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✖ The XTINA Discography Rate ✖: Eliminations Continue!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. She has arrived

  2. Perched for this!
  3. I've always wanted to do a deep dive on her discography so this is the perfect chance! Already struggling with an 11 pick from so many iconic songs!
  4. Guess I'll have a second listen to the debut's album tracks ddd.
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  5. I gave one of them my 11 in @Fuchsia's last rate so you'd better not be doing them wrong!
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  6. I consider the debut her weakest album, but it's not bad, just forgettable (bar the singles, of course). I literally can't remember how most of it goes.

    However, "When You Put Your Hands on Me" is brilliant and better not be done wrong.
  7. What is the policy for different versions of songs, the radio mix of Come On Over for example? (to me that's the "real" version)
  8. It's up to you! Whichever one you like more!
  9. I had said on Random Thoughts that my 11 for Accelerate was already typed in but now I'm rethinking it. This specific rate should allow for three 11s at least, it's just too much ecxellence!
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  10. I'm here, I'm queer and I'm ready to give Bobblehead a 10.
  11. Me realising for the first time that the Luis Fonsi in Si No Te Hubiera Conocido is the same Luis Fonsi in Despacito.

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  12. Yeah. I am shook too he is also so long in the music business!
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  13. Yesss I am so excited and here for this!
    Justice for Bionic of course, but also JUSTICE FOR YOUR BODY cause it's amazing okay?
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  14. Already got my first two ballots. Gonna need to actually make an excel sheet now dd
  15. Me seeing a Christina Aguilera rate...
  16. Hopefully the host won't mind if I mention a few songs that technically could've appeared in this rate, since they're original songs that were officially released, but, as you'll hear, are definitely not essential in any way.

    First of all, this collaboration with Keizo Nakanishi - a Japanese singer. It's actually the first officially released song where Christina is credited on. Recorded in 1996, when she was 15, it was released on Keizo's album "Spinning" in 1997 and further released as a promo single in Japan:

    Very cheesy and bland song, but pleasant enough to serve as background music.
    They also had a cute live performance of the song in 1996. I had no idea she had been living in Japan for a few years.

    Another song that was officially released is a rarity called "I Come Undone". 17 year old Christina recorded it in 1998, along with a few more songs, as a way of putting her on the map and potentially getting a record deal. And it definitely worked, because she signed a deal very soon afterwards and released "Reflection" just two months later. "I Come Undone " was released on "The Scene Compilation - So. Cal Edition 3" compilation album in April 1998, which featured other artists seeking success. Here's the list he song's that appeared:

    The song's written by Heather Holley and produced by Robert Hoffman (the same two songwriters who worked on "Obvious"):

    (you can read a short description of Christina - it even references the aforementioned duet with Keizo!)
    Unfortunately, it's just a typical R&B dross that would've been the most obvious (see what I did there?) filler on her debut. I'm glad she scrapped it.

    This one's a bit shesreachingyourhonor.gif, but since we're rating some interludes in this rate, there's also this one that appeared on her Christmas album, called "Xtina's Xmas":

    I find it pretty cute, but completely throwaway, so it makes sense it didn't make the cut.
    And I guess we want a less predictable last placed song in this rate lol

    There's also "Just Be Free" album (featuring her early demos recorded in 1994/1995/1996), but Xtina sued the label for releasing it in 2001, which speaks for itself (and I've listened to it only once or twice with no intention to do it again or maybe I will?)

    Even if the aforementioned songs were included here, I'm sure all of them would plummet and be among the first 15/20 eliminations anyway.
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  17. So excited for this. Here are some of my non-single favorites that better not be done wrong:

  18. The flavour. All three of these are 10s for me, with one of them being an 11 contender.
  19. Love all of these! I think "Infatuation" is my only 10 out of these, but "Mercy on Me" and "Pipe" are very close, too.

    I don't even know where to start with her deep cuts appreciation because there's so much of them. There is a whole list of songs that are probably going to be severely underrated, but I love them.

    Perhaps I should mention this magnificent and bulletproof sequence which closes my favourite Christina album, "Back to Basics":

    (all 10/10 songs without any doubt, and my biggest 11 contender is here, too)
  20. I'm here


    I'm ready

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