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The X Factor will not return in 2020

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Even before watching that whole confessional, it has always been abundantly clear that Zoe Alexander was told to sing a Pink song. And when she said on stage "you told me to sing a Pink song", she is clearly referring to the producers.

    There's a TikTok channel of "funniest X Factor auditions" and manipulation like this is now uncomfortably obvious. Ablisa for example introduce themselves in their VT as "I'm Abbie, I'm Lisa and together we're Abbie and Lisa"... yet by the time they appear on stage they have been rebranded "Ablisa". Where did that come from, in between shooting their VT and putting them on stage?

    I've long suspected they surprised Ablisa with a different backing track in a different key than rehearsed... Zoe suggests they did that to her.

    I remember going to the Manchester auditions the year Zoe was on. We stood in the queue outside, and as Zoe says, they would bring contestants to stand in front of the queue to record their "I'm in the queue" bit, even though the queue was the audience, not other contestants.

    Once inside they told us who to cheer for. A warm-up guy would pop out and say "big cheers for this next one, no booing".

    And of course, even the ATROCIOUS singers got to perform two songs in full, uninterrupted. After the first song the judges would calmly say "let's hear the second song". After the second song, the judges would react as if they had only just realised the person couldn't sing.

    The judges would try and tease out pre-planned moments, with heavily scripted questions. One contestant had a cardboard cut-out of Mel B, but had forgotten to mention it, so Louis asked time and time again "who else are you a big fan of?"
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  2. One thing that I am glad about this year is not having my emails hammered by SyCo production staffers looking for tips on local talent or having to host quiet auditions in our venue because they've went over our heads and asked some idiot at head office. It genuinely embarrasses me.
  3. I definitely believe that Zoe was told to sing a Pink song based on the fact that she was a Pink tribute act. I also fully believe production gave her a "crazy" edit and they obviously cut out a lot of stuff that she said to the judges. And it is obviously true that the acts are treated terribly throughout the auditioning process and that the show isn't as authentic as it is made to appear to the general public.

    But she definitely downplays some of her behaviour in her video which to me is evident when she throws the microphone, knocks part of the staging over and pushes the camera.
  4. I don’t know who Lawrence Knight is but he sounds like he worked on the show. He backs up Zoe’s claims. Zoe has responded asking him to contact her.
    You absolutely deserve and apology for this. Everything you said 100% happened. There are several people who worked backstage that support you completely, had nothing to do with setting anyone up and weren't part of this whole conspiracy thing that happened to a lot of contestants and not just you. Everything was micro-managed about the show, everything was about the show, the show was lived and breathed by the people in charge of it. The three production companies, ITV not having much to do with the day to day operations, Thames/Fremantle that controlled absolutely everything and SYCO that was 100% involved in the whole thing. Just because Simon Cowell wasn't on that season didn't mean he wasn't managing and manipulating the whole thing. Richard Holloway was his hitman and would do anything Cowell wanted to get the show ahead of any competition and to create as much scandal as possible around it so everyone would be talking about it throughout the week and not just when it aired. The shock moments were all manipulated, over edited just like yours, heavily scripted, things were shot afterwards to get the right reactions, just like the "no baby no" was. There is nothing that wasn't manipulated backstage, it was a toxic environment. People filed complaints but nothing was done about it. The working environment was really toxic and that has been called out too. Your video is the best one I have seen, you named the right names, you have the proof. It would be better if you blacked out the @ part and put the names of the people that sent you the emails. They are all involved. Everything is set up. Oli the producer you named would be Oli Head. Also involved that haven't been named yet are Mark Sidaway who was called out for sexual abuse on twitter by @yogajaykay and that wasn't dealt with either. Louis team were the absolute worst, they made the environment just as toxic. They worked him up before he went out there. That would be partly Anna Cash (annacashmakeup and several other accounts) who was sleeping with Sidaway and Caroline Mactaggart (carolinemactaggartstylist). Caroline was forced on Louis who used to complain about her on and off and later Sharon O., her daughter Kinvara Mactaggart was an associate producer there and was involved in settling people like you up and SURPRISE! Kinvara is living with Tom Gorst, son of Sylvia Coleman who was the woman from Sony that you would have seen. See how this works now? It's all interconnected. All neoptism to get up to the top jobs. All a bunch of rotten people who don't care about anything except themselves and the fame they can get for themselves. Toxic to work with. They used to work themselves up drinking in the dressing room laughing at the contestants and talking about how awful they were. The bully seed with Misha B is an example of that. They were talking about that sitting there laughing like she wasn't a real person and totally innocent of their claims. Setting people like you up was second nature, they were doing it backstage already. Check out Anna Cash's page on Facebook to get the photos for proof that they are all connected because these people do nothing to hide it. I am not sure that Gary Barlow was in on the whole thing willingly. He was making waves and had several arguments backstage that season as well as walking off the stage when Richard Holloway interfered with the show during filming to keep Rylan for the shock value. The whole thing is so toxic I can't begin to describe it. I feel horrible for what happened to you. Amelia Brown is now in charge at Thames but was in on the whole setup of contestants so they will just say they are "looking in to it" if you try to go to them. 100% responsible for the mental anguish caused to so many people. This whole thing needs to come out in the press. The people involved need to be named and exposed and even if most of them have moved on to other shows they need to be stopped from doing damage to more people. Ian Royce the warm-up guy has been called out on twitter for sexual abuse. These people all have twitter, instagram, they should be tagged along with your video and made to explain why they thought people's lives were worth nothing but ratings. It's abuse and it's mentally damaging. There is no duty of care backstage because that is where the abuse starts with that group and a few others that work there screaming at anyone that interferes. There is always booze there, the crew I named into the alcohol and drunk on the job and other things flow freely there too. It was a clique and they ran the whole thing. Nigel Hall from SYCO was married to Shu Green at ITV so there was no help there. Nigel Hall has a home next door to Holloway and said stuff about him at the same time. Everyone is out for themselves and to make the show as controversial as possible. If anyone speaks up about any of these people they get punished or worse. You feel like you will be black listed in the industry if you go against them because they have a choke hold on the show. Please continue with your part 2. Investigate all of this and more and make a part 3 even. The media need to get involved because there are real people being hurt with this scripted pack of lies. The people involved need to be held responsible instead of what they did to Misha B and others saying it is being looked into and a fake statement from Thames, SYCO, and ITV issued. Jimmy Savile was exposed, this needs to be too. It is much deeper than what they did to you, in a way you should be thankful you never got further in the show because the abuse, the NDAs, the things that happened in the supposedly haunted contestant house, the sleeping with people to get an advantage on the show, the sexual abuse that has been covered up, it all needs to come out. I am really glad you have been able to put this video together, your mental health is the most important thing. Your career and your life has been affected. You are an amazing singer and an amazing strong person. Don't let anything get in your way to tell the truth. Anything else you need to know or need help with there are so many people wanting to tell their story and I am here to support you.
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  5. I do emphasise with her and agree she was set up, but she doesn't mention her outwardly discussing being a pink tribute act? She says in her audition tape she was doing it for 2 years prior as paid work so I assume that was all true and was a clear storyline angle handled very badly by X factor team for ratings.

    I was also shocked to see the classic NO BABY NO Nicole moment was post edited in/filmed! Im shook.
  6. It has been clear for years that the show was contrived but this reveals the disgusting extent of manipulation that takes place.
  7. I know editing is magic but there are a few bits and pieces of her story that don't quite line up with the footage. Presumably she's just misremembering some details. I have no trouble believing the general gist of what she's saying.
  8. If you needed further evidence of how far X Factor has fallen, just check today's I'm A Celebrity announcement. They're taking the show back to the UK and changing what has been a winning formula for 18 years, because such is its value to ITV that taking a year off isn't an option. A few years ago, the same would have applied here.
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