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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Five more eliminations tomorrow. No big hints, except that none of the extras or collabs are on the chopping block. It is time to get rid of some album tracks! Leave your guesses below!

  2. I'm fine with Obvious going. It probably is the weakest on the debut for me.

    I had no idea We're a Miracle wasn't the closing track until I took part in this rate. I was even more confused that it wasn't on streaming. I was like, how the fuck do I know this song then? then I realized it was because of my treasured Pokémon: The First Movie soundtrack. I must have tacked it on to the debut in the iTunes era.
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  3. This is going swimmingly, Love Will Find A Way next please!
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  4. Even though Obvious isn't a great loss in any way, shape or form, I'm actually glad it outlived Thank You (Dedication to Stans...). The only song already worth losing off Back to Basics.
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  5. I love Obvious! (I gave it an unashamed 10). But I'm not surprised it went so soon, given the comments on here leading up to the eliminations. But I was surprised so many users didn't like it.

    I remember reading it somewhere that Christina didn't want Genie as her first single because it didn't reflect her vocal power, and that she wanted Obvious to be her debut single. Not sure if this is true.
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  6. "Obvious" is definitely among my bottom 3 songs from the debut, so good riddance.

    Interesting. I was sure at least one extra would leave next, since some of them are very unremarkable.
    I presume that we'll lose songs from "Christina Aguilera", "Burlesque" and "Lotus", and here are my guesses for tomorrow:
    We're a Miracle
    Tough Lover
    Guy What Takes His Time
    Make the World Move (if this one doesn't leave tomorrow, I'll riot)

    Coincidentally, all of them are among my lowest scores, so this set would be pretty much ideal for me.
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm not the only one who's still hung up on this, right? Okay.

    I don't even care that I gave The Blower's Daughter a 7 and it was the second song out, because holy shit at all of this!​
  8. Well, this has gone swimmingly so far now, hasn't it?
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  9. I fail to see why Obvious is so bad. A bit blindsided. Guess I have my unexpectes loss of a fave anyway.
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  10. @BEST FICTION working hard on these eliminations while we peasants were graced with not just one, but two extensions only to listen to a few tracks and give them a number.

    yes, I couldn't find that gif but maybe we wanted a little change now and then right?
  11. [​IMG]

    I'm loving and living for every second of this mess!

    Wondering if Bionic will lose something tomorrow. Make The World Move has to go. Empty Words? Some Debutina tracks? PERCHED.
  12. R27


    I gave Obvious a 6, but seeing as I can’t remember how it goes, I might have been a bit generous. Still, I’ve lost a lot of low scoring songs today so I’m pretty pleased. However, I’m really hoping to see at least a couple Burlesque cuts tomorrow.
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  13. How?
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  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Thank You is so iconic. Did it need to exist? No. Am I glad it exists? Absolutely.
  15. I know this won't be received well but I hope Prima Donna is the first cut from Bionic.
  16. Ohh I was hoping for Hoy Tengo... to be mid-out at least. It is such a beautiful song!
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  17. Thank You is the living expression of that bit in Chicago where Roxie Hart goes

    "Mmmm, I'm a star!
    And the audience loves me!
    And I love them
    And they love me for loving them
    And I love them for loving me
    And we love each other
    And that's because none of us
    Got enough love in our childhoods
    And that's showbiz, Kid"
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

  19. I was so disappointed when the first album was released after literally stanning genie for what seemed like an eternity.
  20. Not even in the bottom 5 from the debut! We're a Miracle (one of the lesser Pokemon soundtrack cuts), Blessed or Love For All Seasons (a mild bop) should be next from the debut.
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