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The xx Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!!! (& Stats Round-Up)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by klow, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. I'm not 100% sure, but as far as I know, it has never happened. xx aside, it's hard to imagine an instrumental would win a rate, unless it's a rate where all/most songs are instrumentals. It'd probably be the shortest winner ever too, or at least one of the shortest.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Overall user average: 7.925

    6. Angels (157.35 points / 9.256)
    16. Chained (144.2 points / 8.482)
    18. Fiction (143.2 points / 8.424)
    19. Sunset (142.7 points / 8.394)
    26. Reunion (138.3 points / 8.135)
    28. Together (137 points / 8.059)
    32. Missing (135.25 points / 7.956)
    33. Swept Away (134.35 points / 7.903)
    40. Try (127 points / 7.471)
    41. Tides (126.7 points / 7.453)
    43. Reconsider (125.05 7.356)
    46. Unfold (123.05 points / 7.238)
    52. Our Song (117.3 points / 6.9)

    Highest averages:
    1. @ohnostalgia - 9.077
    2. @TéléDex - 8.769
    3. @berserkboi - 8.731
    4. @soratami - 8.615
    5. @Gabeee9292 - 8.377

    Lowest averages:
    1. @2014 - 6.731
    2. @daninternational - 6.846
    3. @Epic Chocolat - 7.069
    4. @Trouble in Paradise - 7.192
    5. @fatyoshi - 7.462

    Together (2) - @Sprockrooster, @berserkboi
    Angels (1) - @discoteca
    Missing (1) - @Gabeee9292
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  3. OK maybe I'm off on this one, but I think No Scrubs x Angels (ft Ella Eyre) might be something PJ could enjoy despite the whole 'oh no a male vocalist' and 'oh no a slowed down pop song' thing...

  4. Ugly. Loud Places must go and as much as I think Intro is a great piece of music it would be a kii and a cackle if it actually won.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Love the top 5! I’m happy with any of them winning teebs, though while I love Intro I would’ve preferred something else from the debut (maybe Crystalised) making it this far!

    Also apologies for my lowest average for Coexist, I never got into it and have always just found it a bit too samey after how much I adored the debut.
  6. 5. Shelter
    4. Intro
    3. On Hold
    2. Loud Places
    1. Islands

    All 10’s though!
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  7. "Ooh, a storm is threatening my very life today"


    5. "Shelter"

    157.95 points / Average: 9.291

    Ranked Highest By: @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @discoteca, @2014, @KingBruno, @Trouble in Paradise, @Gabeee9292, @berserkboi (10), @klow, @Conan, @daninternational (9.5)
    Ranked Lowest By: @Untouchable Ace (6.4)

    Track seven of xx, "Shelter", is our next song to fall as we broach the top 5. "Shelter" was written and recorded late in the album development process, and is the only song on the record not to involve Baria Qureshi from a writing or performance perspective. The song was later covered by UK singer Birdy, to moderate chart success (#50 in the UK).

    "Shelter" is part longing, part defensive frustration, and part penance. It depicts a breakdown in communication, and it's not quite clear whether the narrator or their paramour is at fault; perhaps (likely) it's a combination of the two. The lyric sheet officially says the refrain is "can I make it better with the lights turned on", but for a long time I thought it was "...lights turned off", and that it was a reference to resolving an argument through sex. Not the most productive solution to suggest, but it matched the desperately sad energy pervasive throughout the track.

    This track was actually in the winning position for some time, and it wasn't until @Untouchable Ace's ballot - the 8th to be submitted - that it received a score below (9). Hopefully fifth place is justice enough for @Trouble in Paradise (10), who thinks that "this is the fan favorite/hidden gem of their debut! I really hope we do it justice (fully deserves Top 10!)". Poor @berserkboi (10) loses his last of the fourteen tens he handed out in this rate, calling this "so beautiful by the end! I am getting underrated 90s singer-songwriter fare a la Boa!" Finally, @Sprockrooster (10) has this on his lo-fi study beats to relax to playlist: "
    I mean this as big compliment but for me The XX provide the perfect background music while working on creating lessons. The way they can make me focus on my work, but also create a calm atmosphere that blocks any formation of stress due to lack of time is a masterclass. This track does however has me humming along quite easily and when I finished working this one is stuck. Such a delicious slice of infectious indiepop!"

  8. Wait, what? Don't think I would've ever found out that wasn't the lyric if I hadn't read it here.
  9. "Get up and whine it, Tinie Tempah let's go"


    4. "Intro"

    158.1 points / Average: 9.3

    Ranked Highest By: @Remorque (11), @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @discoteca, @2014, @KingBruno, @Conan, @Epic Chocolat, @Trouble in Paradise, @Gabeee9292 (10), @Untouchable Ace (9.1)
    Ranked Lowest By: @daninternational (6.5)

    @klow's score: (8.5)

    The little instrumental that could, "Intro" disappears into the night at #4, receiving tens from more than half of the voting panel as well as the coveted (11) from @Remorque.

    "Intro" is a streaming favourite. It has, by far, the highest play-count of all the band's songs on Spotify, with the tally at present sitting at a whopping 412,803,380 streams. And people don't just stream this thing once, they stream it twice (whether they buy it on iTunes too, I don't know) - the Youtube video linked below, an xx official upload, has just over 1 million views, but there's another version where the song is looped several times for just over seven minutes which has 54 million views. Its hypnotic allure is remarkable.

    There's no scarcity of instrumental music available, so why exactly has this track been so enduringly popular - enough for it to be certified platinum in the US, and reach #129 on the UK Singles Chart at one point? Well, it's been used plenty in advertising and in television programs - on everything from the BBC's election coverage in 2010, to American dramas Suits and CSI, to ads for AT&T, to the film Project X, and of course, Rihanna sampled it on her dour Talk That Talk album track "Drunk In Love". There's also the fact that it's - what I think they call in corporate synergyspeak - "agile", in the sense that you can bop to it just as easily as you can exhale deeply and despair to it. I think more than anything, "Intro" is an amplifier of mood, and how it sounds at any given moment is really dependent on the context in which it's played. The "TV theme"-style familiarity it has also gives it a comforting appeal.

    You all had lots to say about this one. @Sprockrooster (10) went back through the litany of instrumentals of pop history, noting that "Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) // Lethal Industry // Merry X-Mas, Mr. Lawrence --- alongside this track they have to be the best instrumentals in pop music ever? No it's true. The way it builds into enduring greatness is a massive accomplishment. If there ever is a shot if either an instrumental ór intro wins a rate it probably is this one." Close, but not quite. @soratami (10) thinks it may be "possibly the most popular instrumental released in the 21st century? The power that that has." Limited research (thanks, Wikipedia) has revealed that "
    Animals" by Martin Garrix is the most recent instrumental song to hit #1 in the UK, although that does have a single expletive-laden line in it at one point, so I'm not actually sure if that counts. Then again, "Intro" does feature plenty of sighing, so that might mean it's disqualified too.

    Next up, @KingBruno (10) was a diver and they were always down: "There’s obviously one band I directly think of when I hear the heavy reverb effect on a simple guitar riff: Interpol. I know it’s pretty hard not to be inspired by Turn On the Bright Lights as a 00’s indie rock band, but with this intro song, The xx is actually coming for their gig. It’s more minimalistic, catchier, and even more ‘cryptic’!" @Epic Chocolat only gave out one (10) in the entire rate, and it was this. "Very famous because it was used as the theme for a radio show I listened to," they say, "and to great effect in the movie It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010). @Trouble in Paradise (10) also fell under its spell, having "really debated whether or not to give this full marks but it's just perfection!? I once wrote a whole term paper listening to this on a website that would make forever looping versions of songs and it was a transcendent experience." Ah, so that's where all those views on the Youtube videos came from. @Untouchable Ace (9.1) contends that "of course this works on it's own but now it's do obvious that Rihanna just takes what she wants," while @berserkboi (9) deems it to be "genuinely gorgeous!"

    The final word goes to @Remorque (11), who says "i
    t was either between this or Loud Places for my 11, but in the end I had to give it to this. In whatever mood I'm finding myself in, this never ever fails to do things to me. Never has an instrumental song hit me more than this has done ever since it was released and them harmonizing over it just tops it off. A winner." Alas, so near but so far.


    Tomorrow, we'll finish this thing off and count down our final three tracks. A few notes:

    - Each one received at least one eleven;
    - Each one received at least six tens;
    - None of the top three received a score lower than 7.5; and
    - Each did, at some point, lead the voting.

    Who came out on top? Join in tomorrow to find out and speculate in the mean time!

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  10. Some intros should be full songs.
    Well done The XX.
  11. Eek! I think I wanted Shelter to win the most.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    What a strong top 3, literally covering all bases. I wanted my 11 to do well but didn’t expect it to get this far so anything else is a bonus.
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  13. I’d highly recommend this song to people who love “Intro”:

    Also the top three is so iconic.
  14. "I feel music in your eyes, rainbows in your kiss"


    3. "Loud Places (feat. Romy)"

    159.1 points / Average: 9.359

    Ranked Highest By: @2014 (11), @klow, @discoteca, @fatyoshi, @KingBruno, @Untouchable Ace, @Remorque (10), @Epic Chocolat (9.7)
    Ranked Lowest By: @berserkboi (7.5)

    Our last xxtra finally falls. Peaking at #62 on the UK Singles Chart, "Loud Places" was released as the second single to In Colour, around two months prior to the album itself coming out. Nominally, this song is in the Jamie section, but it's really just as much a Romy track as one of his. Romy allegedly sketched out the song while alone on an LA writing trip, and Jamie is quoted as saying that "when she came home, we tried stuff out with it. There were a lot of different versions of it and I almost gave up. We tried this soul sample, and the lyrics worked perfectly. It was something I had been wanting to use for a long time."

    The soul sample in question, Idris Muhammad's "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This", is introduced right as the song is cresting, a technique also employed in "On Hold" on the xx's subsequent album. I remember initially listening to this track and not thinking the sample fit in, like it was a puzzle piece that was trying to be pressed into the song upside down. Of course, I can't fathom the song without it having heard it often enough over the years. What I find most compelling about this track though is not so much the chorus' ecstasy, but the verses, and their exploration of that "feeling alone in a crowd" trope, and its demonstration of the way that sound and song can be used so effectively to anaesthetise pain. See also: "Dancing On My Own", amongst other Popjustice-core. The outro, where Romy tells her ex that she "won't be around" when he comes down, provides the listener with a satisfying conclusion to what might otherwise have been a sad tale.

    @2014 dished out the one (11) for this track, and said that "I struggled to go for this because I wanted to give it to an XX song, but this is such a triumph and a perfect song it had to get my 11 in the end!!!" @Epic Chocolat (9.7) deemed it a "club anthem", while @Trouble in Paradise (9.5) said it was "a great harbinger of what was to come with I See You! Shame about the rest of In Colour". For @daninternational (9), in this case "the lyrics are great, but this could reach higher places", while @Untouchable Ace (10) appreciated the textures: "Considering the title, as with many The XX songs but expertly here, the raw vocals against silence lifts up the production intricacies." Finally, @berserkboi (7.5) took an uncharacteristic trip to low-scorer territory, but nonetheless thought this to be "nice stuff!"

    Grand finale later today!
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  15. [​IMG]


    Overall user average: 7.681

    3. Loud Places (ft. Romy) (159.1 points / 9.359)
    12. Lifetime (149.9 points / 8.818)
    23. Days (Creep) (140 points / 8.235)
    25. I'll Take Care Of U (with Gil Scott Heron) (139.3 points / 8.194)
    29. Stranger In A Room (ft. Oliver Sim) (136.65 points / 8.038)
    30. On Hold (Jamie XX Remix) (136.35 points / 8.021)
    31. See Saw (ft. Romy) (135.4 points / 7.965)
    37. I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times (ft. Young Thug & Popcaan) (131.5 points / 7.735)
    42. You've Got The Love (Florence & The Machine Rework) (125.55 points / 7.385)
    48. Far Nearer (122.25 points / 7.191)
    50. Sleep Sound (119.9 points / 7.052)
    51. Gosh (118.9 points / 6.994)
    54. Idontknow (108.45 points / 6.379)
    55. Rolling In The Deep (Shuffle) (Adele Remix) (104.75 points / 6.162)

    Highest averages:

    1. @TéléDex - 9.304
    2. @Conan - 9.107
    3. @Gabeee9292 - 8.464
    4. @Remorque - 8.446
    5. @Sprockrooster - 8.25

    Lowest averages:

    1. @ohnostalgia - 6.214
    1. @soratami - 6.214
    3. @discoteca - 6.321
    4. @Trouble in Paradise - 6.571
    5. @Epic Chocolat - 6.714


    Loud Places (feat. Romy) (1) - @2014
    I'll Take Care Of U (with Gil Scott Heron) (1) - @TéléDex

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  16. Not me learning today that Intro is the basis of Rihanna's Drunk on Love

    Gotta love the Eternal Jukebox!
  17. Just waiting for a new page to post the finale...

  18. Bring it on! I am excited!
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