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The X Factor will not return in 2020

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. First time listening to this and shook at how accurate Rachel's version is

    If only she had done her Gwen Stefani or Kylie (Probably could do Dannii as well) impression instead.
  2. I’m very thankful we never heard her better than Madonna impression.
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  3. A huge loss for the music industry.
  4. Just thinking about The X Factor glory days and about the fact that they managed to get Christina, Rihanna and Beyoncé for the finale duets. It seemed mega at the time but now it just seems unbelievable. The show was untouchable for a time.
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  5. I wonder how/where she is now.

    Almost twenty(?) or whatever years later....
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  6. This is last year:

    Rachel has always been well known as a character on the streets of Cardiff and was allegedly preyed on by X Factor producers who praised her and told her she'd be brilliant on the show.

    I met and spoke to her in the street once and she actually seems a really sweet, but vulnerable person.
  7. I'm really glad as a country we kind of got over mocking people with clear mental health issues who were shoved into audition rooms week after week for the X Factor. It just seems so cruel and archaic nowadays, even less than a decade later.

    A lot of those seasons gave us really memorable and funny moments, but looking back there were far too many vulnerable and desperate people put under extreme scrutiny.
  8. Totally. This was the main reason I quit watching, it just seemed designed to humiliate certain people.

    The act that always springs to mind is The Stunners. I'm sure some cruel production brown noser advised them to call themselves that, knowing it would bring about some collective gasp and ultimate embarrassment.
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  9. I'd be really interested to learn more about the role the producers played in those sorts of acts. One that springs to mind was the auditionee who was a P!nk tribute act who they specifically told to sing P!nk. With that in mind I don't think she was very good, but it doesn't exactly set someone up for success and is a clean manipulation to get someone to react.
  10. This one really bothered me. When the judges started criticising her for just looking like a Pink tribute act, the auditionee said “You guys told me to sing a Pink song?!” and the judges started with the “We never told you to sing a Pink song, did you hear that come out of any of our mouths?”. They knew exactly what she meant. It set her up to fail straight away. Ruined that woman’s career for a few moments of TV. Shameful stuff.
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  11. If XFactor came back right now, it would probably do well since nobody can go out.
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  12. Would the live shows just be Skype sessions? Zoom hangouts with Simon and Nicole.
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  13. To be honest, it still probably wouldn’t do that well.

    The GP have been tuning out - literally in their millions - for the past few years.

    The whole format (and how scripted it was) became very tired in the era we are now living in.

    No stars in the music industry are coming from The X Factor anymore.
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  14. She's actually a really lovely woman too I spoke to her a few times after her audition and she was very nice and even shared something to promote something I was doing at the time. We love to laugh at the mess and I adore the likes of Kelly Peakman but they took it too far with some contestants.
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  15. I feel like that audition actually was the beginning of the end for the show. We'd never really seen an audition quite like that where the producers so shamelessly & ruthlessly exploited a contestant. They made her out to be crazy but she came out completely believable and likeable and I think it really backfired on them. For me, when I saw that audition back in the day, I never quite enjoyed the show again after that.

    What was once fun to laugh and poke fun at showed a real disturbing reality and it was never the same watching the bad auditions after that; always had a super dark tone and vibe. To this day, I'm so surprised they actually aired her audition because she exposed the show and the producers for what it truly was. That "fun" veneer was stripped away.
  16. If you ever bump into the various contestants on the Pride circuit so few of them have anything good to say about their treatment.

    The amount of stories that were covered up during its heyday shows the clout it had with the media. I think I'm right in saying Max Clifford did Simon's PR, which probably says it all.
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  17. "Ablisa" was the one that did it for me. Just nasty ugly television.
  18. Where's your brain in your middle toe?
  19. I could never understand how the P!nk singer didn't put her foot down about not doing a Pink song, or just not do the show.

    Yes they did her dirty but surely it would have struck her as ridiculous to say "I'm trying to get away from the Pink thing" and then launch into "So What!".
  20. One of the really underrated moments of the iconic Kelly Peakman audition that nobody ever mentions is “He wants to go down the pub, basically”.

    In her mind, Simon Cowell can’t wait for the day to be over so he can traipse his way down to a working men's club and swig pints of an evening.
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