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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. It's a fun script. Would have made a nice season 3 (?) episode.
  2. I enjoyed the last season but Einstein and Miller can go and choke.
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  3. I didn’t mind them so much but that’s probably because I’ve seen Six Feet Under and Miller is hot.
  4. I don't see the point in having two agents that are basically Mulder and Scully? Fine for a one-off comedic episode but other than that it makes no sense. Even if they were looking to use them in a spin-off it would be better to use people as far away from Mulder and Scully as possible.
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  5. Einstein and Miller left me a little confused because they were so on the nose. Literal Mulder & Scully 2.0. Also, Einstein? I know the show had its comedic episodes and surreal humour through the years, but their inclusion felt a bit too odd to me.
  6. They reminded me of that god awful Kathy Griffin episode lol.
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  7. Uno


    I actually have more of an issue with Miller’s name than Einstein’s - way too similar to Muller’s
  8. Another wig................

    Why can't they just put some volume in her hair for Christ's sake.

  9. kal


    Why is her wig such a big deal anyway...
  10. Cos it just always looks so flat.

    This is Scully (always and forever);
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  11. I don't understand why she just can't dye her her hair again, I know she's mentioned how it damaged her hair. But atleast get a DECENT wig that looks alive.
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  12. That wig really ages her.
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  13. "I'd like to introduce you to Agent Sculder and Agent Mully."
    "...Oh, now I'm having a Twin Peaks experience."
    "Wrong show, Mullally. I mean Skulduggery ... David."

    Why is it when they do wigs in film and TV, so often they raise the hairline so high? I've never understood that. Is it necessary for it to sit right or something?

    The wig work on "Alias" was stellar. Whoever that hair stylist was should be the most in demand wig maker in Hollywood.
  14. Echoes of Fax Modem and Data Nully from ReBoot...​

    I met Mitch Pilleggi a couple of weeks ago. He invited me to come and sit down and have a chat with him, and my life was made. Any recurring cast members from The X Files will always be dear to my heart but Skinner is right up there with Mulder and Scully for me. I came away with a signed comic book and a big smile on my face.
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  15. Not sure when it's on here in the UK though...
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  16. So... kind of an intense mythology episode. What did everyone think?
  17. I've read that it's got some negative feedback, but I really liked the premiere: It had all the excitement the previous season lacked, and I think they managed the pace so much better.
  18. kal


    STAHP! I can only handle so many plot twists!
  19. Going to catch up with it later. I did see some people unhappy but... I'll reserve judgement for now.
  20. Are they having a laugh?

    After years of prick teasing the alien invasion we finally got it in that amazing cliffhanger and it was all a DREAM?

    Goddddd give me good monster of the weeks and STRENGTH.
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