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The X Factor UK 2015

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. I used to much prefer American Idol, until Konnie's iconic series changed everything,
  2. "YOU'RE ALL GOING ON TOUR!" is maybe my favourite moment in X Factor history, after Nicole Sherzinger's legendary mic snatch.
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  3. Shaunn's bathrobe looks very comfy.
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  5. Because nothing says "saving a show" like "Louis Tomlinson".

    Good grief.
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  6. I think it has been becoming more and more evident over the last few years, but if he really thinks Louis Tomlinson is going to save this show then Simon has massively lost his touch.

    I still think he made a mistake last year ditching Louis Walsh and Mel B, now I am not huge fans but really I think having some continuity would have helped stabilise the show, constantly changing the panel just turns people off.

    Really neither Louis should get the gig and he should try and secure someone like Robbie Williams to fill that roll. Maybe even consider just having a 3 judges this year too.

    I feel like this year the attitude should be, 'we have nothing to lose, let' go for it' and actually make some major changes to the format, look and feel of the show.
  7. For all their big talk last year nothing very much actually changed.

    They need a new set, new opening titles, new format (eg each judge gets one act per category, hopefully Cheryl's producer credit will make this happen) - anything to make the audience at home take notice from their slumber. It just all feels so tired.
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  8. I agree with this, they need to do more than just change the graphics from red to purple and think that is enough.

    Also I hadn't fully read that article before I posted, Caroline had a few cock ups last year but I really wanted her to be given a crack at the whip solo this year, I think she's hilarious, Olly dragged her down.
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  9. Caroline was much more suited to the freer atmosphere of The Xtra Factor. I really like her but she was so stilted on the live shows. It will be a bit of a slap in the face if they ditch her and keep Olly after the mistakes he made!
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  10. I just watched the video of Louisa and Rita performing And I Am Telling You. I screamed at the end when:

    A) Rita literally blew a lung and got off stage ASAP to get onto an oxygen machine
    B) Cheryl awkwardly rising to her feet to cheer them on knowing she could never do what they just did
    C) The look on Simons face as he knows that Louisa has pretty much won the competition.
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  11. Did 4th Impact end up getting signed?
  12. No
  13. I really liked Mason Noise from this series. I feel like since the show began it's been over-saturated with bland, young, white boys singing diva ballads (Joe, Leon, Nicholas, Lloyd, Che, Andrea etc) and for once I was actually looking forward to seeing a contestant with a bit of attitude who would maybe cover some decent urban music on the show. 'Sorry' and 'Men In Black' were pretty good performances and 'Jealous' and 'End Of The Road' were decent enough as well.

    He was also gorgeous to look at. He's been citing Tom Hardy as a celebrity crush, been performing at gay pride events and just appeared in Gay Times magazine as well so I wonder if he's actually gay or bisexual? Not that it makes a difference (before anyone jumps in with 'WHY DOES IT MATTER!!') but just curious.
  14. He had this whole issue of not being a very good singer or dancer though. Ended up coming across as a terrible Timberlake tribute act about 90% of the time. Bless him, he tried.
  15. I doubt it. I read somewhere that he and Che got in trouble for 'misbehaviour' on an night out at G.A.Y., and I'd be ... surprised if that meant 'getting drunk and messing around with boys', given how straight-acting Che was.
  16. Mason is definitely worth a follow on Instagram...
  17. Some of you might be interested in this

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