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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Uno


    Transphobic? Really? Because the transgendered character was a prostitute? Oh God, shut up!
  2. Annabeth Gish confirmed for the finale. I was beginning to think her cameo had been cut or something.
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  3. Big week for her - she's also appearing in this weeks episode of Scandal.
  4. I start to think how Gillian and David approved these scenarios?
  5. ...except a lot of trans individuals that I know cringed at the scene where Mulder horribly navigated said conversation.

    And using the term "transgendered"? Not the best look. It has nothing to do with the trans character being a prostitute, but how the primary and secondary characters espoused language that was quite narrow and alienating.
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  6. It doesn't matter how fictional character Mulder navigated the conversation re: the transgendered character. That doesn't give any insight into the alleged prejudices or hatreds of the writers.

    Too many of these critics act like they're modern day mystics. Of course, really it's because they've got deadlines and millennials feel really empowered when they get themselves in a tizzy over nothing, so the clicks are guaranteed to flow.
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  7. Oh my god, you have hit the nail on the head. I love you for this.
  8. UGH this ending.
  9. Twitter is in meltdown after that ending.
  10. Uno


    I thought the episode would be a lot better. The previews had me hyped. It was a disappointment.

    The only properly great episode was the third.
  11. haha what was that?
  12. Amazing production, terrible writing. The story was so rushed, and at times plain stupid. Are we actually supposed to believe that Monica has lived as Smokey's SERVANT for ten years?

    I wish AMC would have picked this up, or some other cable company. The entire season would have been so much better with longer episodes. And I don't mind the sidekicks per se - but there are soap opera actors out there with more charisma than the guy who plays Miller.

    Great cliffhanger though.
  13. kal


    I liked the episode and can't believe they left us hanging like this.

    On an unrelated note, I started reading up on Smoking Man to refresh my knowledge on his antics, and lo and behold, I share the same birthday as the character.
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  14. Just noticed that the guy who plays Agent Miller is the cousin of Stephen Amell (Arrow).
    I think the series will come back next January.
  15. It's a Fox property. That was never gonna happen. The cast was specific in what they were open to doing.
  16. I actually can't at a six-week miniseries having a CLIFFHANGER.
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  17. Great story, but it would have been an amazing film with more budget, and better writing.

    I think it's a great idea to reference the disease outbreaks of the last few years, as it makes it feel more current. Also, the way they have brought the Smoking Man back is...creepy and extremely cool. I was disgusted when he took the mask off, and I loved every second of it.

    However, the it all feels rushed and with too many exposition scenes. The way they use the character of Tad O'malley to explain the situation so they don't have to pay for expensive shoots is completely unshameful.

    And really, after watching this new season I think that's all what Chris Carter has left to tell: a grand, epic (new) finale to the mythology. I hope he gets a better team of screenwriters for the next season.

    He's confirmed that Fox wants more episodes, by the way. It's just a matter of when can they film them.
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  18. Not sure what episode it is as I've been watching X-Files on catchup with the other half.

    The episode was about a lizard man who hibernates for 10,000 years at a time, in a forest that has way too many people wandering around it to be having undiscovered hibernating lizard men in it. He seems to have briefly woken up only to get an over-enthusiastic hickey from a serial killer which for some reason means he transforms into a slightly eccentric australian who delivers a withering yet comedic attack on western capitalism via an attempted suicide, minces about in his tightie whities a bit, gets an adorable pet dog, has a fantasy about quickie sex with Scully and then decides it's best to go back to sleep again for another 10,000 years.

    I was screaming all the way through. When did this become a full-on comedy sketch show?
  19. I hate cliffhangers.
  20. Despite the complete lapses in logic and the nonsense coming out of everyone's mouths, I actually enjoyed that. It was thrilling throughout even though it was badly written and rushed. I can only assume there'll be another series. No way is that how X Files ends for good!
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