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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Overal I'd have to give this mini series a 7.5/10 which is to say that as much as I've enjoyed it I've felt, at times, the writing and the acting has been a bit awkward.

    Gillian has done the best in terms of getting back into character but David really seemed to struggle to find the Mulder character for me and at times it seemed more like an homage to Mulder.

    The stories ranged from great, like Episode 3 to pretty boring like episode 1 or 5. Some of the dialogue was just cringe-worthy, it's like - how many old catchphrases can you shorthorn in...

    I still love The X-Files and I'm glad it made a comeback but I was left feeling somewhat disappointed by it all too. If they do bring it back next year for another run they really need to pull their trousers up and work a bit harder to please.

    For me, I loved seeing Reyes back and even though her backstory was questionable I like that they did it because it was so much better than just saying she left the FBI and went back to a normal 9-5 day job. Like you could really do that after being involved in The X-Files.
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  2. I'm a big XF fan and I'm shocked that I haven't watched a single episode of the new series. I was watching the blu-rays in preparation but I got distracted by something else. Was it any better than the movie?
  3. It was definitely better than I Want to Believe, yes. Some episodes were better than others which was a disappointment considering there was only 6 in total.
  4. So I'm guessing we should be thankful they only did 6?
  5. Not necessarily. It felt more like it was taking them a while to properly get into a groove with these characters again. For me, the episodes were pretty consistent from episode 3 onwards.
  6. No, it felt too short. 10 episodes would've been the ideal amount.
  7. Agreed. 10-13 episodes max would have been a nice treat. I actually feel that with it only being 6 episodes they probably should have made it one story across all 6 rather than individual ones as most of it felt a bit rushed.
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  8. Yeah it would've made more sense to have it be one storyline or have some general conclusion. I hope it's not the end.
  9. If they don't bring it back then that's the worst ending ever and they really shouldn't have bothered at all.
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  10. Hmm I really need to give this a watch but I'm determined to re-watch the original series first.
  11. It's been renewed for another (10 episodes) season premiering next TV season.

    This is a bad idea.
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  13. Bad idea? What? Only 10 episodes? Coming back altogether? Expand.
  14. I am thrilled! I really enjoyed the new episodes, but I agree 6 episodes wasn't enough to properly re-establish everything. Now that the initial reboot is out of the way though, I would imagine this new season will go much more smoothly, without the need for reintroductions and set ups.
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  15. It's nice it's coming so quick too. I'm sure last time we knew about a year in advance before anything was even filmed.
  16. Ruins my new bluray boxset though.
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  17. kal


    I only got up now and my day has already been made. Best news ever!
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  18. I'm glad it's back, it finishing on those 6 episodes would've felt.... wrong.
  19. Thank God. I actually loved the last season, but the last episode felt so rushed and had such a sloppy ending - it would have been criminal to end the series like that.
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