English speaking countries where UK and American superstars rarely perform or promote.

    Having said that, due to cultural connotations of black face - it should have been avoided, and isn't difficult to work around. In the UK version, the 'machine' (ie. the producers) pre-selected three icons and then the randomiser selected one of the three. This meant that they pre-vetted every pick so that celebrities never impersonated another race.
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  7. Surely there's also the option of impersonating a performer who happens to be of another race but simply not blacking up?
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  8. K94


    I just don't get why people want to do it so bad - like you're saving time and money and people will still know who you are if you choose the many other signifiers needed to impersonate someone. It's ridiculous.
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  9. KAG


    I don’t mind the themes and I liked last year’s presenters so that can all remain the same but I’d:

    1. Swap Rita and Grimmy for Sarah Stennett and Robbie Williams. The panel is even: 2 entertainers of the opposite sex and 2 industry people of opposite sex.
    2. As for the format, I’d have fewer auditions, one weekend of bootcamp, one weekend of six-chair challenge and then one weekend of pre-recorded judges’ houses. The live shows will run for ten weeks.
    3. Only 12 contestants are chosen. No wildcards.
    4. Make the set brighter and include a live band instead of relying on backing tracks.
    5. The final will remain at the studio because arenas come across cavernous and lacking in energy on screen.

    Bonus suggestion: Winner's single is an original song, not a cover and there's a different one for each of the final three tailored to their style.
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  10. Definitely these two. I think a live band would add more energy and improve the atmosphere in the studio. Backing tracks can seem flat sometimes.
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  11. I wouldn't have a live band because it would feel too much like they were copying the best bits of Strictly to pull in ratings.
  12. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    A live band would be great, and I assume is that it would be more like the American Idol/The Voice band in terms of tone and scale. BUT those bands are still accompanying loads of track - because there's no way all sounds and effects can be created by a band. As XF majors on 'produced' pop music, they could seem a bit redundant and not a great use of money considering the challenge in the future will be to keep costs competitive.

    I completely agree about the scale and tone of the set though. It's far too dark, cavernous and intentionally intimidating. They's tried to warm it up recently by flooding it with gold, but it's main problem is that there is too much video screen and not enough 'real' set dressing which makes everything feel cold and flat. They could also do with lowering the stage and allowing front rows to stand to allow a sense of intimacy between the performer and audience. This means getting more steady cams on stage for close mid-shots and relying less on gaping wide shots of the entire studio.
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  13. Today, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail ran with a story stating that the show will be rested in 2017. ITV came out and denied it (well, they were hardly going to go confirm it even if it is true) and a Syco source told the Telegraph that they'd shop the format elsewhere if ITV wanted to re-sign but take a year off (good luck with that).

    Time will tell.
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  14. There is nothing inherently racist about impersonating another race. If it is done respectfully and not demeaning or disrespectful.

    Obviously the history of Blackface in the US has it's own specific connotations that make it very difficult for it to happen there (Same in UK because of Black and White Minstrel show etc) but there is nothing racist about it in itself. Exactly the same way as it isn't necessarily derogatory to do drag or wear a wig to impersonate someone.

    We really have to get past shouting 'RACIST' anything just because there is a racial element to it. They are not the same thing
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  15. The first thing I would do to save the X Factor is put a blanket ban on all contestants named Lauren.
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  16. Random aside but Stephanie Nala from 2014's series seems to have the ball rolling on music. Some weird record deal via Dubai and she's doing original material.
  17. Has anyone been watching American Idol this year?

    It's the first time I've watched it since the Carey/Minaj season and I'm loving it. Maybe giving the show a wee break would benefit the show in the long run.
  18. KAG


    I've always found 'American Idol' boring and in recent years, outdated but I like the combination of Harry Connick Jr, J.Lo and Keith Urban. I wish they were judging a more relevant and exciting show.
  19. I only ever watched the Adam Lambert and Nicki Minaj series. It is soooo boring and drawn out it makes 6 Chair Challenge seem snappy and exciting. It takes literally about 6 months to get to the live shows. This is the last series isn't it?
  20. They've shortened it now.

    So they have a couple of weeks of room auditions, then 2 weeks of bootcamp which I love.
    And now we're onto the final 24 where each contestant performs 2 songs - one on their own and the other is a duet with a former Idol contestant.
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