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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    When I try to describe
    How I feel when you hold me
    I get butterflies
    I hear lullabies

    Too Beautiful For Words: 5.364
    (@unnameable), 8.5 (@AllGagaLike)
    1 (@Holly Something), 1.5 (@RainOnFire)
    6.75 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Too Beautiful For Words" was originally released in 1999 as the B-side to Xtina's second single, What A Girl Wants. It was included as Track 3 on the Australian & European pressings of the physical single. It was written by Shelley Peiken who also wrote What A Girl Wants, and produced by Todd Chapman who also worked on We're A Miracle & Don't Make Me Love You from the same era.

    In 2000, it was released as a standalone collector's edition single to promote her debut tour "Christina Aguilera In Concert", which boasted Destiny's Child as a supporting act for North American shows. The CD included a CD-Rom function with an exclusive wallpaper & 4 minute interview video with Christina. It also contained Tarsha Vega's Be Ya Self as the B-side, for some reason. It also came with a scratch card with a grand prize of flying out to an Xtina show to introduce her live on stage. A Genie in the Bottle Remix CD & Love For All Seasons collector CDs were also released to complete the set.

  2. Too Beautiful for Words is... fine. I don't hate it, but it's having a hard time finding its groove in my consciousness.

    Those high scores though?

    I can't wait to see what y'all give the fucking cuh-lassics still in the rate.

  3. The Xtina x Sears/Levi partnership ... ah, that's history!
  4. Too Beautiful for Words is an ok b-side. Her low notes and rich tone rescues the song from banality.

    That being said, out of all the b-sides from the debut, Dreamy Eyes should hopefully last longer.
  5. It's an okay song, I actually prefer it to Obvious and Blessed.
  6. Well. I do not mind this one going. It is not bad as a b-side, but also not something I would have wanted on the main album.


    Also, the zeroes remaining unspoiled is justice.

    Edit: we lost Mother. Clearly I quickly forgot about that song again.
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  7. I hope y'all didn't do Mi Reflejo dirty.
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  8. It's a cute ballad, I gave it a 6 and stand by it. I think we'll see a good chunk of the debut out before Make The World Move.
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  9. That's more like it.

    Too Beautiful for Words - 4,25
    ~ My second lowest score in the entire rate. One of the very few songs by Christina that I can't recall a single note of (except from the song title line) - I forget how it goes as soon as it stops playing. Can't say that there's anything bad about it, but it's just a major snoozefest and probably the most boring song of her career. She sure sounds good, although the song never seems to end and the melody is so nothing-y.

    It definitely sounds like a B-side and they made a good decision, since it's weaker than anything on her debut album. No wonder it's out so early.
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  10. [​IMG]

    This is Shane Burrows
    You're a classy honest woman both naughty and nice
    Ravishing, seductive and sexy
    Christina, thank you so much, please never stop

    Thank You (Dedication to Fans...): 5.367
    (@eatyourself), 9 (@Crisp X, @Music Is Life, @unnameable)
    0 (@londonrain), 1 (@jawow_, @P'NutButter)
    6.5 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)" was included as the closing track of the first disc of Christina's third album, Back To Basics, released on August 15th, 2006. It samples Can't Hold Us Down & Genie In A Bottle as well as Think Big by Pudgie the Fat Bastard & Notorious B.I.G. It contains fan recordings by Shane Burrows, Jessica Cavanaugh, She-Tara Franklin, Michael Holmin, Warren Keller, Antoinette Litte, Gustavo Medina, Sarah Anne Moore, Joshua Pospisil, Cory Steale, Durant Searcy, Samantha Silver, Tammy Simpson and Shanna Nicole Wiles. Lyrically it's all about Xtina thanking her fans for sticking by her and believing in her and the fans reciprocate giving such touching recounts as Walk Away helping to "get over a lot stuff with my ex-boyfriend".

    All in all, she sounds great on the track but it is a bit odd to hear a fan tell us that he wants to kill himself over a little jazzy, hip-hop beat... Also these people probably have their names show up in the Back To Basics credits when their employers are searching them up, and how amazing is that?

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  11. This shouldn't be out this soon! It's an incredible mood piece, I have ranked it higher than a couple songs from the same album.
  12. Another song I can't be mad of to see going. Aside from an expected early boot of a high score (The Blowers Daughter) this rate has been really kind to me so far.
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  13. This part sends me just imagining Xtina handpicking the fan voicemails she elected to include.
  14. The sudden turn of events with my lowest scores leaving one after another. Nice to see it.
    Let's finish it off with "Blessed" or "We're a Miracle" (now watch me lose another 8+ score next).
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  15. Didn’t expect “Thank U (Dedication to Myself)” to be out before Make the World Move!
  16. I don't actually consider Thank U a real song. It's more of an Outro for me really...
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  17. I think I gave Thank You a 2 just for the nerve of conceiving and releasing it. Performance art tbh.
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  18. I’m still screaming at the gall of her riffing to call-ins from stans for five Goddamn minutes and sticking it on the end of her album

  19. I actually appreciate Lotus, if my higher scorers on it go anytime soon I'll be so pissed.

    Also 'Thank You' is genuinely terrible, the 1 was for the bit of 'Genie' running through it.
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  20. Our last elimination for today.... So we lost a track from Back To Basics & Lotus... So will it be Bionic? Stripped? Debut? Burlesque?

    The answer is pretty obvious.​


    I'm feeling like a little girl
    Caught up in emotions
    I'm out of control
    Isn't it obvious?

    Obvious: 5.383
    (@jawow_), 9 (@Sprockrooster, @OspreyQueen)
    1 (@Jwentz), 2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @bakerboy92, @Phloo, @godspeed, @Dangerous Maknae)

    "Obvious" was released as part of Xtina's debut album on August 24, 1999. It was the closing track on the standard edition in most territories. It was presumably one of the very first songs recorded for the project as it was written Heather Holley, who also wrote I Come Undone for Xtina. I Come Undone wasn't included in the rate as it was never officially released anywhere, but was included on The Scene Compilation in 1998, which helped secure Xtina's recording contract with RCA.

    It was produced by Rob Hoffman who went on to produce Soar, I Will Be & Hello for Xtina in later years.Lyrically it's about trying to hide feelings for the person you like but fearing that your awkward actions make it all seem a bit obvious.

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