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✖ The XTINA Discography Rate ✖: Eliminations Continue!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I'll be starting this ASAP. I promise to not get distracted by the fact that I will finally be able to leave my house in a few days.
  2. rdp


    Listening to Lift Me Up during this quarantine...

  3. aux


    1. Bionic: 9.21
    2. Liberation: 9.16
    3. Stripped: 8.16
    4. Back To Basics: 7.9
    5. Burlesque: 7.31
    6. Christina Aguilera: 6.77
    7. Lotus: 6.42
    8. Mi Reflejo: 6.25

    Why do I fear @BEST FICTION is going to kill me?
  4. Sex For Breakfast is so bad, but Morning Dessert is so good. that don't make no cents
  5. Me already making a mental master thesis of a specific track and then...

    Ok, I'll save it for the reveals.
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  6. aux


    I honestly don’t know what worms invaded my brain when I was writing my commentary for Ultimate Album Justice: Best of 2010s and said that Sex for Breakfast was a highlight of the album.
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  7. I'm not the one who goes for sensual songs, but I find "Sex for Breakfast" pretty good, actually.
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  8. Strawberry cream is like a dream, my fantasy is reality
    When the morning comes, I know that I will too


    She kinda snapped on that part tho.
  9. Whew looking at all of those albums right in a row and Christina kinda destroys everyone else in terms of ballads huh? I mean

    ...alone that would be enough but there’s still Hurt, Oh Mother, Soar, Unless It’s With You, You Lost Me, and I could go on. A catalog.
  10. Please do! You guys commenting throughout eliminations genuinely makes running the rate so much more fun. It's way more fulfilling for me to see what you guys have to say based on a current elimination instead of having all of your comments and opinions already visible before I even post the result. It gives me something to look forward to as well!

  11. I had completely forgotten about Thank You (Dedication to Fans). The level of extra required to include something like that in your album... we can't help but to stan.

    And I'm pretty that's @BEST FICTION at 4:29

  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    This is actually such a great point. Her empowerment anthems genuinely feel empowering, which I don't think I can say for a lot of the pop girls - I feel like she's good at avoiding the generic clichés that most artists fall into, and even if she does (e.g. "spread your wings and soar"), she's so good at selling it to hell and back.

    I really feel like it says a lot that Beautiful still sounds so refreshing and powerful in 2020, and hasn't become some sort of time-locked sappy '00s ballad.
  13. I still don’t love Beautiful because of overplay and I think she has much better ballads, but the song is still good and the message is timeless.
  14. The only stain on a glorious album, but it's still... unique?
    I'll have trouble scoring that one for sure.

    And I don't find "Beautiful" as amazing as most people do. She has at least 10 ballads that are better than it.
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  15. Thank You is incredible.

    A ''dedication to fans'' that is nothing more than an excuse for said fans to all tell her how iconic and amazing she is.

    I'm gonna have to stan on that one.
  16. I was just listening to the Burlesque OST for the first time, on headphones, and I had to stop after a couple of songs because I was genuinely starting to get a headache dd
  17. I am so excited for this. What a discography.
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  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm not sure how I feel about all of this Burlesque slander, but in any case, if y'all decide to play games and do Express and Bound to You wrong... there will be hell to pay.

  19. Something's Got a Hold On Me and Tough Lover are definitely grating and prime of examples of Legend X doing a little too much but Bound to You, Express, Beautiful People and But I Am A Good Girl slap and would last fairly long if it were up to me.
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  20. rdp


    I've already voiced my support for Express but y'all better not forget about the other major bop on the soundtrack aka Show Me How Your Burlesque!

    won't let you rest
    this is not a test
    gotta give me your best
    so get your ass up and show me how you burlesque!

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