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✖ The XTINA Discography Rate ✖ TOP FIVE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. londonrain

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    Screaming at You Lost Me having outperformed Not Myself Tonight. I guess we know which song had the longevity...
  2. Dirrty should be on 137 billion, not million.
  3. @BEST FICTION perfectly timing the rate to have it's finale out on June 8th, the mind of a mastermind etc.

  4. If we only had a Bionic track (e.g. Birds of Prey) to actual win it though.
  5. 'Elastic Love' was truly done wrong.
  6. R27


    Bionic definitely deserved a song in the top 5 and that song was “Monday Morning.” However, some of y’all had to rain on her parade.
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  7. I guess it's time to start the Top 5. At this point we'll be losing an album every time unless a Stripped single goes... So let's get into it.


    So don't even tell me your name
    All I need to know is whose place
    And let's get walking

    Your Body: 9.385
    11 (@tj-x, @GimmeWork, @Laurence)
    10 (@Sprockrooster, @eatyourself, @aux, @soratami, @RainOnFire, @Jonathan27, @jawow_, @tylerc904, @fatyoshi, @Jwentz, @No hay banda, @-M-, @Gabeee9292, @sfmartin, @evilsin, @Coochi, @deafjan, @JMRGBY, @Fuchsia, @constantino, @RUNAWAY, @Robsolete, @P'NutButter, @unnameable, @Sail On, @etienne, @Music Is Death, @myblood, @Baby Loves To, @Butterfly, @Maki, @vague, @LA Hallucinations, @Push, @Slice of Life, @Remorque, @Hurricane Drunk, @M24), 9.75 (@junkos)
    3 (@godspeed), 6 (@Trouble in Paradise)
    10 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Your Body" was the lead single from Xtina's fifth album, Lotus, released November 9th, 2012. It was her first song written & produced by Max Martin and Shellback, with additional writing credits by Savan Kotecha & Sophia Somajo. The origin of this song is... messy. Originally we heard about the title at the end of 2011, with radio stations taking advantage of that by adding it to their request website. We spent most of New Years Eve imagining a surprise drop in January... And if obviously nothing happened. The snippet of the song started to make the rounds in August 2012, a month prior to it's release, with traders having the song for much longer. I remember being part of a chatroom where one girl basically catfished her way into getting the 15 second snippet and sending it to us thirsty bitches. It was life-changing. The full explicit demo leaked 2 weeks before the official release.

    It debut and peaked at #34 in the US, selling 103,000 copies in it's first week on the chart. It peaked at #6 in Lebanon, #10 in Canada, #16 in Scotland & the UK, #17 in Sweden, #19 in Austria and within the Top 100 in most other European countries, NZ & Australia. The song had one live performance... with office supplies with Jimmy Fallon. It was originally performed on The Voice, with Xtina releasing photos of her on the set, but the performance was axed for reasons that are still not known to this day. It would go without a real live performance until it became part of the intro for The Xperience residency & The X Tour; only after fans begged her so much that Andy Cohen had to bring it to her attention that we wanted the song live. A music video was allegedly recorded for the explicit version of the song, but it went unreleased, just as the explicit version did. Which makes (Clean Version) on the official upload even more baffling.

    BEST FICTION's corner: This is still my most played song ever. When it came out I just couldn't STOP. At one point I would've said it's my favourite song of all time, but my 11 went to my true favourite song of all time. This is still such a huge moment in my life though. I remember getting into a huge argument with my friend when she decided to tell me she hated the video, and I gave her a very dramatic response about how it wasn't the time to tell me something like that, as I was clearly stanning! We aren't friends anymore... Probably not because of that... But maybe because of that.

    Our first 11-giver GimmeWork stans, "Fresh out of a 3yr relationship, at the thirstiest of my 20s and then Ms.Dirrty herself goes and drops my promiscuous anthem. To say I was, and still am completely obsessed is an understatement." It's also the favourite of Laurence, "Yes, my 11. This is such an iconic song I've played so much, so iconic it doesn't even have a live performance, so seeing this on tour was a damn blast. I actually won free tickets cuz it did not sell that well so I sold those tickets, with a discount and spread the profit between the group of 3 friends we went to see her. XtinaCommunism and the tour was a blast. Anyway this song is so good, sounds like Into You a lot yes. But this is so iconic and that video? I played it every day in the gay bar when I was there - wew. - my friends still remind me of it."

  8. [​IMG]
    Release Date: November 9, 2012
    US Billboard 200: #7
    UK Albums: #28
    Australian Albums: #19
    Total Album Sales: 600,000 (est.)


    Music Is Life: 8.92
    eliminathan: 8.38
    Slice of Life: 8.31
    Remorque: 8.20
    Fuchsia: 8.19

    vague: 8.14
    londonrain: 8.13
    junkos: 8.05
    Holly Something: 8.03
    -M-: 7.94
    unnameable: 7.94

    tylerc904 7.91
    soratami 7.88
    Leogin 7.88
    Robsolete 7.72
    JMRGBY 7.59
    saviodxl 7.56
    Lkane 7.56
    constantino 7.47
    GimmeWork 7.44
    Butterfly 7.39
    sfmartin 7.34
    RUNAWAY 7.34
    P'NutButter 7.31
    evilsin 7.25
    Sprockrooster 7.22
    tj-x 7.19
    m_dimitrov 7.16
    Gabeee9292 7.09
    eatyourself 7.06
    Jonathan27 7.05
    Maki 7.03
    Coochi 7.00
    Touchofmyhand 6.97
    Epic Chocolat 6.94
    Mirwais 6.94
    Laurence 6.91
    myblood 6.89
    VeryPSB 6.84
    aaronhansome 6.75
    M24 6.75
    AllGagaLike 6.73
    andrewdarwitan 6.66
    rdp 6.56
    Sail On 6.56
    deafjan 6.48
    PushyBakerFriend 6.48
    Tigerlily 6.44
    Dangerous Maknae 6.44
    aux 6.42
    Hurricane Drunk 6.38
    Jwentz 6.34
    R27 6.33
    etienne 6.31
    Baby Loves To 6.27
    bakerboy92 6.17
    lalaclairi_ 6.16
    Verandi 6.09
    OspreyQueen 6.06
    sesita 5.97
    Crisp X 5.88
    Aester 5.84
    Phloo 5.81
    No hay banda 5.75
    Ana Raquel 5.75
    jawow_ 5.63
    Sleepycat 5.50

    Humes: 5.41
    Trouble in Paradise: 5.38
    LA Hallucinations: 5.38
    RainOnFire: 5.31

    fatyoshi: 5.13
    nikkysan: 4.97
    Doenjang: 4.84

    Push: 4.63
    theelusivechanteuse: 4.34

    godspeed: 4.06

  9. Proud of my 11 for holding off the haters and making top 5 baby! I have such fond memories of this song and the time around it's release. The anticipation of new Xtina (Finally!!!). The announcement that the lead single would be her (*homosexual hyperventilating gasps*) first collab with fellow pop royalty Max Martin!! The absolute gaggery when it was released and surpassed even my highest expectations!!! The way she radiated beauty and body positivity paying the mysogonist media haters dust! The VIDEO! The yearning and sexxxxx she infuses into the verses and flawless ad-libs that builds into those soaring vocals..everything about it just spoke to my thirsty 22yr old soul henny!
  10. This relentless slayage of the megabop that is Your Body. There are still smashed glitters from me scattered on the floor.
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  11. Your Body is absolutely brilliant and honestly, Lotus was worth it for the handful of bangers we got from it.
  12. rdp


    The ballads on Lotus (esp Blank Page) deserved to make it further than faceless bop Let There Be Love but otherwise I am okay with the album rankings
  13. The BEST FICTION corner always delivers!!
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  14. I am finally at peace.
  15. Genie, Dirrty, Fighter, Hurt? A top 4.
  16. 'Your Body' succeeds so phenomenally in the marriage of Xtina's BIG vocals and that thumping poppy Max Martin production, it's easily one of his best songs this side of 2010.

    The video is obviously iconic, I love it when Christina gives us CAMP.
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  17. @Slice of Life being a Lotus stan is the information I didn't know I wanted. I'm going to use it every time she comes for my taste from now on.
  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fffffff bestie where were you when I posted my averages? You even liked my post kii
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  19. “Your Body” was my 11 as it holds so many fun memories for me. I remember I was a million miles away from home for work when this song was released. It was a cure for homesickness and for Xtina to come up with a smash like this was euphoric.

    The video was camp, gay and colorful and is one of my favorite Xtina videos of all-time.

    I would be happy if any of the remaining songs one, but especially proud of Hurt for going this far.
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  20. It's just such an onslaught of a song and those "ooh-ooh" ad-libs in the final chorus leave in my mind rent-free.
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