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✖ The XTINA Discography Rate ✖: Eliminations Continue!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Somehow I feel like all of the eliminations so far would have her go

    In fact, @BEST FICTION, honey, please end each elimination with this gif, because it actually fits way too many situations.
  2. Make The World Move to go next, please GOD.
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Why does everyone hate Make The World Move this much? I mean, I know CeeLo is trash and the production is overcompressed, but the actual song doesn't seem to deserve this level of loathing.
  4. I just looked at my score, I think I may be the high scorer based on these thread comments ddd.
  5. "America" is the first song that I would call underrated.
    It's not amazing, of course, but being in the bottom 5 of Christina's discography when "Make the World Move", among numerous other songs, is still in? Absolutely not.
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  6. America has a nice melody but the lyrics are garbage.
  7. Surprised Mother went out early. I appreciate the complexity of the vocals and the raw sound of the song.

    America sounds like a demo.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This is the best thing the Beatles have ever done for the world and I don't even like the games that much.
  9. Mother is out a little early but ya'll really hate The Beatles
  10. [​IMG]
  11. To be fair it's not the Beatles, it's John Lennon

    Who we hate
  12. America - 6,75 (the exact same score as our host!)
    ~ I had no idea that this one is so disliked, so it was surprising to see it leave so early. Honestly, it sounds like a typical song that wouldn't cause much extreme reactions both ways, but I guess the lyrics affected some of the scores. Yeah, it sounds like a charity song, but her delivery is great as per usual and the melody is quite endearing. The chorus has a that classic/timeless vibe that Linda usually goes for, but it surely lacks that Xtina-Linda magic we're used to. Also, it always seemed like it came from a random recording session to me, and not a particular song to be included for her album, despite being recorded during the "Liberation" sessions.
    Unfairly became the first original song to be eliminated, though I'm not too mad about it, because it definitely is among Linda and Christina's weakest collaborations. Still, it could've easily been about 10 spots higher.

    Mother - 5,75
    ~ It's a cover that exists. I think I've heard this only once or twice before this rate, and while it's a good song, there's absolutely nothing remarkable about it. Okay, it really shines during the final minute or so, but by then, I'm already bored.
    And the fact that I recognized that it was a Linda Perry production just by hearing those particular drums... I really spend too much time with her music. Also, I didn't know she performed it live.

    And since we mentioned "Served Like a Girl" soundtrack, let me spotlight these two superior songs from it:

  13. And we're back, let's get this roast a cookin!

    No hay nada mas triste que el silencio y el dolor
    Nada mas amargo que saber que te perdí

    Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti (with Alejandro Fernández): 5.353
    10 (@junkos, @jawow_), 9.5 (@Aester)
    0 (@eatyourself, @Hurricane Drunk), 1 (@godspeed, @P'NutButter)
    7.25 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" was released as the first single from Alejandro Fernández's second cover albums, Confidencias, on May 8, 2013. The original was performed by Miguel Gallardo in 1976 when it became a hit in Mexico. It was the last production handled by Phil Ramone before his death in March 2013. The song was used as the theme song for Mexican telenovela, La Tempestad. The pair performed the song live together in 2019 during The X Tour's Mexican leg.

    It was nominated at the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards for Hot Latin Song of the Year, Vocal Event but lost to Enrique. The duet hit #1 on the Mexican charts and was certified platinum for sales of 100,000 copies within only 17 days of release. By the end of 2013 it had sold 200,000 copies and currently stands at 330,000 copies sold as of 2020. It also reached #4 on the charts in Spain. The video premiered in July 2013 and was nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award at the 2014 awards for Video of the Year but lost. The video was filmed in a mansion in LA that also housed Britney Spears' Femme Fatale album shoot, Beyonce's Haunted music video shoot and Mariah Carey's With You music video.

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  14. Oh no! I like Shut Up. It's the best of those random 'fuck you' tracks...Circles and Bobblehead should have gone first.
  15. "Shut Up" is obviously one of her weakest songs, but how the heck is "Make the World Move" still in?!
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  16. The little song that could.

  17. I didn't love this, I gave it a 5. The "chorus" really drags it down.
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  18. I'd say that Light Up The Sky is even worse than Shut Up but I ain't mad at the latter leaving.
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  19. Not the Lotus track I thought should've left first, but it's not like this one's that much better...
  20. I gave this one a 4 so good riddance but THE FUCK @ Make The World Move STILL being here and not leaving today either...
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