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✖ The XTINA Discography Rate ✖ TOP FIVE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Beautiful missing out on top 5 feels correct. It has never been a standout favourite of mine.

    I love the top 5 equally but I have to say,

    1. Your Body
    2. Fighter
    3. Hurt
    4. Genie
    5. Dirrty
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. I am nice sometimes!!!!!! I wasn't so nice to hurt though
  4. Hurt next exit confirmed I guess

  5. 1: Dirrty
    2: Fighter
    3: Genie
    4: Hurt
    5: Your Body

    They're all 10s (and an 11) though, so I can't be mad at however this goes. Unless Dirrty doesn't win, in which case I will absolutely be mad.
  6. R27


    Hurt is probably the most surprising top 5 entry, but seeing as I 10ed it I ain’t mad. Your Body is definitely out of its league but I’m not surprised to see it here because it is an easily digestible bop that flopped and the stans needed to see it reach the top 5 somewhere.

    All jokes aside, I think Your Body is pretty great and still gave t an 8, so please don’t hurt me.
  7. Beautiful is that classic. While I do think Xtina has better ballads, her signature hit's reach is just immeasurable. A blueprint. Probably could've outlasted Your Body, but this is Popjustice so.
  8. Beautiful is, as many others have said, a classic. But Hurt is definitely deserving of being her Top Ballad here.
  9. Personally I’d rank her best ballads as:

    5. Hurt
    4. Reflection (2020)
    3. Twice
    2. Beautiful
    1. The Voice Within
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  10. The music video for Beautiful was the first time I would see two men kiss (and presumeably that applies to many more people) and for that I will ALWAYS stan X-Tina.
  11. I love that Back to Basics lives on through Hurt.

    Hurt being the top rated Xtina ballad - TASTE.

    With that said, I think the eliminations will go this way

    05 Hurt
    04 Your Body
    03 Genie in A Bottle
    02 Fighter
    01 Dirrty
  12. 1. Fighter
    2. Dirrty
    3. Hurt
    4. Your Body
    5. Genie
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  13. Wow... So much Fighter love. Of the remaining songs, it's my lowest scored, and it's my least favorite single from Stripped. I like it a lot but i just don't love it in the way that it seems most others do?!

    I'd quite like:

    1. Dirrty
    2. Genie In A Bottle
    3. Your Body
    4. Hurt
    5. Fighter
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  14. I'm speechless... Your Body over Beautiful is a choice. I'm surprise to see Hurt (apart from Your Body) in top 05 but I'm glad is there.

    At this point, for me, Fighter for the win.
  15. I foresee it going the following way:

    5 - Your Body
    4 - Hurt
    3 - Genie In A Bottle
    2 - Dirrty
    1 - Fighter
  16. This will never happen, but my ideal top 5 would look like this:

    1. Hurt
    2. Genie in a Bottle
    3. Your Body
    4. Fighter
    5. Dirrty

    I love all of the songs, though.
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    What... the fuck


    Anyway "Beautiful" is a classic. I don't care that it's overplayed or her signature song or whatever. It deserves.
  18. The absolute gay foolishness of “Your Body” still being here and probably beating “Hurt” so we’ll have a big dumb bop over literally ANY Christina ballad?!

    Im prepared to be its lowest scorer with a 6 and all 6 of those points are for vocals. She absolutely burns the house down and I wouldn’t blink at it being Top 20 but literally Top 5?! This is Max Martin in 2012 not even trying. The trill that follows the first “I think you already know my name” completely undoing all the power she put in her delivery only to be upped by the most basic beat drop. I mean the production throughout is hopeless trendchasing and feels below both Martin and Aguilera. Beyond that iconic lyric, there’s quite literally nothing happening here. Like this is Christina Aguilera, she’s down sexual liberated bops about 100x better than this. The opening lines of the second verse are embarrassingly bad. I mean “It's true what you heard/ I am a freak, I'm disturbed/ So come and give me your worst” are the type of unsexy attempts at cool sexy lyrics that make my skin crawl. think the most damning piece of criticism I could give is that one review compared it to a Jessie J song and they’re not wrong!
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  19. Don't worry, you won't be. I genuinely thought most of y'all were trolling when you were hailing "Your Body" as one of her best songs. I... don't get it.
  20. I just did a tally of her figures on Spotify excluding collaborations not included in her major releases:

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