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The xx Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!!! (& Stats Round-Up)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by klow, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. "Hip hip"


    2. "Islands"

    162 points / Average: 9.529

    Ranked Highest By: @KingBruno, @ohnostalgia (11), @klow, @soratami, @2014, @fatyoshi, @Untouchable Ace, @Conan, @Trouble in Paradise, @Gabeee9292, @Remorque (10), @discoteca (9.5)
    Ranked Lowest By: @daninternational, @berserkboi (7.5)

    Ddd - the accuracy of this post had me thinking @soratami was reading the results spreadsheet somehow, which I don't believe I ever actually sent through to them even though they were meant to be my backup host...oop.

    Despite garnering nine tens, the equal most of any song in the rate together with "Intro" and "Lifetime", "Islands" just falls short of the crown and takes the silver medal. Released as the third single from the iconic debut album, it features a blocky, tessellating guitar and bass rhythm that is repeated through the verses, complimented by lyrics which underscore the protagonists' loyal desires for one another. It's one of the most straightforward love songs in the band's catalogue, and yet the way that simple melodic pattern is expanded upon, stretched and twisted throughout the song's short run time leaves the listener interested through to the end.

    In terms of broader cultural impact, "Islands" is to date the band's equal highest charting single in the UK, peaking at #34 there, which is incidentally the same chart peak as our winner. It's been featured in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood, and was most famously covered by the Superbowl's very own Shakira, who performed the song at the Glastonbury festival and included a recording of the cover on her album Sale el Sol. I'd be remiss not to mention its music video also, a tightly-choreographed piece directed by Saam Farahmand, and which features the band in a loop amidst dancers and brightly-lit misery.

    Let's turn to my inbox now. First, to our (11)s, and @KingBruno, who wished to highlight the romantic nature of the lyrics: "“I’m yours now, so now I don’t ever have to leave…” is such a beautiful, rare melody for an indie song. A gorgeous love song, best listened to on rainy, gloomy days," while @ohnostalgia (11) considered it definitive: "Islands is The xx to me. Been bopping since 2009." @soratami (10) said it was their "second 11 pick", and it would've won the rate had that happened, but then again "Crystalised" needed all the help it could get. @Trouble in Paradise (10) called it "my OG fave from their debut that's stood the test of time," while @Untouchable Ace (10) noted that it was "reminiscent of huge bands of the 90s." Newly-crowned rate villain @berserkboi (7.5), meanwhile, had some constructive criticism to offer: "Love the instrumental tune, the vocals less so!"

  2. Which means...


    1. "On Hold"

    162.7 points / Average: 9.571

    Ranked Highest By: @Untouchable Ace, @daninternational (11), @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @2014, @fatyoshi, @KingBruno, @Conan, @Remorque (10), @Trouble in Paradise, @TéléDex (9.5)
    Ranked Lowest By: @klow, @discoteca (8)

    It's a bittersweet moment - the rate is coming to a close, our winner is announced, and yet I can't post with true enthusiasm for our victor given that I'm sitting there in the lowest scorer pile. Anyway, I'm going to attempt here to dance with tears in my eyes. "On Hold" is the winner of the xx rate, with an average of 9.571, and no scores under 8. A laudable, impressive achievement, especially given that there were a number of contenders from the debut that I would have expected to beat it out, armed with their strong nostalgia quotients.

    Released as the lead single to I See You, "On Hold"'s most notorious feature is its sample of Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)", something that I don't think the band would've attempted prior to Jamie's sojourn into solo dance music. Daryl Hall is
    quoted as saying, in relation to the sample, that "it’s always interesting to hear what somebody does with my songs. After a song is written, it belongs to the world and can be interpreted anyway they want. As long as I get paid, of course. Have fun and pay me." I'm not sure whether that's best read as diplomatic or directly shady, but I hope he was happy with his cheque.

    This song was released in the same week - in fact, the day after - the American Presidential election of November 2016. Though it's a song about the reluctant acceptance of distance between lovers and romantic misunderstandings, the sample gives it an unusual levity, which meant that in a way, it served as a kind of salve in what were some rather distressing times for many of us. When asked about this, Romy said that "music has been such an escape for me. It helps me deal with things, face them, or escape from them. So I hope — and the vibe I’ve gotten from people — that the single gave some light relief."

    And now, for the final time, to our panel. Let's start simply, with @berserkboi (8.5) who deemed it "very nice!" Slightly more expansive was @Sprockrooster (10), who noted "the way this sounds nothing like their earlier work but is quintessential The XX. This juxtaposition is exactly why I feel like they will be a big band for decades to come. Please do not break up!" Please don't, indeed. Our (11)s came first from @daninternational, who was pleased with I See You on the whole: "This album has a lot more energy, without losing the xx vibes, and is all the better for it," he said, while I'll let @Untouchable Ace (11) have the final word: "Don't hang up on this masterpiece."

    There we have it everyone: the winner of the xx rate:

    "On Hold"!!!!

    Final statistics and recaps to follow next week, but until then, thank you all for reading, commenting and contributing to this rate, which has been a joy to host.

    - klow <3
  3. Every time I watch the "On Hold" music video, I always forget about the gratuitous nudity and I'm shook.
  4. At least I'm in good company with not being bowled over by the winner!
  5. As this was an 11contender I am quite ecstatic with this win. It can definitely rack up quite some points with me in the next winners rate.

    I want to thank @klow for this swift hosting! I much enjoyed reading into their music a bit more and I definitely found discoveries or rediscoveries. This was a joyride from start to finish.
  6. Thank you indeed @klow really enjoyed the discovery journey!- I didn’t expect to turn into a villain for the finale but there we go!
  7. “Islands” or “Loud Places” would have been more fitting winners, teebs, but I can’t complain. “On Hold” is still an amazing song.

    @klow thank you so much for this! It was interesting to see how Popjustice ranks The xx’s discography. You were a fantastic host and the pace was superb!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Thanks for the rate @klow, an incredible top 3!
  9. Thank you @klow for a succinct, orderly, informative and thoroughly enjoyable rate!

    I feel some guilt at my villainy at this rate, but my lack of knowledge of widely held taste means that my 11 winning while I was a "low" scorer (7.5 ain't low by my averages in this rate!) for the runner up is purely a coincidence, I promise!

    Congrats on the first rate too, on this experience I hope you'll be signing up for more, cos I'll defo be participating!
  10. Not my perfect top 3 honestly but still! Impeccable hosting, impeccable material, impeccable everything!
  11. What a great rate! I've been following along and I think it went mostly pretty well. I'm a bit crushed that "Heart Skipped a Beat" was a bit lower than I liked. It was the song that initially drew me to the group. But, "On Hold" is one of my favorite songs period, so I'm really happy it took the top spot.
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  12. @klow just made rate hosting look easy! And I KNOW IT IS NOT!!!! An amazing top 2 that shows how much talent this band has to offer!

  13. [​IMG]

    To think I very nearly gave On Hold a 9 instead of a 10 (because the sample brings the song down a bit for me, even though everything else about it is basically perfect), and that would have meant Islands would have won instead... I regret everything.

    Thank you for the excellent hosting @klow! I'd really been looking forward to a xx rate happening, and you absolutely did their fantastic discography justice.
  14. This was a fun rate to follow, @klow. I have some serious regrets about not participating because y'all made some choices, but at least the journey to No. 1 was completely unexpected.
  15. Stats time!



    Overall user average: 8.162

    2. Islands (162 points / 9.529)
    4. Intro (158.1 points / 9.3)
    5. Shelter (157.95 points / 9.291)
    11. Crystalised (149.95 points / 8.821)
    13. VCR (147.8 points / 8.694)
    14. Night Time (144.9 points / 8.524)
    17. Heart Skipped a Beat (143.8 points / 8.459)
    20. Infinity (141.2 points / 8.306)
    24. Stars (139.4 points / 8.2)
    35. Basic Space (133.85 points / 7.874)
    38. Fantasy (129.55 7.621)
    39. Teardrops (129 points / 7.588)
    45. Hot Like Fire
    (124.55 points / 7.326)
    47. Do You Mind (122.95 points / 7.232)
    49. Insects (120.35 points / 7.079)

    53. Blood Red Moon (114.6 points / 6.741)

    Highest averages:
    1. @soratami - 9.186
    2. @Conan - 9.156
    3. @Gabeee9292 - 8.919
    4. @KingBruno - 8.875
    5. @TéléDex - 8.625

    Lowest averages:
    1. @Epic Chocolat - 6.838
    2. @daninternational - 7.031
    3. @Untouchable Ace - 7.1
    4. @2014 - 7.844
    5. @Sprockrooster & @fatyoshi - 7.875

    Islands (2) - @KingBruno, @ohnostalgia
    Crystalised (2) - @klow, @soratami
    Intro (1) - @Remorque
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  16. [​IMG]

    I See You

    Overall user average: 8.513

    1. On Hold
    (162.7 points / 9.571)
    7. Dangerous (155.1 points / 9.124)
    8. I Dare You (154.75 points / 9.103)
    9. A Violent Noise (154.6 points / 9.094)
    10. Say Something Loving (154.3 points / 9.076)
    15. Replica (144.85 points / 8.521)
    21. Seasons Run (140.95 points / 8.291)
    22. Lips (140.25 points / 8.25)
    27. Performance (137.85 points / 8.109)
    34. Naive (134.1 points / 7.888)
    36. Brave for You (132.6 points / 7.8)
    44. Test Me (124.65 points / 7.332)

    Highest averages:
    1. @berserkboi - 9.5
    2. @TéléDex - 9.208
    3. @Trouble in Paradise - 9.042
    4. @soratami - 8.917
    5. @Conan - 8.792

    Lowest averages:
    1. @Epic Chocolat - 7.6
    2. @daninternational - 7.708
    3. @klow - 7.875
    4. @2014 - 8.0
    5. @discoteca - 8.25

    On Hold (2) - @Untouchable Ace, @daninternational
    A Violent Noise (1) - @Trouble in Paradise
    Replica (1) - @fatyoshi
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  17. [​IMG]

    Overall Stats

    Overall user average: 8.06

    Highest overall averages:
    1. @TéléDex - 8.959
    2. @Conan - 8.864
    3. @Gabeee9292 - 8.613
    4. @berserkboi - 8.609
    5. @Remorque - 8.295

    Lowest overall averages:
    1. @Epic Chocolat - 7.027
    2. @daninternational - 7.064
    3. @discoteca - 7.609
    4. @2014 - 7.691
    5. @Trouble in Paradise - 7.709

    Most (10)s (by user):

    1. @Conan (17)
    2. @soratami (16)
    3. @berserkboi (14)
    4. @fatyoshi (12)
    5. @discoteca, @KingBruno, @ohnostalgia, @Gabeee9292 (11)

    Most (10)s (by song):

    1. Islands, Intro, Lifetime (9)
    4. Shelter, Angels (8)
    6. On Hold (7)
    7. Loud Places (feat Romy), Crystalised, I Dare You, Say Something Loving (6)
    11. Chained, I'll Take Care Of U (with Gil Scott Heron), Performance (5)
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  18. I thought I'd have one of the highest averages, but then I remembered the Jamie xx section must've ruined it.
  19. You were 6th overall (8.236) - and yeah I think that 6.214 average for the xxtras brought you down!
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