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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. R27


    This is a tune y’all. Plenty of worse tracks left.
  2. Not another Christmas gem ending up criminally underrated...
    "Christmas Time" is literally among my favourite Christmas songs of all time (which isn't a big feat, since I'm not a fan of festive songs, though it remains an amazing track per say).
    Another tea spill regarding this theme.

    I hate how rarities, extras etc. are being greatly mistreated just because they're not a part of a certain album, even though they were supposed to appear on them and sound better than a lot of it (case in point: "Dreamy Eyes" and "That's What Love Can Do"). This happened in several other rates, too.
  3. [​IMG]

    Hold up, I got mo' mo' money than I can fold up
    Hey, I see you super hatin' when I roll up
    And I suggest you go and grow the fuck up, ha
    Or you can spin around in

    Circles: 6.439
    (@eatyourself), 9.5 (@unnameable, @Music Is Life)
    0.5 (@jawow_), 2 (@nikkysan, @Push)

    "Circles" is a track that was released on the standard edition of the fifth studio album, Lotus, in November 2012. It was written and produced by Candice Pillay & Alex Da Kid, which is why it sounds the way it does. The song debut at #160 on the Gaon South Korean International Digital Singles Charts with sales of 1,930 during it's release week. According to Wikipedia the song was well received by critics, who praised it's "90s riot-grrl" vibe. She also says the word "motherfucker" on the track, which gives the album it's explicit lyrics sticker, despite the fact that both Your Body & Shut Up were only released in censored versions. I'm honestly shocked this lasted so long because Christina kinda perfected this track when she released Sick of Sittin', and this now is just so inferior.

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  4. "Circles" outlasting "Dreamy Eyes", "That's What Love Can Do", "Cease Fire" and both Christmas songs is laughable.

    That chorus is a literal assault on the ears.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    In fairness, it's probably mostly Alex's fault.

    Candice only did the vocal production - alongside Christina herself. How did Christina hear the production on that chorus and go "well, that sounds good"?!
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  6. I don't think she listened to the album before releasing it. That is the only explanation.
  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    But, if she actually did the vocal production...

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  8. Circles is the best song on Lotus

  9. upload_2020-7-30_11-53-18.gif
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  10. It absolutely is; while Circles is decent, Sick of Sittin' is a whole other beast and I really have the feeling its gonna leave soon because GuiTArzzz
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  11. Sick of Sittin' is phenomenal and y'all better have put some respect on its name.
  12. I hope you mean "aside from Your Body", because otherwise...
  13. Fingers anthem Circles outlasting Moves Like Jagger is a delicious kii.
  14. Circles did better than expected so I’m proud. That’s my baby.
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  15. Question... why did all of the Lotus album chart on Korea’s Digital Chart?
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  16. Moves Like Jagger was a huge smash in Korea, so I think Lotus was kinda anticipated. But also it's the International Digital Charts, so they were getting like 1000 downloads each dd
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  17. [​IMG]

    Everything about me seems to have changed
    Step by step, I got a brand new walk
    I even sound sweeter when I talk

    Something's Got A Hold On Me: 6.449
    (@Sprockrooster, @eatyourself, @Coochi), 9.5 (@Slice of Life)
    3 (@eliminathan, @PushyBakerFriend, @constantino, @nikkysan), 4 (@OspreyQueen, @Push)
    5.5 (@BEST FICTION)

    "Something's Got A Hold On Me" is the first musical number performed in Xtina's lead film debut, Burlesque. The song was originally released by her biggest inspiration & idol Etta James in 1962 as third single from her self titled album. The scene where the track plays has Ali Rose (Xtina) packing up the diner she works at for closing, before snatching some coin and getting her ass on the bus to LA to become a performer. Xtina performed the song on the Ellen & Conan O'Brien shows to promote the soundtrack's release. The original has been covered many times, by artists like Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, Jessica Mauboy & Paloma Faith. It was also sampled in two 2011 hit singles, Levels by Avicii & Good Feeling by Flo Rida. Flo Rida would go on to sample another one of Xtina's idols, Nina Simone, on his #96 peaking How I Feel, which Xtina performed with him on The Voice in 2013.

  18. "Something's Got a Hold of Me" belongs to the weaker, "cover screamfest" half of "Burlesque" that I really don't care for. Good to see it's out.

    And I like how "Burlesque" is down to its 4/8 tracks that are vastly superior and are all original songs (to some extent).
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  19. Fantastic decision to start the soundtrack with. Setting the tone and quality right from the start.
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