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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Popjustice doing far too much over Maroon 5 yet again, I see.

    A bop is a bop, and since this predates the disaster that was Red Pill Blues (who even calls an album that?!) it’s still firmly in their “acceptable” era for me.
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  2. I was ready to but my cat kept sitting on my keyboard and it felt like a sine from above (with Elton John).
  3. "Moves like Jagger" is part of the era when "Ft. Christina Aguilera" was one of the best artists around. Much as in the same way that "Ft. Charli XCX" had more commercial success than a lot of Charli's solo work.
  4. I don't mind MLJ and its achievements are sure nice to brag about! A #1 single in three different decades which is difficult to get, not everybody has that!
  5. Moves Like Jagger > Feel This Moment
    and this rate just proved that!
  6. The British British cigarettes have their moments, huh

  7. I don't know, it's a damn good song and I still bop to it.
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  8. I can’t believe Moves Like Jagger isn’t universally hated here. It’s awful. Atrocious. Symbolic of Maroon 5 deciding to just cash in on whatever will get them a hit from then onwards, which in turn is symbolic of so many untenable male pop acts we had to endure for years and years. Dark times.
  9. "Moves Like Jagger" is, just like "Feel This Moment", a great bop and one of her better collaborations (which isn't anything exceptional at all, but still).
  10. It's catchy as fuck and I hate myself so much that Adam turns me on whenever I see the video.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member


    Good riddance.
  12. Thank god. Some of y’all need Jesus for giving that trash a 10.
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  13. You should have let miss icon sit on the keys and submitted whatever her ass wrote

  14. She Will Be Loved.

    That's it.
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  15. Makes Me Wonder tho
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  16. I'm genuinely shocked that Sharts Like Jagger lasted this long. I really thought it'd be bottom 5.

    Also, scream at @BEST FICTION's cat sitting on his keyboard/chair/lap anytime he tries to do an elimination. Given that it's clearly an Xtina hater, it's lucky not to have ended up in a cattery.
  17. @BEST FICTION going on about how awful the songs are and yet still always giving them a decent score. Now that's a real stan.
  18. @BEST FICTION’s cat leaving a turd on his keyboard just as he’s about to post another elimination

  19. @eliminathan and I trade weeks with her and this is my week, so she doesn't let me use my computer cause she just wants me to sleep.

  20. [​IMG]

    Open your heart now
    This is the time for us to give
    The world needs love now
    So live and let live

    Christmas Time: 6.417
    (@-M-, @Music Is Life, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï), 9.25 (@Maki)
    2.5 (@Dangerous Maknae, @jawow_), 3.5 (@Sleepycat)
    8.5 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Christmas Time" was the lead single lifted from the debut Christmas album, My Kind of Christmas, released in 2001. It was one of three original songs created for the album, along with the previously eliminated This Year. A version with Lil Bow Wow doing the rap was done for her live concert that was released on VHS, she also messes up the lyrics slightly in this performance. It was produced by Eric Dawkins, who worked on Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) & Fighter, but also with PJ favourite Samantha Mumba. ChakDaddy is credited as a producer & writer and boasts credits such as What's Good 4 The Goose by Eden's Crush.... Which Sol Survivor also worked on and he is also credited as a writer & producer. Alex Alessandroni is a writer on the song and is credited for playing instruments Try for Nelly Furtado, wig. Xtina's mentor at the time, Ron Fair, is also credited and he would go on to work with Vanessa Carlton on her debut album, as well as Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Mary J Blige & Lady Gaga.

    Obviously as you can tell there isn't much to say about this song, so lemme end with my opinion. I hate Christmas music, but this transcends Christmas. It's just a straight up early 2000s bop, and I know I said this about "This Year" too, but if it wasn't being associated with Christmas, it'd be a lot higher in this rate! It's just so good.

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