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The xx Discography Rate - Results Continue (#46, #45 & #44)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by klow, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. "Will you walk into my rate?" said the spider to the fly...

    49. "Insects"

    120.35 points / Average: 7.079

    Ranked Highest By: @Conan, @ohnostalgia, @berserkboi (10)
    Ranked Lowest By: @klow, @Sprockrooster, @discoteca, @fatyoshi (5)

    "Insects" is our second "deluxe edition" track of the rate to fall. The B-side to xx single "VCR", it spent much of the voting period in last place, before the generosity of late voters kicked in, propelling its average up a full two points and bringing it into the top 50. It does make sense to me that "Insects" finished higher than "Blood Red Moon", though I gave both tracks the same score. It's a short track about feeling trapped that starts with a galling Oliver vocal, and accordingly, those of us in the early-voting gang probably dismissed it as being of little consequence. But it's far more refined in sound than "Blood Red Moon" and features some charming melodic cadences, so in that sense I'm not unhappy it reached an average above seven.

    The only person with anything to say about "Insects" guessed it, @berserkboi (10), who exclaims: "What a perfect song! WOW!!!" Serving @Music Is Death realness indeed.

    Anyway, enjoy it below, as well as its namesake track from one of the best albums of the 2010s:

  2. @klow - you're not supposed to announce the winner when you haven't revealed all 48 songs it beat!
  3. Listening to it again I think my 5 was a little harsh, but in the wider context of their back catalogue it is a middling track so that's that.
  4. "Ten Love Songs" really is one of the best albums of the 2010s. The XX's "Insects" is the better one, though.
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  5. Insects is alright, I enjoy the melody. Gosh leaving this early is a mistake.
  6. This was being going quite well so far. My highest score out of the eliminated songs was an 8 for Our Song, but I don't mind that being the first xx cut.
  7. "Every night in my dreams / I see you, I feel you..."


    48. "Far Nearer"

    122.25 points / Average: 7.191

    Ranked Highest By: @fatyoshi, @berserkboi (10)
    Ranked Lowest By: @soratami (3), @discoteca (5.5)

    @klow's score: (6.5)

    Apologies to the Jamie xx admirers who log in here each day and click on this thread only to be greeted with further misery. "Far Nearer" is a mishmash of steel drum and vocal sampling that approximates the Balearic dance sound, something that was at its zenith in the latter part of the 2000s and early years of the 2010s. This was Jamie xx's solo debut single, released on the Numbers record label, and it would become clear a year or so later on Coexist exactly how fond he had become of that steel drum. Of all his "instrumental" tracks, I rated this highest, though with a rating of 6.5 you can see that I still wasn't especially moved by it.

    What sayeth thou? @berserkboi (10) is once again keenest to put a praise on it - once he removes himself from his stupor: "What is this almost reggae / tropical gorgeous tune!! Love swaying mildly to it - a trance!!" Less enthused was @Epic Chocolat (6.5), who calls it as being "a tad too long for my liking", while @Untouchable Ace (6.9) is "not so into the childish shrill vocal". @daninternational (8) is looking forward to enjoying this in an outdoor setting: "I can see the appeal of this, sat on my balcony, but I need to hammer it a bit more to judge it properly". Perhaps the song title was a reference to Jack and Rose on the ship deck after all.

    We'll leave Jamie alone for a little while and return to the debut era next...which track do you think is on the chopping block?

  8. I swear I don't only have 10s here, but for some reason they are all going first for me! Dddd
  9. Somehow you do not have the highest overall average - in fact, you don't even medal in that category!
  10. "Grips on your waist, front way, back way / You know that I don't play"


    47. "Do You Mind?"

    122.95 points / Average: 7.232

    Ranked Highest By: @Conan (9.5), @fatyoshi, @berserkboi (9)
    Ranked Lowest By: @2014, @Trouble in Paradise (5), @Untouchable Ace (5.2)

    @klow's score: (6)

    Our first cover to be eliminated is the xx's spare, icy take on "Do You Mind", a collaboration between dance producers Crazy Cousinz, Paleface and singer Kyla (Reid - not to be confused with the Filipino R&B singer known mononymously as Kyla). The original track, an elite-level UK funky classic of sorts, made it to #48 in the UK charts in 2009 following its 2008 release. The song then reached a far broader audience after it was sampled by Drake on his single "One Dance" with Wizkid, one of the biggest-selling singles of 2016, and which spent 15 consecutive weeks at #1 in the UK chart.

    Kyla herself has expressed admiration for the xx's cover, telling Pitchfork in a 2016 interview:

    @daninternational (7) went through the full Wiki-history while listening: "
    Oh I knew this from the Drake sample, and it feels more like a cover because I know it better that way. Oh it is a cover of something else ddd". @berserkboi (9) found it "quite beautiful!", while @Trouble in Paradise (5) suggests that a garrulous approach should be avoided: "They don't do well with wordy choruses".

    Next up: another of the band's album tracks!

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  11. To be clear my issue is with their cover, I just don’t think they pull it off. Kyla’s original is a straight fire bop
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  12. Okay with all of these going, but the Jamie xx cull is stinging a little, not gonna lie.
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  13. Well not very pleased with Do You Mind? vacating but... Hot Like Fire, another excellent cover from them, must make the top 20 now dd
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  14. "The feeling goes on and on and on..."


    46. "Unfold"

    123.05 points / Average: 7.238

    Ranked Highest By: @Sprockrooster (10), @Untouchable Ace (9.2)
    Ranked Lowest By: @2014, @fatyoshi, @Epic Chocolat, @Trouble in Paradise (5)

    @klow's score: (7)

    We return to the latter half of Coexist this morning, and perhaps its most skeletal, sparing song production-wise. "Unfold" was allegedly written "in about half an hour" by Romy and Oliver while they were sitting across from one another, which is interesting as it's the sort of duet where the two singers do feel like they're singing...across each other. As in, they're approaching the one subject from two very different angles. Oliver's lines note an awareness of Romy's character's reticence, but at the same time he doesn't take that coldness "as a sign that you're any less than mine". Romy, on the other hand, thinks the "illusion's getting old". There's a sense that the two of them are waiting for something to occur, but that the opportunity might be passing quickly. Couple that with all the quietness and pausing between phrases and you have what Romy herself describes as "quite an emotional one".

    "Unfold" received one (10), from @Sprockrooster, who likes the vocal interplay: "
    They especially excel with their harmonies on this track with that 'Oh' coming in before the chorus. It also the empowers the message of the song that when in hurt you are not alone and you can be better together."
    @berserkboi (8.5) noted the track's "lovely vibe".


  15. Hmmm...about that...


    45. "Hot Like Fire"

    124.55 points / Average: 7.326

    Ranked Highest By: @Gabeee9292 (10), @Conan (9.5)
    Ranked Lowest By: @klow (5), @discoteca (5.5)

    Two covers from the debut era down, and now only one remains. "Hot Like Fire" was released as an iTunes Bonus Track to xx. It is, of course, a cover of Aaliyah's song from her 1996 album One In A Million, written by Missy Elliott and Timbaland. Let me take this opportunity to lament, as I have done on several occasions over the years since I first became aware of it, the contumelious negligence of Aaliyah's executors and trustees, and all those involved in the shambolic organisation known as Blackground Records, in continuing to keep Aaliyah's catalogue away from streaming services. Yeah, yeah, fuck Sp*tify and all that, but it does continue to cause me great concern that members of the general public cannot easily access most of Aaliyah's music, which ultimately is likely to end in her cultural significance being diminished, especially for those younger generations who didn't have the mind-bending experience of encountering "Try Again" et al in real time. Her estate has been "in talks" with streaming services for what feels like an eternity, so I'll believe it when I see it, and continue to fume until then.

    I'm actually the lowest scorer for this cover, as for me it's just a little too sombre and spare and doesn't quite have the same spice of the original. Nonetheless, I applaud the band for displaying impeccable taste in their choices of cover songs. For @berserkboi (7.5), it's "strangely relaxing!", while @Sprockrooster (9) is effusive, and references the Coachella performance of the cover, where they were joined by none other than Thee Solange Knowles. She interpolates a bit of her True EP track "Locked In Closets" midway through the performance. "I wish I could listen to HQ rendition of the live performance with Solange from this track. In fact - in my mind it would be so awesome if she also featured on this track. A missed opportunity since they didn't, so now I feel like they owe it to me to work together in the future. Solange proved with Chromeo she is a great fit with those synthy indiepop bands."

    Next up: another album track!

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  16. I'm a lowest scorer but I DO like the XX version!
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  17. One last elimination before we take a hiatus for the weekend:


    44. "Test Me"

    124.65 points / Average: 7.332

    Ranked Highest By: @berserkboi (10), @KingBruno (9)
    Ranked Lowest By: @Conan (4), @ohnostalgia, @2014 (6)

    It's time to take the guillotine to the I See You era for the first time in this rate, and to another @berserkboi 10. "Test Me" is the album's closing track, and getting rid of it now seems to confirm that we prefer this band when they're not actually singing about each other, as this and "Our Song" (eliminated at #52) are two songs that definitively address the dynamic between Romy and Oliver in particular. "Test Me" has an instrumental outro with a celestial air - it's floaty, and has the delicate nature of a chiffon cake. But the subject matter is headier - it relates to Oliver's struggles with sobriety, and the helplessness Romy has experienced as a bandmate and a friend witnessing those struggles. Both promotional interviews and that airy finale suggest resolution and happier times for them both.

    @berserkboi (10) remains on that Ray Of Light planet, proclaiming it to be "More William Orbit greatness!", while @Trouble in Paradise (8) is on an "I ain't reading all that / I'm happy for u tho / or sorry that happened" tip: "
    Similar to Our Song I've always wanted to feel some sort of transcendent connection to this song but just end up feeling "aw how nice for them!""

    See you all next week...will Jamie xx make it through Monday unscathed?

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  18. Sad for Hot Like Fire, the melody is gorgeous and the vocal delivery is ace.
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  19. not to keep picking on him but @berserkboi manages to be so enthusiastic about everything and it's adorable
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