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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. I liked that last conversation Mulder and Scully had. Yes, FINALLY be together, just don't break them up in another episode. Just leave them be, no need for more drama with them.
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  2. I’m scared about the final episode guys.
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  3. Welp. I look forward to reading all your opinions/reviews of the finale.
  4. Certainly a better season finale that what the mini series/season 10 provided and maybe not the mess I expected (at least I enjoyed the last 20 minutes or so).

    Frustrating that much of the episode was Scully on the phone to Mulder driving around in a car.

    William making people explode was pretty cool/somewhat gruesome for The X-Files.

    The Monica Reyes character was, yet again, severely underused and she went out like that??? Cop out!

    The ending? Scully pregnant and maybe she and Mulder can now live happily ever after? But hang on, William is still alive and Kersh wants them out the FBI. Also, Skinner is potentially dead so who's going to be blamed for that? Maybe he's alive and ends up in a wheel chair.

    Overall I feel like this season was a let down. There were maybe 2/3 episodes I thought were really good and a handful of 'okay, this will do' ones.

    I doubt there will be anymore after this and it's probably for the best. I'm satisfied with that finale. As much as I can be.
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  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm way behind with this. I do feel they missed the chance to introduce a new mythology to the show. I am glad it came back though.
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  7. I didn't enjoy this. It was one long chase episode, nothing was really resolved and now Scully is having a baby? I don't know.
  8. Oh my FUCKING god.
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  9. kal


    Mulder shooting the smoking man like that was a moment worth waiting 20 years for. That alone made the finale worth it for me.
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  10. I thought it was utter rubbish. Everyone running around shooting each other like they were in a video game. No sense of story or reason for anything. An overbearing soundtrack on every single scene. Characters like Reyes and the one Barbara Hershey played dispatched with like they were unpaid extras. The X-Files was never like this in the past. Episodes were so well written, tense, scary and brilliantly acted. This was an embarrassment and so disappointing. Please don’t bring it back again, there’s just no point when this is what they’re serving up.
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  11. That's Chris Carter's writing for you.
  12. It was completely anti climactic and a little funny how everyone just died in the last ten minutes. Reyes, Skinner (possibly), (not really) Mulder, Cigarette Smoking Man. And when William died, Scully was like oh well, he was never our real kid anyway, we have a new one coming. I realize she has a bond with him and probably knew he wasn't really dead but it still felt sloppy.
  13. I cried during the last scene with Mulder and Scully.

    I think that season 11 was much better than 10. The only episode I didn't like is the first one.
  14. This, pretty much. It would've been a serviceable season finale, but not quite enough of a wrap up for a show that's unlikely to go on. I know "The X-Files" isn't the type of show that can truly have a definitive 'the evil was defeated forevermore and Mulder and Scully lived happily ever after' ending because there will always be weird occurrences and conspiracies in the world to be investigated and The X-Files - i.e. their department in the FBI - would likely continue on (in universe) even if/when the two of them called it a day (or got killed), but since they knew full well this was more than likely going to be the series finale something more substantial was in order. Not as bad as the uber-cliffhanger season 10 finale, but lots of loose threads a' danglin'.
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  15. To be honest, Chris Carter seemed kind of disappointed when Gillian announced she wasn't doing any more and even David keeps tweeting that he isn't sure what's next so... I think perhaps they were hoping for more but then Gillian threw a spanner in the works at the last minute.
  16. I'm not really surprised Gillian is done with the show though.
  17. Me neither. I'd say she was reading some of those scripts wondering how the hell she agreed to this.
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  18. I guess she hated the ending too.
  19. Overall I liked the season, it was better than the last one. The one thing I really hate is that The Smoking Man is William’s father. Just ewww. Why do this? Don’t tell me this was planned all along because thats just bull.
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