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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. If you haven't strutted with 'Your Body' playing in your head, I refuse to believe you are a homosexual. Just saying.

    One of the best Max Martin productions too.
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  2. "Your Body" is a big bop, though not really top 5 worthy, but I totally get why it's widely loved among fans - that chorus is just undeniable.

    In hindsight, I probably overscored it a tiny bit with the 10 I gave it, since it doesn't really match up to most of the perfect scores I've given out. I guess I most likely put it against the rest of "Lotus", as it's definitely the best song from that album and hence scored it so high.
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  3. I want to sacrifice my body for Your Body. What a killer song.
  4. I finally caught up with the last few eliminations, and I'm really surprised Hurt beat Beautiful and is still here. It's a classic, sure, but I certainly wouldn't call it Christina's best ballad, let alone one of her four best songs, and I didn't think it was that big a fan-favourite either. I also noticed none of the songs in the top 20 really got a lot of 11s (I definitely wasn't expecting some classics not to get a single one), so I guess the four remaining songs (or at least most of them) must have a lot.
  5. [​IMG]

    There's nothing I wouldn't do
    To have just one more chance
    To look into your eyes
    And see you looking back

    Hurt: 9.468
    11 (@Trouble in Paradise, @Touchofmyhand, @Remorque)
    10 (@M24, @Hurricane Drunk, @bakerboy92, @londonrain, @Sleepycat, @Slice of Life, @Push, @LA Hallucinations, @vague, @Maki, @Baby Loves To, @R27, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @myblood, @Doenjang, @Music Is Death, @etienne, @eliminathan, @Sail On, @aaronhansome, @OspreyQueen, @PushyBakerFriend, @Robsolete, @Phloo, @sesita, @Leogin, @JMRGBY, @Crisp X, @GimmeWork, @lalaclairi_, @saviodxl, @-M-, @rdp, @No hay banda, @fatyoshi, @tylerc904, @Jonathan27, @RainOnFire, @Dangerous Maknae, @nikkysan, @aux, @tj-x, @eatyourself, @Sprockrooster), 9.5 (@Fuchsia, @junkos, @Gabeee9292, @jawow_, @AllGagaLike)
    5.5 (@Ana Raquel), 7 (@unnameable)
    10 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Hurt" was the second single from Back To Basics, released August 9, 2006. The song was part of CD2, written & produced by Linda Perry, with cowriting by Mark Ronson. Xtina wrote the chords to the song with Ronson before bringing it to Perry, requesting they write a track about losing someone dear to you. Perry had lost her father in 2005 and based the lyrics on that relationship, which she admits was not a positive one, but she regrets not saying she loved him before his death. As mentioned during the Candyman elimination, the decision to release this song was quite last minute, with it taking the place as the second single over Candyman.

    It went on to become one of her most recognisable hits in Europe, hitting #1 in Switzerland, #2 in Germany, Austria, Netherlands & Sweden, #3 in Belgium & France, #5 in Hungary, #6 in Ireland, #8 in Scotland, #9 in Australia, #11 in Norway & the UK, #12 in Italy, #14 in Denmark, #15 in Finland and #19 in the US. In 2006 it was the 17th best selling single in Sweden, and 71st in 2007. In France it was the 17th best selling single in 2007, and within the Top 100 for Australia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and most other European countries. It won the MVPA award for Best Video and Best Direction of a Female Artist in 2007, and was nominated for Video of the Year at the Juno Awards. It was performed at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, Saturday Night Live, Christmas at Rockefeller Center, Wetten Dass and then at the Back To Basics Tour. She has not performed the song live since October 2008 at the rescheduled Back To Basics shows in Abu Dhabi. Xtina has admitted in the past that it's probably her hardest song to perform live, hence it's absence in most live shows.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Release Date: August 9, 2006
    US Billboard 200: #1
    UK Albums: #1
    Australian Albums: #1
    Total Album Sales: 5,000,000 (est.)



    Music Is Life: 9.51
    eatyourself: 9.50
    Crisp X: 9.38
    vague: 9.11
    m_dimitrov: 8.93

    Gabeee9292: 8.90
    BEST FICTION: 8.65
    Dangerous Maknae: 8.62
    -M-: 8.62
    Slice of Life: 8.50

    Tigerlily 8.48
    Sprockrooster 8.43
    soratami 8.43
    Leogin 8.43
    Mirwais Ahmadzaï 8.43
    Doenjang 8.40
    Maki 8.37
    sesita 8.36
    Baby Loves To 8.25
    Sleepycat 8.24
    Robsolete 8.19
    godspeed 8.12
    Fuchsia 8.12
    aaronhansome 8.10
    lalaclairi_ 8.05
    No hay banda 7.98
    Sail On 7.98
    aux 7.95
    tylerc904 7.95
    Humes 7.95
    RUNAWAY 7.95
    Touchofmyhand 7.93
    Jwentz 7.88
    Holly Something 7.86
    M24 7.86
    myblood 7.80
    P'NutButter 7.79
    Trouble in Paradise 7.79
    andrewdarwitan 7.76
    Phloo 7.76
    Butterfly 7.73
    Push 7.70
    Remorque 7.69
    AllGagaLike 7.68
    nikkysan 7.64
    junkos 7.64
    tj-x 7.62
    saviodxl 7.62
    GimmeWork 7.57
    RainOnFire 7.52
    Aester 7.52
    eliminathan 7.50
    evilsin 7.48
    Hurricane Drunk 7.48
    Lkane 7.38
    PushyBakerFriend 7.38
    Verandi 7.38
    Jonathan27 7.36
    deafjan 7.36
    R27 7.36
    bakerboy92 7.33
    fatyoshi 7.29
    theelusivechanteuse 7.26
    OspreyQueen 7.25
    constantino 7.14
    rdp 7.12
    JMRGBY 7.12
    LA Hallucinations 7.10

    Ana Raquel: 7.05
    sfmartin: 7.00
    etienne: 6.95
    Epic Chocolat: 6.88
    Coochi: 6.76

    unnameable: 6.76
    Laurence: 6.64

    jawow_: 6.36
    VeryPSB: 6.31

    londonrain: 6.10

  7. Hurt and Back to Basics had a great run, and deservedly so.
    This is for my peoples who just lost somebody your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady.
  8. Mercy On Me, The Right Man, Without You, On Our Way, Understand were done so wrong and so was Hurt to be fair. I can't believe Beautiful is still in.

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  9. The Top 3 is Genie, Dirrty & Fighter.
  10. And what a top 3 it is! I was changing my mind between which of those to give my 11 to all through the voting period.
  11. Genie needs to fuck off now.
  12. oh. It still made it too far then!!!11111 ddd
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  13. I just checked my scores and I somehow gave Genie a 10 but the other two only got 9.5s! And Genie is the one I want to win least now. Oh, 2020 me, what were you doing? It's a truly iconic top three, though.
  14. rdp


    This rate made me re-listen to Back to Basics a lot and I think my averages would probably be way higher now. Got a newfound appreciation for On Our Way, Without You and Makes Me Wanna Pray particularly
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  15. Proud of my 11!! A song that made me emotional when it first came out and years later had taken on an even deeper, sadder meaning... Truly one of the few times a big pop girl (or guy for that matter) really nailed the emotions of losing someone without going into the maudlin or cliche.
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  16. How many 11s are still left?
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  17. So this was another 11 contender except, despite being a perfect song in my eyes, "Hurt" has become a tough listen due to a few particular connections. I always remember that one time my mom and I were watching some kind of Top 50 thingy after coming back from morning school classes. At one point, the song came up and it had quite the strong reaction on her. Even though both of us didn't understand English at the time, she figured the song involved a father - daughter relationship, and thus it made her think of the rocky one she had with hers. He had been kicked out of the family's life for a long time so none of the grandchildren like myself ever met him. In one or two more occasions, she would use the music video as a way to briefly tell me a little about him and these memories somehow stuck with me since.

    15 years later, and this song now holds a special place in my heart. A couple years back, not only my own relationship but the family's one with my abusive dad suddenly deteriorated so fast that I've had to cut ties with him for good. It strangely felt easy to do at the time, yet I'm still grappling with all the circumstances that led me to stand up for myself by taking such a drastic decision. Even though he's still out there, I felt like I was leaving a part of me behind... which can be so difficult to admit. Loss comes in many forms, and sometimes I wonder if Xtina realizes how many people she touched on a deep level with this song. I'll always be grateful for its existence.
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  18. There are twenty-four 11s throughout the Top 3.
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  19. I adore 'Fighter' but the other two are classics. Damn I can't decide!
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  20. Displaying taste, that's what. Genie deserves its top 3 position.
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