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The X Factor will not return in 2020

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. I just don't know if there's any appetite for this sort of singing contest anymore. The Voice barely scrapes by, Little Mix's talent show has struggled, Britain's Got Talent is still popular but the breadth of the acts is really the only thing that keeps that moving.

    I'm just not sure how you make this sort of show relevant or interesting in an age when popstars are breaking through online and via social media and require tonnes of groundwork to get a fanbase in the first place. Even though it's only a few years since the X Factor peak, it just feels kind of old fashioned at this point.

    Saying that, I do miss it – it was something I really looked forward to watching on cold autumn/winter weekends and the live posting here was always a riot.
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  2. So they could hawk round X Factor to record companies as a tool to launch new acts?
    In Germany, Rising Star was taken off air after a few episodes. There's a flaw in the concept. After the wall failed to rise for some contestants, they immediately complained - live on air - about how they were manipulated by the production company. They didn't have anything more to lose by doing that. So, if Rising Star was to be shown in the UK, they'd have to work out how to stop losing contestants rubbishing the show.
  3. Well, both The Voice and The X Factor can still get 5 million viewers on a good night so there's clearly still a (much reduced) audience for them.

    But whether anyone is ever going to break through from one of these shows again is another question. The last successful launches were Ben Haenow and Fleur East (and of course they lasted all of 5 minutes), and the last really successful winner was James Arthur from 2012!

    For one reason or another it's become very difficult to launch new pop acts in the last 5 years and Syco clearly lost their magic touch.

    I do wonder what Simon's plans are now. He did say something about having a 5 year plan for the show, but if he's not going to make any money/kudos out of the contestants' music career, what's the point? And if TXF has lost its power to launch careers then it just makes him look bad.

    I wonder whether he's now going to focus on completely different formats of entertainment TV.

    But you never know, he might still want to give TXF another shot. He still owes another series to ITV (even if they're ambivalent about if/when it happens)
  4. Or maybe just not manipulate the contestants..

    I liked the look of Rising Star though it has the same problem as The Voice in that once you drop the gimmick for the latter stages of the competition, people stop watching.
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  5. X Factor has had its day. I can’t see anything turning the series around and ratings will continue to fall.
  6. In lead up to the next series of The Voice Of Germany, Pro7 have shown a series called 'Famemaker':
    The judges see the performer, but don't hear the voice. It was presented by Tom Neuwirth aka Conchita Wurst.
    It was fun to watch in a very Friday-night-on-Channel-Four kind of way. Nobody seemed to be taking it too seriously, and the light-heartedness made it more enjoyable to watch.
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  7. I really am surprised ITV haven’t tried a Fame Academy style show yet where the contestants are living together. Nightly highlight shows on ITV2 of their activities that day with a live show on ITV1 on a Saturday night. If they wanted to bring a Love Island aspect to it, have the contestants ‘pair up’ for duets every week.
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