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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. This is a lot to process!
  2. I remember thinking the after episode promo for that one looked a tad lame, with the little robot things chasing them, but that on the other hand... amazing. Bonkers, but amazing.
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  3. YES, I love wacky X Files episodes!
  4. kal


    Okay, I get that they were going for the unnerving self-aware AI hell-bent on destroying humanity, but the entire episode was just annoying and frustrating.
  5. Yeah that was quite underwhelming - and very very very basic for an X File. Even Black Mirror would find it too heavy handed.
  6. It felt very Black Mirror-ish. Still entertaining.
  7. Scully's personal massager though haha.

    I found the episode quite enjoyable overall.
  8. I really enjoyed it. Like really really. Although, I've never watched "Black Mirror" so if it was just a rip off homage of that, maybe I'd be less impressed if I knew. I thought there was a great balance between it all being a bit kooky and quirky, and genuinely quite threatening - something I did not expect considering the robots were fairly 'realistic' in design and not extreme sci-fi Terminator style cyborgs or whatever. Some fantastic visuals throughout - the sushi restaurant, the mini-drones, the finale in the creepy warehouse, Scully's house set...

    Next week's episode looks wonderfully creepy:
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  9. Ooh that looks good!
  10. Okay now that episode looks fun and creepy.
  11. I did love everything about the sushi restaurant part.

    So Scully has a short wig now? Ummm.
  12. The change in wig is a bit random. I know Gillian made a reference to it on Twitter but there was no real reason.
  13. I assumed it was a sort of full circle thing, being that Gillian's dunzo with the role after this season concludes. It's a nod to the classic Scully 'do from the show's original run, yes? I did think they might put in a throwaway line about it, though.
  14. It's still flat as a pancake. Give that wig some volume geez.

    They have three episodes left yet it feels like they are nowhere near creating a satisfying ending to it all, unless they plan on continuing without having Gillian.

    Just watch them try to explain everything in the last episode and it being a right mess.
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  15. Well this weeks episode was a big disappointment.

    Thankfully the final 2 look promising.

  16. kal


    I thought this week's episode was a return to form compared to the last mess. Looking forward to them giving us "the truth" and it all ending up being another hallucination conjured up by William.
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  17. How young and good does Mulder look in that thumbnail.
  18. Mulder (with his glasses on) "did you get your hair cut?"

    Scully "are you kiddin' me?"

  19. So I believe there's only one episode left now. I've no idea how they are planning to 'wrap everything up' and I pray they don't end the final episode on a cliffhanger.

    I think it's pretty evident that season 12 is unlikely, especially with Gillian saying "she's done" with the show.

    I find it odd that they have not had an episode mid-season which has gone back to the mythology of the show. I know there was somewhat of an episode which featured them searching for William but we've not gone back to The Cigarette Smoking Man's confession in that first episode. Also, what about Monica Reyes - where is she? I thought she'd be featuring heavily in this season, it's a shame as her character [for me] had great potential.

    All in all, it's been rather a damp squib for me, this season.
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  20. Considering the revival was first an 'event mini-series' and it was a pretty dead cert all round that the show wasn't back as a regular year-after-year show, I am surprised that both season 10 and 11 have been so Monster-Of-The-Week heavy, even though that was the typical format of the original run. I just figured they would've wanted something a bit more myth focused to give the characters and the show a proper, fulfilling send off. Maybe the general unpopularity of the way the mythology has developed through the years - or at least, that's my general perception of it - affected this and they decided to focus the more popular MOTW format. It leaves a lot of stuff to be covered in one finale 45 minute episode, though.

    The last episode was an interesting one; I liked the vampire parallels and the kookiness of the lead villain. Loved the witchcraft one with Mr. Chuckle Teeth.
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