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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Given the whole reason for the show returning was to give closure to the show’s mythology and the fabled 2012 invasion of Earth, the fact they managed to deliver it over these past two series in such an unsatisfactory way is really frustrating.

    The monster-of-the-week episodes ended up being far smarter and more fun than any of the mythology episodes, showing that the show more than has a place in 2018. The mythology clearly was a shackle around everybody’s legs that they should have just focused on resolving in the previous miniseries.

    I’m not surprised that Gillian is reluctant to return, as I’m sure she felt an obligation to the fans to wrap things up in Series 10, only to be duped into giving the fans yet another cliffhanger requiring her to return again for a Series 11. I’d feel pretty over it in those circumstances too.
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    Like Supernatural in seasons 6-10 they forgot that the monster of the week episodes are what people tune in for. It‘s the exact opposite of most of todays prestige dramas in that the serial part is only there to enhance a great procedural concept and it all falls apart if it takes center stage.
  3. This season was a really mixed bag for me. The first two episodes were atrocious and I almost gave up on it but I'm glad I didn't because it improved vastly.

    Ghouli, Forehead Sweat, Familiar and (in particular) the Black Mirror style episode were all brilliant. In fact, I'd put the latter amongst my all time favourite X Files episodes.

    I'm still not sure what to make of the episode with the cult where the people were stuck together. it was kind of terrible (really terrible in places) but I found myself enjoying it.
  4. That’s no shock, the stand alones were usually the best episodes in the original series. The show’s mythology has been crap since like Season 5 anyway so I don’t why it would be any different in the revival.
  5. Yeah, in an ideal world they'd have used the 6 episode mini series to wrap up the mythology once and for all and then this recent season 11 could have been standalone monster-of-the-week episodes.
  6. At this point, they simply need to reboot the series and come up with a mythology arc that is less confusing and not made up as they go along.
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    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I wonder if it would have fared any better had it been on BBC, ITV or Netflix in the UK? Obviously that wouldn't have made much difference where global viewership is considered but it would have been nice to see it make more of an impact over here.
  8. I don't get what she's saying?
  9. It should have gone straight to Netflix for sure.
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  10. The tweet she’s responding to says “Fox have no plans for X Files Season 12 after Gillian’s exit...”
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    Yeah, this season had an average of about 3.5million viewers per episode. Compared to the 16.19million that tuned into the previous season's debut, the show would've undoubtedly been canceled regardless of what Gillian wanted to do.
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  12. I still don't understand her response
  13. She's basically saying the show is not coming back because 77% less viewers, not her exit. Basically stop blaming her.
  14. I'm blaming her for leaving American Gods where she could actually showcase her acting abilities.

    The X-Files are better left in the past. Those new episodes didn't really bring anything new to the table.
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  15. The latest series should be erased from memory. I've tried.
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  16. It was fine. I just think they should have been like "this is gonna be the last ever series... let's pull out all the stops and go out with a bang" and they just didn't, sadly. More like a whimper.
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  17. I still have several episodes to watch and I can't find the motivation to bother.
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  18. The Black Mirror-esq one was rather good.
  19. Series 11 had an 'ending' rather than the cliffhanger that was fake news peddled. It might not have been the ending most of us wanted but at least it was an ending. I hope that's it now.
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