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The X Factor will not return in 2020

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. As are mine.
  2. Can we not turn this thread into endless replies of ‘PM me’ please?
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  3. You wanna go home, You wanna go to the pub!..BASICALLY.
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  4. Considering the ‘success’ of remote American Idol and The Voice I’m the US. . . I wouldn’t be surprised if ITV throw together a cheap All Stars series later in then year to fill up the schedule if TV production continues to struggle.
  5. They've still got The Voice, The Voice Kids and BGT talent live shows to finish. The Voices are simple enough but not sure how they would fix BGT
  6. Pat


    I know Gary Barlow is pretty much hated, but didn't he also mention in his last autobiography how the producers were always trying to stir up drama, basically anything to keep The X Factor in the tabloids. And also confirming that the Misha B drama was a set up by the producers.
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  7. Could I get a DM as well please? Thanks very much!
  8. I don’t think anyone did.
  9. Are there any countries in the world where The X Factor is thriving?
  10. Malta?

    Erm the three big ones Australia, UK and USA are all axed. It didn't really take off in parts of Europe where Idol and Fame Academy are still popular. I'm not sure if any of the Asian versions are still going?
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  12. Ms Jervis has many strings to her bow.

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  13. With Channel 4 doing this best of Big Brother thing, I’d be interested in ITV doing one for XFactor
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  14. Just saw Misha B trending on Twitter and investigated why.

    The X Factor can fuck off. Forever.
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  15. Isn’t weird how shows like The X Factor and Big Brother bled viewers and became less and less popular with each passing year (even Love Island seems to be going in the same direction, already). And yet Strictly just continues to feel like major event television every year.
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  16. I'm watching Misha B's video now. I can't say I'm surprised by any of it and you just know that so many of the other contestants have experienced similar fuckery from the judges and the producers. Hopefully Misha is the first one of many to come forward.
  17. Reading up on this Misha B situation makes me so angry. And we all fell for it. Remember the 'B stands for Bully' comments? Oh my gosh.
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  18. Kitty Brucknell just attempted to do an instalive but was torn apart in the comments and just turned it off. Of course she played it down and said she hadn't thought about Misha in years. I also noticed her socials don't reference anything about support for BLM. Qwhite interesting...
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  19. Hannah has also been tweeting. Who was another of my favourites

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