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The X Factor will not return in 2020

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. This was posted in the Little Mix thread but it’s worth posting on here.
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  2. Interesting thread! And there was Sharon ripping into Rebecca Loos, saying she's not wearing knickers etc. God she's just vile! All sweetness one minute and vicious to you the next.

    Sharon's comments start at 3:37 and 3:26 ish
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  3. A black woman of Kitty or Katie Waissel's 'talent' wouldn't have got past the production staff. Tell me I'm wrong.
  4. I don’t think Dannii tried to embarrass/out/shame Danyl.

    He was openly gay. She suggested that he shouldn’t change the pronouns if he’s singing about the same sex.

    It was perhaps poorly worded in the moment but Simon leapt at the opportunity to attack her.
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  5. He definitely wasn’t out on the show and Dannii definitely did it to out him. Even her tone of voice shows that she thought it would be funny but no one laughed.
  6. I thought he had come out as bisexual in the papers, but the show refused to address it as they thought it would reduce his sellability to straight women.

    Like they tried to do with Joe, and him drunkenly tweeting he was gay before his album came out was a way to force the hands.

    I might be remembering this completely wrong though.
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  7. He was bi right? Gay or bi anyway, it’s highly inappropriate. They wouldn’t feel the need to bring up a straight persons sexuality. By bringing it up she almost alienates him. It’s a disgusting clip, she should have just kept her mouth shut.
  8. Danyl was bi, and had given interviews in the paper that week saying as much. So she wasn't 'outing' him at all.

    What happened is that Dannii and Danyl had been joking about it backstage during rehearsals etc, and both having a laugh about it. Dannii tried to carry that jokey talk on during her feedback, but it obviously backfired a bit.

    I imagine she assumed that because he'd chosen to give interviews about it to the press that he'd be okay with it being brought up, and that was her way of making sure that it was acknowledged on the show and not brushed under the carpet. I mean, who can forget the absolutely torturous scenes when Simon Cowell desperately tried to assure everyone what a ladies man Austin Drage was after a performance. ''Lucky you surrounded by all those beautiful women. I bet that made your day, didn't it? Didn't it, Austin? All those hot women dancing round. You loved it. Didn't you?!'' All the while Austin looked like he wanted to die.
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  9. Remember in 2014 Sara Cox was rumored to be a judge for the 3rd or 4th big revamp to beat Strictly?
    And they went with Mel B and Cheryl instead....

  10. Dannii literally said “if we’re to believe everything we read in the papers maybe you didn’t need to change the gender references” and Danyl looked horrified.

    I don’t care if they had joked about it backstage, but that is not okay, and if Simon or Louis had done that they’d rightly be crucified. She doesn’t get a hall pass just for being a Minogue.
  11. True. I feel like she was trying to say "if you like boys then you didn't need to change the pronouns and gender references the song", but it came off wrong and was very awkward.
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  12. Yeah, if she meant to champion him, she did it wrong. I’d have wanted to hear something like “I applaud the bravery of what you shared with the press this week, and you shouldn’t feel forced to change the gender in the lyrics; we want you to be yourself”.

    That said, wasn’t the ‘news’ that he was bi? Let him sing it to whomever he wants!
  13. Maybe she already knew about him and a certain contestant and was trying to spill the tea on it.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It was a bit of an awkward gaffe but easily Dannii's most interesting contribution ever.
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  15. She put the needle on it, you might say.
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  16. Simon Cowell has bought out Sony Music Entertainment's share of their joint-venture which owned the rights to the X factor and Got Talent formats.

    Sony Music will retain ownership of the joint-venture's artist roster and back catalogues.

    Not sure what's behind this. There can't be much left in The X Factor. Got Talent will end eventually and Simon's not had much luck developing new formats.

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  17. Does it all come down to... vanity?
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  18. Even if X Factor is not lucrative right now, it may come back in some other form in the future and Simon has ensured that he has to be involved in whatever happens to his ‘baby’.

    Having said that, it may be as simple as Sony not wanting to support anything in the short term and Simon believing there is still mileage.
  19. Zoe Alexander has done a “tell all” video on her X Factor experience.

  20. Wow, thanks for posting. You always knew there was something dodgy going on with her "audition" but, man, hearing her say all that? Poor girl - I'm glad she's decided to reveal all!

    Makes you think the show has no chance of coming back.

    The comment she has pinned on the Youtube comments too is interesting. More deets there. I'm assuming Lawrence Knight is connected to the show?

    Also noticing in the comments mentions of Natalia Kills also being manipulated when she was a judge, any truth in that? The meltdown does seem even stranger in retrospect. EDIT: The comments are revealing even more on that!
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